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Funeral Directors Are Here To Help

Death is an unfortunate part of our life that most people don’t know how to deal with. That is entirely understandable. However, people don’t know just how helpful funeral homes in Eatonville, WA can be in this situation. So we’re here to give you the information you need on funerals and how having someone in your corner can help.

Funerals Can Be Hard Work

When you are in the process of planning a funeral, you’ll find that there are many things to take into consideration. Many people have specific cultural or religious beliefs that need to be considered, and planning takes work. However, with the help of a funeral director, this process is made a lot easier, and you have the benefit of having someone with extensive knowledge. Not only can they help you understand everything that goes into the planning process, but they can also help you make easier decisions for you as well. For example, they can help explain the difference between coffins and caskets, which most people don’t know, help you with flower arrangements and other areas, and ensure that your family’s needs are met.

Helping You Understand The Will

Another issue that families come into an issue with is the will and how to get it formatted or the process of getting one started. When you do not have this taken care of, you’ll find that a lot of fighting and other issues arise between families. It completely deteriorates the family dynamic during this period. It also affects the family and their feelings because that’s not what this time should be about. Instead, this time should be about mourning the family member. In addition, a funeral director can put you in contact with the right people so that you have the best options available.

Pre-Planning Is Beneficial

Another option that you have when you use a funeral home director is the fact that you can benefit from pre-planning. Pre-planning a funeral is one of the most challenging things people do because you’re planning for a time when you will no longer be with your family. It is an emotional and difficult thing to deal with for each person. It is helpful because your family will be able to honor your wishes in a more fulfilled way, and your family will be able to ensure that your last wishes are met appropriately. Believe it or not, most families have a common issue with needing to have their last wishes followed, and this can be a great way to avoid this.

Get The Skills You Need

Funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help; utilizing their skill can be the best thing you can do, not only for yourself and your family. Funerals are difficult things to deal with, and you’llfuneral homes in Eatonville, WA find that emotions are high. Families don’t know what to do, and that’s normal. Remember, that’s precisely what the director is for. They’ll show you that you have many options and how to plan a service that will be good for your family.

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Staying Next to Each Other Eternally

A recent burial trend has given new meaning to the traditional marriage vow of till death do us part. It’s known as a double-depth burial. When two people, usually a husband and wife, die, their caskets are placed on top of one another in the cemetery. The couple then has a single marker with both names. If you and your loved ones are interested, look into the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for more information.

There are also options for couples who have different final wishes but want to be buried together in the same cemetery space. In the same plot, cemeteries can accommodate a single in-ground burial of a cremation urn and a casket. In this case, the casket would be buried deeper and the urn would be buried above it.

There are mausoleum options for couples who prefer an above-ground final resting place. The caskets would be placed side by side in a companion crypt. A tandem crypt placement, in which the caskets are arranged lengthwise, is also an option.

Aside from the sentimentality of spending eternity together on earth, there are some potential cost-saving benefits to double-depth burials, such as the costs associated with cemetery spaces and monuments, which can be cut in half by two people sharing one plot.

The Story Behind Commingled Burials

Commingled graves refer to the burial of multiple people in a single location. These could be primary or secondary burials, meaning the body is buried after some decomposition at another location. It is important to note that not all mass graves are linked to violence. During outbreaks of disease or natural disasters, mass graves may be used to bury the dead. For example, during the 14th-century Black Death or bubonic plague pandemic, mass graves were common due to a large number of additional deaths. A recent paper highlighted this with the discovery of a rare rural Black Death mass grave in England. This event is thought to have killed roughly one-third of Europe’s population.

The presence of a large number of bodies buried together frequently suggests a tragic and disturbing event, especially in a forensic context, such as violence or natural disaster. The special issue of Forensic Anthropology focusing on commingled remains is freely accessible to us. It contains articles on methods for dealing with such situations as well as case studies. These sections and journal articles may be upsetting to some of you.

Although cemetery staff will work with couples to ensure their final wishes are met, double-depth burials necessitate extensive discussion and planning. What are your final thoughts? Arefuneral homes in Lakewood, WA these also what your loved ones want? Do you want to capitalize on this new burial trend? Take some time to consider how and with whom you want to be buried, and then locate a cemetery and begin planning. The funeral homes in Lakewood, WA can assist you with all of the planning and arrangements. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team. You can also come to our office and negotiate with one of our licensed professionals.

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Designated Location for Interment

A cemetery is a designated location where the remains of deceased people are interred in specific, identifiable burial sites. Cemeteries are widely regarded as sacred spaces entrusted with the respectful care of the deceased as well as the preservation of shared history. Please look into funeral homes in Roy, WA to learn more.

A cemetery, in particular, is a dedicated area of land with precise plot locations and demarcated boundaries, whereas a burial ground may be less formally planned and defined. A cemetery authority establishes non-denominational, or secular cemetery grounds, which operate under an internal set of rules and regulations. Religious cemetery grounds are managed by a religious order and may be specially consecrated to allow for religious burials.

Cemeteries are primarily in charge of the upkeep and sale of physical burial rights such as plots, crypts, or niches, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery grounds and facilities. Cemeteries may also provide the labor required to perform the burial service, such as opening the burial plot or crypt, setting the vault, staffing for the burial service, closing the grave, and reconditioning the area. Full-service cemeteries may also help with the design, creation, and installation of permanent memorialization honoring the deceased through the use of a designated marker, headstone, bronze memorial, plaque, lettering, or engraving. The people who work for a cemetery are typically the ones who provide these services. Small and rural cemeteries without dedicated cemetery staff may rely on volunteer cemetery associations or the vault company to provide any or all of the above-mentioned services.

The cemetery services are distinct from those provided by funeral homes or funeral directors, who work for a funeral home. A funeral director is responsible for the deceased’s care from the time of death until the time of burial. The funeral director’s responsibilities may include dressing, casketing, and embalming, as well as providing a casket, filing all necessary permits, and coordinating with family, clergy, suppliers, and the cemetery.

Cemeteries can range in size from less than an acre to over 700 acres, with varying facilities. Many modern cemeteries have a fully staffed office that is open to visitors and mourners. Some cemeteries have interment or memorial chapels for gatherings before burial. A full-service funeral home or crematory will be located on the grounds of a combination cemetery. Cemeteries are governed at both the state and local levels. As a result, each state and municipality in the United States may impose its own set of rules governing burial practices. For example, in some states, it is illegal for the same organization to own and operate cemeteries and funeral homes.

Visitor services such as genealogy information, flower placement programs, and specialfuneral homes in Roy, WA memorial events for holidays such as Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day may be available at modern cemeteries. In some cases, using technology, the physical cemetery is linked to virtual cemeteries via GIS mapping and intricate databases, allowing loved ones to virtually visit regardless of their location. To learn more about this, reach out to the funeral homes in Roy, WA. Please contact us or visit our office.

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Popular Above-Ground Burial Methods

Are you attempting to make the critical decision of where to bury your deceased loved one? Perhaps you object to the idea of burying a loved one underground. Perhaps you believe that traditional burials are harmful to the environment and would prefer a green burial option. As you consider your or a loved one’s final resting place, you may be relieved to know that you have several above-ground burial options. Use this information when requesting funeral quotes from the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA. It’s also worth noting that in the industry, above-ground burial is often referred to as entombment.


A columbarium is a type of mausoleum. Instead of full-sized caskets, a columbarium houses urns containing your loved one’s cremated remains. Some columbarium niches are built inside mausoleums. Others are constructed on the inside of a religious building’s wall. The spaces are denoted by engraved labels.


In the United States, a sarcophagus is more likely to be found in a museum than in most cemeteries. A sarcophagus is a stone-carved casket designed to house a body. They were popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They were typically ornately decorated and are now regarded as works of art.

Family-Owned Mausoleum

There are definite advantages to having a family-owned mausoleum. It’s reassuring to know that your final resting place will be close to other members of your family.

The advantage is that once the initial cost is covered, subsequent family members only need to pay a nominal fee to reopen the crypt when other family members die.

Cemetery-Owned Mausoleum

Most families cannot afford to build a mausoleum that costs as much as a small house. Instead, you can choose to be buried in a public mausoleum.

There are two main types of public mausoleums.

  • Indoor mausoleums

Indoor mausoleums are buildings that allow mourners to see a wall of sealed crypts. Each crypt has a small plaque with the deceased’s name, as well as their birth and death dates. Indoor mausoleums are usually peaceful and quiet places to visit. Many have benches where visitors can sit. In the background, some have soft music playing.

  • Garden mausoleums

Garden mausoleums are a less expensive option for entombment. Survivors cannot visit garden mausoleums because there is no indoor space. The vaults are open to the public, and mourners can visit the crypt as they would a cemetery headstone.

Garden Walls

There are outdoor columbarium niches, just as there are indoor mausoleums and garden mausoleums. These are known as garden walls. Visitors to garden wall niches, like those who visit a cemetery, are exposed to the elements.

Scattering Garden

Scattering gardens are now available in some cemeteries. Survivors can use these gardens to scatter the ashes of their loved ones. Some people choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes in afuneral homes in Eatonville, WA scattering garden because it provides a place for family members to visit in the future to reflect on their loved one’s life.

There are numerous advantages to above-ground entombment over burial or cremation. Examine the paperwork that your deceased loved one left behind. You might be surprised to learn that your loved one has already purchased a cemetery plot or a mausoleum crypt. Consider looking into the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA for more information on this subject. Visit us right away or call to make an appointment.

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Cremated Remains Burial

Nothing compares to the anguish of losing a loved one, whether a family member or a close friend. Despite this, we are still expected to make major decisions and make arrangements during this time of mourning. From notifying the family to writing an obituary and making funeral arrangements, it appears that there is an endless list of tasks to complete in a short period. One choice is whether to have a cremation or a traditional burial. Allow the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to assist you with this.

Based on your feelings and the wishes of your family members, this can be a simple or complicated decision. However, if you decide to cremate, the next question is whether you will bury the cremated remains. While you may wish to scatter cremated remains in a location meaningful to you or a deceased loved one, this may not be the best long-term decision.

There are numerous reasons why cemeteries should be the final resting place for cremated remains.

Some Places Are Present Today but Gone Tomorrow

We’ve all seen movies where family members or friends scatter their loved one’s ashes in a lake, a forest, or another location meaningful to the individual. These special moments can provide a sense of peace at the time. But, as time passes, we realize that nothing in this world is permanent. Lakes can evaporate, and forests can be destroyed by anything from a forest fire to logging or deforestation. Other once peaceful and calm open spaces could be transformed into a loud, bustling shopping center, concrete parking lot, or landfill. The process of scattering cremated remains can also be unpredictable, reducing the event’s impact.

A Permanent Resting Place Is an Advantage

People understandably want to keep their loved ones close, which is why many people bring their family members’ cremated remains home with them. While memories can be made with their urn on a shelf or your fireplace mantle, the problems usually arise after you’re gone. All too frequently, we hear horror stories about ashes being sold at garage sales and people not realizing what is inside until they get home. Other instances occur when people die and their loved ones’ remains are sold as part of an estate or home purchase, leaving the new homeowner to decide what to do with them. In most cases, these people will do something that isn’t in your loved one’s best interests, such as leaving them somewhere meaningless or even throwing the cremated remains away.

Leaving a Legacy That Will Be Passed on to the Next Generation Is Essentialfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA 

Few things are more important to a person’s memory than their legacy and how others remember them. The way your loved one lived their life represents the legacy they wished to leave behind; and it is up to you, as their friend or family member, to protect that on their behalf after they are gone. By burying cremated remains, you provide a permanent resting place for both their cremated remains and their memory. Their name will go down in history as someone who had a significant impact on at least one other person during their lifetime. This legacy will be passed down through generations as you tell your children, their children, and others about their life passions and accomplishments.

If you’d like more information on how funeral homes in Lakewood, WA can help you with this process, please contact us today. You are also welcome to visit our office.

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Choosing Funeral or Memorial Service Music

Music can be one of the most moving aspects of a funeral or memorial service, and it can help give a loved one a proper, final farewell. It establishes the tone for services by providing a unified platform for family and friends to support one another during a time of loss. The funeral homes in Roy, WA can assist you with this.

While there are no hard and fast rules for selecting music for end-of-life services, the questions listed below can help you narrow down your options.

What Was the Musical Taste of My Loved One

Knowing the deceased’s musical preferences can be very helpful when choosing songs for their funeral. If the deceased was a musician, it would be a nice touch to play a song that he or she enjoyed singing or writing.

Will the Ceremony Be a Tribute to Life

Celebrations of life, which are less formal and more lively than traditional funeral services, are becoming more popular. The music played can help to paint a more personalized and joyful picture of the deceased’s life.

What Musical Genres Should Be Played

Historically, there were some restrictions on the type of music considered appropriate for funeral services. In today’s society, deviating from traditional, more subdued music is certainly acceptable. Musical genres have progressed from classical to include rock, pop, and the fastest-growing style, country.

Will Religion Be Incorporated Into the Service

Religious funeral services are more structured and frequently adhere to specific musical traditions.

How Will the Influences of Culture Be Incorporated

Certain customs are frequently included in the music played at funerals and memorial services for families who have strong ties to their heritage and cultural backgrounds.

Was the Deceased a Member of the Military

Taps is played at the end of funeral services for members of the United States Armed Forces to express deep gratitude for the deceased’s service. This is usually done at the cemetery, but it can also be done outside the funeral home or church if there will be no graveside service. Taps, also known as America’s song of remembrance, gets its name from the three distinct drum taps that represent lights out.

How Many Songs Are Going to Be Played

A service should ideally include three to four songs. The service is usually started with a more solemn selection. After the eulogy and possibly after a reading, a song that helps tell the story of a loved one’s life is usually played. The ceremonies are then concluded with a faster-paced tune with a more upbeat melody designed to lift the spirits of departing guests.

Is It Better to Listen to Live or Recorded Music

Most funeral homes have song collections available in a variety of genres for families who prefer prerecorded music. Do not hesitate to consult your funeral director if you require additional assistance making decisions.funeral homes in Roy, WA

A musically inclined family member or friend may be asked to sing or play an instrument during the ceremony. Another idea is to have someone close to the deceased perform a song written specifically for the occasion.

Making song selections is one of the most important and moving aspects of organizing a memorable memorial or funeral service. A song’s delivery, lyrics, and melodies can convey messages of hope that can open pathways to begin the healing process. Most importantly, carefully chosen music will help instill a positive mental image of your loved one and their life journey for many years. Please contact the funeral homes in Roy, WA for more information, or come and see us.

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Items to Put Inside a Casket

Items have been buried with the dead since the beginning of time as a way to help them on their final journey. People have a long tradition of wanting to give the departed’s remains the comforts they enjoyed in life. Examples include placing coins over one’s eyes, building elaborate tombs for Egyptian kings and queens, and making earthenware pots to display a simpler life. Please investigate the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA for more information.

Modern caskets account for this by including special memento panels and drawers, as well as by giving mourners the option of placing objects directly into the casket. The burial vessel can contain anything and everything that isn’t dangerous, but most people choose a few of these more typical choices.

Burial Flowers

One of the most common items buried with the deceased is flowers. You can have everyone who attends the funeral place a rose inside the casket, order a specialty bouquet for burial, or even place blooms from the deceased’s garden inside. All of these are appropriate tributes and farewells.

Cherished Image

Wedding photos, baby photos, and a particularly moving snapshot of the deceased and his or her life are appropriate for burial. However, it is usually recommended that you bury a copy while keeping the original because family members may want this item later on.

Favorite Book

Books are a common item to find in a casket, ranging from Bibles and literary classics to a well-worn paperback that the deceased read twenty times during his or her lifetime. They add a nice touch without harming the environment because they have a low value and are easily decomposed.

Sports Memorabilia

A casket can hold anything from a baseball to a hockey stick. These kinds of items are a nice touch for a sports fan, especially if the deceased was already dressed in a favorite jersey or athletic gear.

Electronic Gadgets

Many people nowadays have attachments to their computers, phones, and tablet devices. Inserting these items into a casket is analogous to burying a loved one with a favorite book or stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal

When a child or infant dies, it is customary to place soft items such as teddy bears, blankets, and other comforts in the casket. This also works well for adults if a childhood stuffed animal holds a special place in their hearts.

Booze or Cigarettes

Tucking a bottle of alcohol into a casket may not seem like a dignified way to say goodbye, but it is one of the more common options.

Play Schedule or Ticket Stubs

Whether the deceased performed in a specific show or simply loved watching it, these paper mementos add a nice touch without being too expensive.

Cremated Remains

Although special permits are required and an additional burial fee may be charged, you can often place the cremated remains of another person in the same casket as the deceased.

Other Valuables and Cash

Money, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuable items can be interred with the deceased.funeral homes in Eatonville WA

There is typical quite a bit of latitude in this area, though you should always check with the funeral director before adding items to the casket for burial. You should be able to bury the deceased with nearly anything as long as the casket can be safely closed and secured and there are no hazardous materials inside. For advice and more details, get in touch with the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA. You are welcome to visit our office right away.

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Military Funeral Protocol

If you are attending a military funeral, the etiquette rules and expectations will differ depending on whether you are a civilian or military personnel. A military funeral is a serious service that requires the utmost respect and etiquette in either case. It is time to honor a hero for their sacrifices and bid them farewell with dignity. Consider looking into funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to learn more.

A military funeral is rich in tradition, and any member of the armed forces is entitled to one upon death. The military will provide at least two soldiers for an honor guard detail, one of whom must be from the same military branch as the deceased. The deceased is given a flag to drape over the casket, which is then folded properly by the honor guard and ceremoniously presented to the next of kin.

What Should You Wear

A military funeral is an opportunity to show your respect for the deceased. This means that formal attire should be worn at all times. Wearing casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, or sweaters is not only frowned upon but also considered disrespectful. Civilians should dress in formal attire, similar to that of a church service. Men should wear a dark suit and tie, or slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. Women should dress in a dark gown, suit, or skirt and blouse. Military personnel should be dressed in their class-A uniform, also known as a dress uniform.  Wearing your military mess uniform to a funeral service is not considered appropriate.

Where Should You Sit

The seating closest to the front, as with any funeral service, is reserved for immediate family members. There may only be enough seating for the deceased’s family at a cemetery. Next of kin should be in the front row because they will be receiving the folded American flag during the service. If you are seated at the grave site, you must remain seated throughout the ceremony.

When Should You Salute

If you’ve never been to a military funeral before, you might think saluting is a sign of respect. While no rule says a civilian should not salute, it can be considered disrespectful if done incorrectly or at an inappropriate time. Civilians are encouraged to remove their hats and place them over their hearts instead of saluting. If you do not have a hat, place your right hand over your heart.

If you are a member of the armed forces, you should stand and salute when necessary. The only exception is if you are serving as a pallbearer. Salutations are appropriate every time the casket is moved, when the hearse passes in your front, during the rendition of Taps, throughout the gun salute, and as the casket is lowered into the ground.

Is It Permissible for You to Bring Children

Because a military funeral includes long periods of silence and standing still, it is not recommended to bring young children unless at the request of the deceased’s family. Olderfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA children should be informed about the process ahead of time and encouraged to attend if they will be able to show their respect throughout the ceremony.

You now have comprehensive knowledge of military funeral etiquette. We hope that what you have read here will assist you in attending your next military funeral. If you have any additional questions or would like to share your thoughts on this topic, please contact the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, or come and visit us; we are ready to assist and help you with everything that you need to know.

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White Dove Release at a Funeral

Funeral planning for a loved one, or even funeral planning for yourself, is a complex process that requires careful consideration and planning. A funeral should honor the person’s spirit and their irreplaceable value in the lives of their loved ones from beginning to end. There are several approaches to planning a funeral service that allows for this level of personalization while honoring the person’s life, dreams, accomplishments, and legacy. The funeral homes in Roy, WA can assist you in making funeral arrangements.

A white dove release at a funeral is one such practice that is meant to represent a final farewell between loved ones and the departed. The release of white doves may be the ideal way to honor a loved one.

The Origins of the White Dove Release at Funerals

A white dove release is a historical practice that originated around 5,000 years ago in Egypt. However, the practice was not limited to Egypt; white doves quickly became a popular and powerful symbol all over the world. They were used in a variety of settings in Greek, Roman, European, and Chinese cultures.

Ancient Greek and Roman grooms would give their bride a dove as a symbol of their promise to care for her family at weddings. A white dove release, on the other hand, was traditionally used at funerals to represent the spirit’s flight back home after death. This message has persisted over time, evolving to accommodate the beliefs of various cultures. Regardless of the variations, the practice has a positive, hopeful connotation all over the world.

What Do White Doves Stand for at Funerals

White doves are seen as symbols of purity, peace, and freedom in a variety of contexts. In the context of white dove release at funerals, this overwhelmingly positive image takes on a deeper meaning. When white doves are released at funerals, it can represent the release of a loved one’s physical presence on earth by family and friends. This practice may even mark the beginning of the grieving process. Friends and family may imagine their loved one’s spirit flying free from the bonds of sickness, old age, or difficulties they faced during their life as the doves take flight from their basket.

Is the White Dove Release the Right Choice for You

Consider your budget, how many doves you can afford to release, and whether a dove release will fit the funeral’s tone. A dove release can be an impactful way to engage close friends and family if you want to include an interactive element in the service. Furthermore, releasing afuneral homes in Roy, WA dove, or multiple doves, can be a gentle way to begin the grieving process for everyone present. A white dove release could be the perfect way to incorporate a symbol of purity, hope, love, and freedom into your service.

It can be difficult to plan a beautiful, respectful funeral service for yourself or a loved one. But don’t worry; our caring professionals at the funeral homes in Roy, WA are here to assist you. Our highly experienced staff can help you and your family get through a difficult time while staying within your budget and respecting your wishes. Connect with our team if you are considering pre-planning a service or if you are currently planning a service for a loved one. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us. You are also welcome to come and see us.

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What Exactly Is an Immediate Burial

Post-funeral receptions allow guests and family members to spend time together and remember the deceased in a more relaxed setting. For many people, these gatherings provide a more comfortable setting for remembering the deceased and spending time with friends. Please look into the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA. 

What Should You Expect at a Post-Funeral Reception 

Many post-funeral receptions are held at the family’s home, though they may also be held at religious places of worship’s social halls, restaurants, or other locations. Food and beverages are typically served, often as a buffet. In many cases, the family will provide food and beverages, but in some cases, the community or the social committee of the church or synagogue will provide food and beverages. 

A post-funeral reception is less formal and social than a funeral, but it is still a solemn occasion. You may be tempted to laugh while sharing memories of the deceased, and you should. However, it is critical to remain respectful and not go wild.  

What Should You Bring to a Post-Funeral Reception

In some communities, the family of the deceased will host the reception and provide food and beverages, whereas, in others, food and beverages are potlucks. If you want to bring something to the reception, check with the reception coordinator to see what you can bring. If you intend to bring alcoholic beverages, make sure that alcohol is permitted. Many cultures and religions, including Judaism, Islam, and the Church of Latter-Day Saints, forbid alcohol in general or at funerals in particular. 

Funeral Reception Protocol

When attending a funeral reception, it’s critical to understand the expected etiquette. Even if the deceased’s family or close friends are casual, liberal, or otherwise laid back, it is best if you never assume that deviating from the social norms typically expected at a memorial service is appropriate. 


  • Follow the family’s instructions and requests. 

Please read the reception and service information. The family may have special requests for their visitors. 

  • Don’t treat it similar to a regular buffet. 

When food is served, pay attention to how much you take. Eat one serving and then go get seconds if there are any leftovers after everyone has eaten. 

  • Be aware of your drinking limits. 

There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks but know your limits. 

  • Wear conservative and neutral color clothes. 

Unless otherwise stated, it’s finest to stick with this attire for a funeral. 

  • Make an informed decision about bringing your children. 

Children are usually welcome at funerals, but this is not always the case. It is critical to check ahead of time to see if children are permitted. 

  • Bring a compassionate gift for the family. 

Unless the family expressly requests no gifts or a specific type of gift, consider bringing afuneral homes in Eatonville, WA sympathy gift of your choice. Many funeral reception gift ideas are both appropriate and meaningful. 

Many receptions do not have an end time, whereas some post-funeral gatherings do. It is up to you, as with any other type of party, to decide how long you want to stay at the event. If you stay until the end, when the majority of the other guests have left, you might consider helping with the cleanup. Consider calling the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for advice on how to assist at a post-funeral reception or gathering, or come and visit our team for further guidance.