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Things You Need to Know About Water Cremation

Water cremation is a method of disposal that combines an alkaline solution of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide with pressurized, high-temperature water. Consider looking into the cremation services in Roy, WA to learn more.

What Exactly Is Water Cremation

Water cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, bio cremation, resomation, flameless cremation, aquamation, or hydration, is a method of disposing of human and animal remains that uses water and alkali salts. The procedure is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional options such as burial or fire cremation.

It is important to note that alkali salts are only used to accelerate the natural decomposition of water. It is the water that does the cremating, not the alkali. Temperatures inside the water cremation chamber can reach 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for flame cremation.

What Are the Origins of Water Cremation

Water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis began as a method for farmers to convert animal carcasses into plant food. Amos Herbert Hobson of Middlesex, England, patented the process in 1888. The Mayo Clinic installed the first commercial alkaline hydrolysis installation for the disposal of bodies donated to science. It is still in use today.

Alkaline hydrolysis was used to dispose of cows infected with mad cow disease in the 1990s. It became a popular method of disposition for both human and animal remains in the 2000s.

Is Water Cremation Environmentally Friendly

Water cremation emits no pollutants and does not pollute waterways or ground soil with mercury or other dangerous pathogens.

Why Should You Choose Water Cremation Over Fire Cremation

Water cremation may be preferred over fire cremation for a variety of reasons. Water cremation is far more environmentally friendly, uses far less fuel, and has a lower overall carbon footprint.

Water cremation produces pure, brilliant, and white ashes, as opposed to the sandy, more granular ashes produced by flame cremation. Water cremation also produces 33 percent more ashes than flame cremation, implying that you will receive more of your loved one after the process.

How Long Does It Take to Cremate With Water

The water cremation process usually takes four to eight hours for humans, but it can take up to 18 hours for animals, depending on the size of the body and the temperature of the solution. The entire process can take up to two weeks from pickup to return of ashes.

What Transpires to the Liquid Following a Water Cremation

Following the completion of the water cremation process, the remaining bone matter is washed clean, and the effluent or the remaining liquid can be used as a nutrient solution for plants or returned to the ecosystem via your local wastewater treatment facility. The solution is completely sterile and comprised of amino acids, salts, nutrients, and sugars, the natural byproducts of decomposition.

What Should I Do With the Cremated Remains

The process is complete once you have received the ashes. You can scatter them, keep them in an urn, or divide them among relatives. Whatever you choose, you can be certain that you said goodbye to your loved one in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

If you are thinking about water cremation for yourself or a loved one, please look into the cremation services in Roy, WA and contact us or come and see us. Our team is more than happy to help you with anything you need to know.

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Choosing Funeral or Memorial Service Music

Music can be one of the most moving aspects of a funeral or memorial service, and it can help give a loved one a proper, final farewell. It establishes the tone for services by providing a unified platform for family and friends to support one another during a time of loss. The funeral homes in Roy, WA can assist you with this.

While there are no hard and fast rules for selecting music for end-of-life services, the questions listed below can help you narrow down your options.

What Was the Musical Taste of My Loved One

Knowing the deceased’s musical preferences can be very helpful when choosing songs for their funeral. If the deceased was a musician, it would be a nice touch to play a song that he or she enjoyed singing or writing.

Will the Ceremony Be a Tribute to Life

Celebrations of life, which are less formal and more lively than traditional funeral services, are becoming more popular. The music played can help to paint a more personalized and joyful picture of the deceased’s life.

What Musical Genres Should Be Played

Historically, there were some restrictions on the type of music considered appropriate for funeral services. In today’s society, deviating from traditional, more subdued music is certainly acceptable. Musical genres have progressed from classical to include rock, pop, and the fastest-growing style, country.

Will Religion Be Incorporated Into the Service

Religious funeral services are more structured and frequently adhere to specific musical traditions.

How Will the Influences of Culture Be Incorporated

Certain customs are frequently included in the music played at funerals and memorial services for families who have strong ties to their heritage and cultural backgrounds.

Was the Deceased a Member of the Military

Taps is played at the end of funeral services for members of the United States Armed Forces to express deep gratitude for the deceased’s service. This is usually done at the cemetery, but it can also be done outside the funeral home or church if there will be no graveside service. Taps, also known as America’s song of remembrance, gets its name from the three distinct drum taps that represent lights out.

How Many Songs Are Going to Be Played

A service should ideally include three to four songs. The service is usually started with a more solemn selection. After the eulogy and possibly after a reading, a song that helps tell the story of a loved one’s life is usually played. The ceremonies are then concluded with a faster-paced tune with a more upbeat melody designed to lift the spirits of departing guests.

Is It Better to Listen to Live or Recorded Music

Most funeral homes have song collections available in a variety of genres for families who prefer prerecorded music. Do not hesitate to consult your funeral director if you require additional assistance making decisions.funeral homes in Roy, WA

A musically inclined family member or friend may be asked to sing or play an instrument during the ceremony. Another idea is to have someone close to the deceased perform a song written specifically for the occasion.

Making song selections is one of the most important and moving aspects of organizing a memorable memorial or funeral service. A song’s delivery, lyrics, and melodies can convey messages of hope that can open pathways to begin the healing process. Most importantly, carefully chosen music will help instill a positive mental image of your loved one and their life journey for many years. Please contact the funeral homes in Roy, WA for more information, or come and see us.

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Items to Put Inside a Casket

Items have been buried with the dead since the beginning of time as a way to help them on their final journey. People have a long tradition of wanting to give the departed’s remains the comforts they enjoyed in life. Examples include placing coins over one’s eyes, building elaborate tombs for Egyptian kings and queens, and making earthenware pots to display a simpler life. Please investigate the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA for more information.

Modern caskets account for this by including special memento panels and drawers, as well as by giving mourners the option of placing objects directly into the casket. The burial vessel can contain anything and everything that isn’t dangerous, but most people choose a few of these more typical choices.

Burial Flowers

One of the most common items buried with the deceased is flowers. You can have everyone who attends the funeral place a rose inside the casket, order a specialty bouquet for burial, or even place blooms from the deceased’s garden inside. All of these are appropriate tributes and farewells.

Cherished Image

Wedding photos, baby photos, and a particularly moving snapshot of the deceased and his or her life are appropriate for burial. However, it is usually recommended that you bury a copy while keeping the original because family members may want this item later on.

Favorite Book

Books are a common item to find in a casket, ranging from Bibles and literary classics to a well-worn paperback that the deceased read twenty times during his or her lifetime. They add a nice touch without harming the environment because they have a low value and are easily decomposed.

Sports Memorabilia

A casket can hold anything from a baseball to a hockey stick. These kinds of items are a nice touch for a sports fan, especially if the deceased was already dressed in a favorite jersey or athletic gear.

Electronic Gadgets

Many people nowadays have attachments to their computers, phones, and tablet devices. Inserting these items into a casket is analogous to burying a loved one with a favorite book or stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal

When a child or infant dies, it is customary to place soft items such as teddy bears, blankets, and other comforts in the casket. This also works well for adults if a childhood stuffed animal holds a special place in their hearts.

Booze or Cigarettes

Tucking a bottle of alcohol into a casket may not seem like a dignified way to say goodbye, but it is one of the more common options.

Play Schedule or Ticket Stubs

Whether the deceased performed in a specific show or simply loved watching it, these paper mementos add a nice touch without being too expensive.

Cremated Remains

Although special permits are required and an additional burial fee may be charged, you can often place the cremated remains of another person in the same casket as the deceased.

Other Valuables and Cash

Money, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuable items can be interred with the deceased.funeral homes in Eatonville WA

There is typical quite a bit of latitude in this area, though you should always check with the funeral director before adding items to the casket for burial. You should be able to bury the deceased with nearly anything as long as the casket can be safely closed and secured and there are no hazardous materials inside. For advice and more details, get in touch with the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA. You are welcome to visit our office right away.

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Ways to Remember a Baby Who Has Died

Losing a child can cause significant and long-term grief. Bereaved parents can honor their baby’s memory in a variety of ways, including creating a website in their honor or commemorating their baby’s birthday or due date every year. Some parents plant trees or make garden sculptures, while others get a baby loss tattoo with their child’s name, footprints, or another meaningful symbol. The cremation services in Eatonville, WA have compiled a list of suggestions for remembering a baby who died during pregnancy or infancy.

No matter when or how a baby dies, the grief can be profound and long-lasting. Instead of remembering your time together, you’re left with fantasies about what could have been. One thing that can help you cope with your grief is to honor a baby you’ve lost. Here are some ideas for remembering a baby who died during pregnancy or infancy.

Keep Physical Mementos of Your Baby

Not all parents receive pictures, footprints, or other remembrances of their deceased baby, but having a tangible memento to hold and look at can be extremely comforting.

Both engraved holiday ornaments and framed quotes make excellent keepsakes. You’ll discover something special that speaks to you.

Wear Something That Reminds You of Your Baby

Some bereaved parents find solace in carrying a memento of their child with them wherever they go. Some parents wear a locket or other piece of jewelry with their child’s name, birthstone, or strand of hair. Others get a baby loss tattoo that includes their child’s name, footprints, or another special symbol that means something to them.

Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays, as well as due dates or miscarriage dates, can serve as a painful reminder of your loss. You can try to cope with your pain by doing something memorable or special that will help you find peace. In your baby’s honor, you could plant a tree or flower in your yard, make a financial donation, or drop off toys at a nearby children’s charity or hospital.

On their child’s birthday, some moms release balloons, while others share a birthday cake with their partner and sang the birthday song to their child. These are difficult times, but they can become meaningful and beautiful memories in time.

Make a Website or a Blog

Create a website or blog in your child’s honor to keep their memory alive. You could include journal entries, hospital photos, a playlist of songs that remind you of your baby, or links to advocacy groups that support legislation on stillbirth research, maternal health, and parental rights.

If you don’t want to or aren’t sure how to create your page, some websites will provide you with a template for creating a memorial website with your photos, videos, and text. Then, on the page, you can invite family and friends to share their memories with you.

Establish a Foundation or a Fundraiser

Hosting a charity event or establishing a foundation is one way to honor your baby’s lifecremation services in Eatonville, WA while also assisting other families. You could donate the funds raised to a local hospital or another organization that helped your family during their loss. You could also donate them to charities.

Are you considering ways to honor your child? The cremation services in Eatonville, WA are here to assist you in any way we can. Visit our office or call us today. We are more than willing to help you get through this difficult time.