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Funeral Home Suggestions For Honoring A Loved One During A Hard Time

While the entire country is going through a hard time right now with a virus running rampant and restrictions coming and going, things will feel even harder in your life when you have to visit funeral homes in Spanaway, WA to plan final services for a loved one. There are certain restrictions that are in place and even when those are lifted, not every family will feel safe running services as usual. Funeral homes have adjusted to this unusual time in history and the professionals have lots of ideas that can help you honor your loved one and move forward. Here are a few to try:

Have A Small Service

There’s nothing wrong with having a small service for your loved one in order to honor their memory. If that’s all you feel you can do right now, it’s better that than nothing. You might prefer to invite as many people as would want to come, but large gatherings just aren’t safe right now and not many people feel comfortable with that. It might be all you can do to have close family members and friends and, again, that’s better than no service at all.

Livestream That Service

Even if you have a service that is on the small side, you can have more family members join in, if they want, through livestreaming. Livestreaming the service allows family and friends to watch the service at home, safely, apart, and yet still together, in a way. Everyone can honor your loved one and participate in the service without actually being there. It might not feel as good as having everyone together, but it’s a better option than shutting the service off from those who really want to attend.

Have Individual Memorials

Whether you go with a traditional funeral or cremation service, you can still have memorial services of some kind, if you wish. These memorials can be separated by family in their own homes. One family can get together and talk about the person and share memories. Another can go to the park and walk the path your loved one frequented. Everyone can do what they feel is best at whatever level they want to do something to honor the person who passed away.

funeral homes in Spanaway, WA

These are just a few of the ideas that funeral homes in Spanaway, WA might present to you if you are in the position of having a final service of some kind for a loved one who has passed away. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary understand that there’s no such thing as a good time to lose someone, but that losing someone during this weird time in the world is harder than ever before. Not every service you might normally have is possible at the moment and it’s just going to take some adjustments to get the closure you want over the situation. We’re here to offer you compassion and support no matter what you end up doing.