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cremation services in Parkland, WA

Qualities of Great Parkland, WA Cremation Services

If you choose cremation services in Parkland, WA as a way to celebrate your loved one’s life, you’ll have no shortage of options. Many facilities offer cremation, but the best take their services to the next level with a personalized touch that offers the same care as traditional burial services. Here’s how you know a funeral home offers an excellent cremation program, and how Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary passes the test.

Prompt Service

A funeral home’s cremation program begins as soon as we get word of a death. We’ll take your call and immediately move to take care of the major legal issues and paperwork. We’ll take custody of the body and prepare it for cremation, obtain a death certificate, and set up a consultation with you to discuss your desires for a memorial. When a death comes suddenly, having a team that can help in a hurry is key.

Comprehensive Options

Many of our clients want a full memorial service when they choose cremation, and at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary we offer a full plan for anyone who wants all the benefits of a funeral. Our cremation plus memorial plans offer options for visitation, use of our extensive facilities for a memorial service, and the possibility for interment in one of our associated cemeteries if you choose to follow cremation with a burial service.

Fast and Basic

Some clients prefer not to plan a memorial service with us, and instead want to host a personal service at home. These are often combined with scattering the ashes in the presence of their closest friends and family. For those clients, we offer our basic cremation services where you get a quick cremation and the ashes returned to you in one of our sturdy basic cremation containers. This allows for a personalized service to be planned at your schedule.

Wide Product Selection

The most common choice for a final resting place for cremation ashes is in a stylish urn that can rest on a mantle. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we offer hundreds of attractive options that fit every taste and style. These urns can be made from metal, ceramic, or synthetic materials and are equipped with anti-spill lids to ensure remains are more secure. Many of these urns can also be personalized with an inscription.

Family Support

Cremation services can be a beautiful way to memorialize those who have passed on, but many of our clients come to us after a sudden loss. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we offer grief support for families struggling to cope, including specialized programs for children who are dealing with loss for the first time. We also offer financial consultations so you and your family can find a memorial service that fits with your budget.

If you’re looking for Parkland, WA cremation services that offer the personalized service and attention you need to develop the perfect tribute to your loved one, Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can help. Set up a consultation at our offices with our staff to get started today.

Parkland, WA funeral homes

Ways Parkland, WA Funeral Homes Will Help You Plan

We know that planning a funeral is never easy, especially when everything happens in a hurry and you’re struggling to keep up. That’s why at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, our experienced funeral home staff is ready to take your lead and take much of the work of planning off your hands. In this article, we’ll look at how Parkland, WA funeral homes can help you plan a funeral, from the first call to the service.

At the Start

One of the most chaotic moments of funeral planning is right at the start, when you have to choose who you want to trust your loved one’s memorials to. When we get your call, we’ll move fast to take care of the paperwork and legal issues that make up much of the work of funeral planning. We’ll meet with the appropriate authorities, get the death certificate prepared, and take custody of the body to prepare it for burial or cremation as fast as possible.

Experience and Compassion

The funeral director is the point of entry for any funeral home, and this experienced and dedicated staff member meets with countless families in difficult times. A great funeral director is knowledgeable in all areas of funeral planning, including our extensive product catalogue of coffins, headstones, markers, and other memorial items. It’s also key that a funeral director convey a kind and welcoming approach to ease the process.

Connections Everywhere

A funeral home is a great place to plan a memorial service, and they can directly provide many of the needed supplies. But other areas, like cemetery plots and catering for memorial services, come from third-party companies. A funeral home with strong ties to the community is a major advantage in planning, because they know the best places to fill these needs and can often negotiate deals and packages with the suppliers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Finding the perfect spot for a memorial reception before or after a funeral is challenging, but the best funeral homes have on-site facilities that can accommodate larger crowds. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, our facilities offer stylish and classy decor, but can also be transformed by families to match the interests, passions, and history of the departed to create a more personalized tribute at the reception, along with outside catering.

Pre-Planning Services

What’s the best way to avoid a family having to figure out plans for a memorial in a hurry? If the deceased left behind a detailed plan for how they want to be remembered. That’s why we offer a comprehensive pre-planning service that allows you to specify all major details of your funeral, including burial or cremation, any included vessels or caskets, and details of the reception. We also have a pre-payment installment plan available to ensure your loved ones have no obligations besides to attend.

Are you looking for Parkland, WA funeral homes that will provide the support and service you need for a memorable funeral? Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary is standing by, so contact us today for more information or to set up a consultation.

Spanaway, WA cremation services

Everything You Need to Know About Green Cremation Services in Spanaway, WA

Cremation is the most popular choice for memorializing a deceased loved one, but Spanaway, WA cremation services are changing as people become more environmentally conscious. Green cremation and memorials are evolving by the day, and several popular trends are catching on among those planning memorial services. Here are some unique options we offer at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary for those looking for greener cremation services.

What Is Aquamation?

Traditional cremation, which uses a powerful oven named a cremator to quickly break down a body and leave nothing but bone ash, is effective but has a high carbon footprint. Aquamation, or aqua-cremation, is an alternative with the same effect but minimal environmental impact. It uses an alkaline solution to break down the body’s tissues and speed up the natural process of decay, resulting in the same remains without the burning.

Aquamation takes longer than traditional cremation, but a normal-sized human body can be cremated using an alkaline solution in around eight hours.

Biodegradable Urns

One of the most dramatic choices for honoring your loved one in a green way is a biodegradable urn, which transforms cremation ashes into a different form of life. The sturdy urn is made from entirely biodegradable materials and is designed to be buried. Once planted, the urn slowly breaks down and releases the tree seeds within, which grow into a tree that serves as a long-term living memorial for your loved one.

Ocean Burial

Scattering cremation ashes is a common choice for a final memorial for those who don’t want to keep the ashes around the house, but there’s a way to do that and boost the environment. Coral Balls are a product that serves as a holder for cremation ashes and are built in a way that cultivates sea life. Coral and other stationary life forms attach to the ball and it becomes their habitat, and the balls have an ID tag that makes it easy to locate where they are in the ocean.

Sustainable Vaults

Many people choose interment to follow cremation, where the ashes are placed in a permanent vessel similar to a coffin and buried. This is common for people who want to keep a family together in eternity and one person has chosen cremation. While traditional cremation vaults are made from wood, many manufacturers are taking the environment into account and using sustainably logged or recycled wood for a minimal impact on the environment.

Green Cremation Products

Many manufacturers are taking environmental sustainability into account when designing products for cremation, especially the urns that are the most common storage space for cremation ashes. Instead of the mass-produced plastic that was common, many urns today are made locally from small-batch manufacturers and often from artisans using traditional equipment instead of mass production.

Are you looking for green cremation services in Spanaway, WA to celebrate your loved one in a sustainable way? Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can help, so set up a consultation with our experienced funeral home staff today.

Funeral homes in Spanaway, WA

Trends in Green Memorials at Spanaway, WA Funeral Homes

Arranging a memorial service and funeral comes with many questions, and another one is entering the picture for many people – how do we handle a funeral with a minimal carbon footprint? Green memorials are becoming one of the hottest trends for Spanaway, WA funeral homes, and Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary is stepping up to the challenge. Here are some of the hottest trends in green memorial services and funerals in today’s market.

Recycled and Sustainable Products

Many caskets and urns used to be made from synthetic products or wood from rarer trees, but more people are choosing environmentally options. Lines of caskets are available that are made from recycled wood and from sustainably logged trees. For those who choose cremation, many people are choosing biodegradable urns that will break down and release the tree seeds within, transforming the remains into a tree. Options are also available for ocean burial after cremation in a way that boosts local sea life.

Memorial Gardens

Rather than a carefully trimmed and treated lawn, many funeral homes and cemeteries are embracing the flow of nature and letting plants grow. In memorial gardens, the markers and headstones are placed alongside a mix of flowers and plants that create a colorful and dramatic accent to the tributes. Ideal for those who love nature and want a living environment to pay tribute to their loved ones, memorial gardens are gaining a foothold in cemeteries around the country.

Green Charities

It used to be common for people to receive many tributes to their loved ones in the form of flowers and other gifts. But a growing trend is to ask for donations to a meaningful charity in lieu of gifts and flowers, both to give the family less additions to deal with and to make a difference. Health-related charities are a common choice, but green charities that help the environment and animal life are gaining in popularity.

Plant-Based Receptions

It’s common after a funeral to host a catered reception, often filled with foods that the deceased loved in life. But many people are concerned about the impact of animal-based foods on the environment and the body, and that’s affecting their choices in catered receptions. More catering facilities and restaurants are offering vegetarian and vegan versions of classic dishes, including full plant-based catering menus.

Alternative Transportation

The traditional funeral procession is a dramatic way to announce not just a passing, but how many people were touched by the person in life. However, a string of traditional cars on a drive can add a lot of carbon to the environment. That’s why many funeral homes are happy to arrange a funeral procession with alternative choices for vehicles, including horse-drawn carriages and electric vehicles with a smaller carbon footprint.

Are you looking for a green memorial service that celebrates your loved one’s life while minimizing environmental impact? Funeral homes in Spanaway, WA can help, so contact us today to set up a consultation with our funeral director.