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cremation services in Roy, WA

Different Urn Options For Cremation Services

Having cremation services in Roy, WA is an honorable and respectful way to go once someone in your family has passed on. The cremation provider is going to have a bunch of packages to show you and you can choose something that includes everything you need for the services. However, you can also add things to those packages. The most popular thing to add is an urn of some kind. The packages include a simple container, but many families like to customize that a bit more and get an urn of their choosing. There are a variety of different options from which to choose.

As you think about urns, you will want to set a budget for the process. You have already spent a certain amount on the cremation package so you will have to see what’s left over and what you want to spend on an urn. There are enough options in various price ranges that you can easily find something that suits your needs and your budget.

You will also want to think about what purposes you need the urn to serve. If you are having a memorial service and you want the urn present, you will want something that looks nice and is a good representation of your loved one’s style and personality. If, instead, you are just having an ash scattering service, something like a scattering tube that makes that process easier might be better for your family.

There are also other considerations outside normal urns. You can get smaller urns, for example, if your family has several members that want to have part of your loved one with them. These mini urns can be attached to picture frames or within pieces of jewelry. Cremation jewelry usually looks like a pendant, heart, or cross, but it can come in many different other ways as well.

When looking for an urn, think about material and how you will use the urn. A burial at sea calls for a biodegradable urn and you can use that type for an earth burial as well. An urn you are going to keep should be sturdy and long-lasting and made out of metal or wood or another nice material you can display.

cremation services in Roy, WAYou can get help with your urn size through the funeral home and cremation provider. There are different sizes and you will need to choose the size that will fit your loved one. The cremation provider will give you recommendations based on the size and weight of your loved one.

You can purchase an urn through the funeral home that is doing the cremation services in Roy, WA for you. It’s a nice way to get everything you need in one location and they generally have a good array of options. However, you don’t have to make the purchase through Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary. If there’s something specific you want that we don’t have, we’re happy to recommend vendors for you or use whatever you find and want for your loved one.

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What To Say To The Deceased At A Funeral Home Visitation

Visitations for loved ones in funeral homes in Roy, WA before the funeral and burial service aren’t easy. But they can bring closure and a chance to say a final goodbye. When you enter the space and see your loved one in the casket, it can be very hard to come to terms with the fact that they are gone. But you also know that this is your final chance to say whatever you want to say. When you have a turn to approach the casket and view your loved one up close, what should you say? There are no right or wrong answers, but here are a few ideas.

I’ll Always Love You

Perhaps the last time you saw your loved one, you parted with a simple ‘see you later’ and you want them to know that you love them and always will. Just saying it out loud to their body can help you feel as if they know how you feel and will take that love along with them. It can give you relief to get that phrase off your chest as you move toward the funeral service.

I’ll Miss You

You know that your life will never be the same without that person in it and there are going to be certain things that happen, like holidays or birthdays, that will make you miss them more. Saying out loud that you will miss them is a nice way to honor their memory and remind yourself that this is really goodbye.

Share A Memory

You know there are other people waiting and you don’t want to take too long with your loved one, but at the same time, this is your moment. Perhaps you want to share a memory with your loved one about something special they did for you or some time that you shared together that brought a laugh. IT’s a nice way to honor how unique and special they were to you.

I’ll Never Forget You

funeral homes in Roy, WAWhen you tell your loved one that you aren’t going to forget them, this is a promise to yourself to keep their memory alive. You can do that by telling stories about them, keeping a picture of them in your house, starting a memorial scholarship, or any number of other ways. Saying it out loud is like a promise, both to them and to yourself, of what you might do to carry on their memory.

There are plenty of things you might want to say to your loved one at the visitation at funeral homes in Roy, WA. Think about what you want to say before you approach, or simply say what you feel is right at the time. Keep in mind that not everyone says anything at all. Spending some time in peace and quiet with your loved one’s remains is perfectly fine as well. Remember that the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you through every step of the process.

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Grief Resources Available Around Cremation Services

When your loved one goes through cremation services in Eatonville, WA, it can give you a feeling of peace to know that’s what they wanted for their final disposition. While you know you are giving them an honorable send off, you still feel grief over the loss and you need to find a way to move ahead with your life. When you have cremation services for a loved one, there’s nothing wrong with returning to the cremation provider or funeral home to ask for grief resources. Since they deal with grief on a regular basis, it only makes sense that they would have their finger on the pulse of the resources in the area. Here are a few things that are available in your area.

Individual Counselors

Some people like the idea of talking through what they are feeling with a specialist. While you can always talk to a friend, they don’t always know what to say or how to guide you. A counselor who knows a lot about grief will. The funeral home can offer you recommendations for area counselors that specialize in loss and grieving. They can help you find someone that fits your needs so you can get on the right path toward healing.

Support Groups

Not everyone wants to talk about what they are feeling and that’s okay, too. Going to a support group can help you recognize that there are other people in your community going through similar things. That can help you to feel much less alone. And once you hear others talk, you might feel led to open up yourself as well. The great thing about support groups is that there are enough of them that you can find one you fit into. If you’ve lost a spouse, there’s a support group for grieving widows. If you’ve lost a parent, there’s a group for that as well. Support groups can be general, or very specific. You can find one to help you through your circumstances.

Information To Read

Perhaps you just want to gain a better understanding of what you are feeling and how you might get past it on your own. The cremation provider can give you pamphlets, website recommendations, articles, and other such things that can help you understand how grief works in some people and how you might be able to find a way through it yourself.

cremation services in Eatonville, WA

While there are no right or wrong ways to grieve, once cremation services in Eatonville, WA are complete, you might feel the need to reach out for more support and help. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are always going to be here for you, even after the services are done and behind you. You can give us a call, tell us what you think you might need, or listen to the list of grief resources we hold onto and see what might fit the best. We’re here to support you, no matter how long in the past the services might have been held.

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Funeral Homes Help With Grief

You know that funeral homes in Eatonville, WA help with final services. They are there to take care of funerals, cremations, and other such services and events. But did you know that they can also help you with the grief that inevitably comes along with those things? Here are a few ways in which a funeral home can help with grief just as much as with the other things.

They Care For Your Loved One

You already know this, but it’s no small thing. When you are grieving, your first concern is going to be for your loved one who passed on. You want them to get the care they need and the funeral home is there to provide that. They will pick your loved one up at the place of their death and transport them to their facilities. Then, they will care for them while you decide what to do and all the way through whatever services you choose.

They Give You Compassion

There are certain things you need when you are grieving and not just anyone in your life is going to know how to give it to you. The funeral home professionals, however, know just how to treat you when you are grieving. They know how to talk to you, how to give you space, how to ask questions, and everything in between. You will get the compassion you need from them and that will help you move forward in your grief.

They Give You Support

If your loved one didn’t leave final service plans behind, you might have to make those plans for them. It can be hard to guess at what they would have wanted. While the funeral home won’t make decisions for you, they will support you as you make the decisions and help you move ahead with the plans you want for your loved one.

They Offer Grief Support

Whether you know right away that you are struggling, or you come to terms with that later, after the services are complete, the funeral home is there to offer you more help with your grief. They have plenty of grief resources to pass along to you in the form of support group information, counselor recommendation, websites, pamphlets, and more. Whatever you need, they can pass off to you so you can find your footing in the midst of your grief.

funeral homes in Eatonville, WA

If you need help from funeral homes in Eatonville, WA when a loved one passes on, rest assured, you will get the services you need. But, beyond that, you will also get help with the grief you are wrestling through. When you feel emotional over a loss, every scrap of help you can get, you should take. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary will offer you a variety of forms of help to get you through your situation in a step by step manner. We know it hurts and this loss is something you will always carry with you. But we’re here to help you through it.