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cremation services in Spanaway, WA

Where To Find Cremation Service Ideas

You’re not alone when you are tasked with creating cremation services in Spanaway, WA for a loved one for the very first time. You may never have arranged such services before, but that’s okay. You are in that position for a reason. Perhaps you knew the person better than anyone else and they appreciated you for it. Maybe your family feels like you are the best person for the job. Whatever the reasons may be, there are plenty of ideas to reap and utilize when it comes to arranging the perfect cremation services. You just have to find the right ones. Here are a few places you might go to find ideas for cremation services.

Family Members

One of the first places you’ll want to look is among family members. Your family may have ideas they want to utilize for the services based on things they’ve seen done in the past, what your loved one would appreciate, or what they themselves feel they need. Including your family in the idea section of the planning process could give you all of the help you really need.

Friends Who Have Organized Such Services

IF you have friends you know have held cremation services for their loved ones in recent years, ask them for advice and ideas. They might be able to talk you through the planning process and in telling you what they did, they might spark ideas in you to get things right for your loved one.

The Online Community

There are lots of websites that go over cremation services and blogs filled with ideas. You could read through some of those things, see what other people have done, and see if something is fitting for your family. Some of the ideas may be things you’ve never thought of before while others might sound more familiar.

The Funeral Home And Cremation Provider

The biggest idea location is the funeral home and cremation provider. They work with cremation services on a daily basis and they have tons of standard and unique ideas to help you fit just what you want together for your loved one. IT’s important for them to get to know you so they can offer customized ideas. They will want to know your budget as well so they know what direction to steer you on certain things.

cremation services in Spanaway, WA

When you are looking for ideas for cremation services in Spanaway, WA, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary understand that you want something that feels just right for that loved one who passed away. We also understand that the individual you are honoring is unique and special. We want you to have the services for them that will properly honor their memory. Give us a call and we can sit and chat with you about your loved one and brainstorm ideas with you. We’ll come up with suggestions we think you might appreciate. But, of course, you get to make all of the final decisions on what is done for that special person.

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Funeral Home Suggestions For Honoring A Loved One During A Hard Time

While the entire country is going through a hard time right now with a virus running rampant and restrictions coming and going, things will feel even harder in your life when you have to visit funeral homes in Spanaway, WA to plan final services for a loved one. There are certain restrictions that are in place and even when those are lifted, not every family will feel safe running services as usual. Funeral homes have adjusted to this unusual time in history and the professionals have lots of ideas that can help you honor your loved one and move forward. Here are a few to try:

Have A Small Service

There’s nothing wrong with having a small service for your loved one in order to honor their memory. If that’s all you feel you can do right now, it’s better that than nothing. You might prefer to invite as many people as would want to come, but large gatherings just aren’t safe right now and not many people feel comfortable with that. It might be all you can do to have close family members and friends and, again, that’s better than no service at all.

Livestream That Service

Even if you have a service that is on the small side, you can have more family members join in, if they want, through livestreaming. Livestreaming the service allows family and friends to watch the service at home, safely, apart, and yet still together, in a way. Everyone can honor your loved one and participate in the service without actually being there. It might not feel as good as having everyone together, but it’s a better option than shutting the service off from those who really want to attend.

Have Individual Memorials

Whether you go with a traditional funeral or cremation service, you can still have memorial services of some kind, if you wish. These memorials can be separated by family in their own homes. One family can get together and talk about the person and share memories. Another can go to the park and walk the path your loved one frequented. Everyone can do what they feel is best at whatever level they want to do something to honor the person who passed away.

funeral homes in Spanaway, WA

These are just a few of the ideas that funeral homes in Spanaway, WA might present to you if you are in the position of having a final service of some kind for a loved one who has passed away. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary understand that there’s no such thing as a good time to lose someone, but that losing someone during this weird time in the world is harder than ever before. Not every service you might normally have is possible at the moment and it’s just going to take some adjustments to get the closure you want over the situation. We’re here to offer you compassion and support no matter what you end up doing.

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Putting Off Cremation Services—What To Do Now

If someone in your family has passed on and you want to put off the memorial service that you want to have after cremation services in Tacoma, WA for any reason, there are still a few things you can do now in order to prepare for it. When someone passes away, you want to honor their memory, but having a service right away might not be in order. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to do at least some things in order to mark their death, honor their life, and prepare for the service ahead of time. Here are some things you can do:

Pick A Date

If you want to put services off because you want to allow family the time they need to travel to your location, you can choose a date a few months down the road or whenever you want it to be and then give them the advance notice they need to take time off from work and make travel arrangements. There are going to be some circumstances when you cannot yet choose a date and that’s okay, too. But if you can pick a date, that gives you something to plan towards and to spread the word about.

Create A Memory Board Or Video

Whether you know when you will have the service or not, you can create a memory board for your loved one to have available at the service. This board or a video you might create can be a huge hit with anyone who wants to remember your loved one’s good times. Since you have more time to create it, you can reach out to family members for favorite pictures, memories, or quotes they might want to include in the video or on a memory board. Creating these memorial pieces can give you something to do and prepare for and it can also feel honoring and cathartic to you.

Think Through Specifics

Just because you aren’t having the services now doesn’t mean you can’t think about the specifics you will have when you do go forward with the services. Consider flowers you might want, the location where you may have the service, how many people and whom you will invite, and what the reception after the event might look like. These things will be easy to pull together later if you think now about what your loved one would have wanted and what your family would appreciate.

cremation services in Tacoma, WA

There are plenty of benefits to utilizing cremation services in Tacoma, WA and one such benefit is the idea that you can put the services off until a time that works for your whole family. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you carry out the cremation your loved one needs and then, if you want to have a memorial service later, we can help you plan that out either now or later, if you’d like. We’re here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you’d like.

funeral homes in Tacoma, WA

The Convenience Of Funeral Home Services

When you host final services for family members to attend after a loved one passes away, it’s important to decide on a good location for those services. While you can have a funeral or cremation service in several different locations, having them at funeral homes in Tacoma, WA can bring certain conveniences along with it that are hard to pass up. Here are a few to consider as you make those important service-related decisions.

The One Stop Convenience

Funeral homes are often in good locations and having everything in one place is simply convenient. You don’t have to worry about transporting your loved one to a new location and you don’t have to visit anywhere else yourself. Everything starts and ends at the funeral home and you are able to get everything you need there.

The Help That’s On Hand

Funeral home representatives are there to help you with every aspect of the funeral or cremation process, including the service if you want to hold it there. Once you decide on the plans you want for your loved one, you will tell the funeral home and they will put things into action for you. You don’t have to worry about setting up or implementing anything you want to have happen. The funeral home employees will do all of that for you. All you have to do is show up and appreciate the services you have organized for your loved one. You don’t have to stay late and clean up or arrive early to get things ready.

The Compassionate Support

When you handle the final services completely through the funeral home, you are working with people who deal with final services all of the time. They will support you and all of your family members with compassion and respect the whole way through. Having services somewhere else might sound nice, but you won’t have the same kind of support because anyone working wherever else doesn’t deal with these types of things on a regular basis. They may not know how to treat you and your family and you really need nothing but the best during this hard time.

Good Locations

Funeral homes are often conveniently located, which can help your family members get to and from the services. They might be close to cemeteries, in case you have chosen a traditional burial or want to bury the urn. They are also often near other things travelers might need like restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other such amenities.

funeral homes in Tacoma, WA

There are lots of reasons why you might like to have services for your loved one at funeral homes in Tacoma, WA. If you are tasked with trying to create final services for a loved one who has passed on, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you prepare, whether you are having the actual services here or not. We can talk to you about the benefits and help you through the options until you get just what you need to honor that person.