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Traveling For Cremation Services

It’s always hard to hear that someone you love has passed on. If that person lives far away and their cremation services in Lakewood, WA are going to be held in that location, you might want to travel to that area so you can be with family and friends honoring that life. It will take some planning to get the traveling prepared for the event. Here are some details to help you figure out how to pull it all together.

Pack Smart

Your mind might be running in a lot of different directions and it can be hard to think about the packing portion of the process. You are going to have to pack, not only for the final service and what you want to wear to that, but also for the rest of the trip. Think about how long you plan to be there and what weather is going to be happening in that location for your trip. Pack a variety of items that you can mix and match so you are able to face whatever might come your way.

Get Tickets/Time Out The Drive

Cremation services don’t have timeline on their planning process. Family members can have a memorial soon after the person passes on, or they can wait and set a date a few weeks down the road. As soon as you hear when the service is going to be, you will want to make your own plans. If you have to fly, book that flight so you can get in before the service far enough ahead that you are comfortable with the timing. If the flight is delayed or even cancelled, you want to have time for a backup plan. If you are going to drive, you want to time that out as well. Don’t cut it to the last minute, but plan to arrive early so you know you can make it to the service at the right time.

Know The Area

Whether you have been to the location before or not, it’s a good idea to know the area. You might be staying there and you want to know what’s around the funeral home that can help you to get what you need while you are there. How long will it take you to get from wherever you might stay to the event’s location? Look at some maps and spend some time figuring out whatcremation services in Lakewood, WA the drive will be like between different areas.

Book Accommodations, If Needed

If you are coming into the area for more than just the cremation services in Lakewood, WA, you are going to want to know where you will be staying. If a friend or family member has offered their home to you, that’s nice and it can be very comfortable to stay in a home-like that. Otherwise, you are going to want to book accommodations that will work well for you for the duration of the trip. If you aren’t sure what’s in the area, and what’s close to the funeral home, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can offer ideas.

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Funeral Home Flower Preservation

One of the things you will likely have as part of your loved one’s final services is flowers. You may find arrangements yourself that are meaningful to your family and you might have friends and other sending things to funeral homes in Lakewood, WA in their honor. Some of the flowers are very special and might be something you want to hold on to in order to remind you of the services you had for them. Here are some options of things you can do to preserve and use the flowers later on.

Press Flowers For Various Uses

While it would take a lot to press all of the flowers from the funeral, you might want to take a few special flowers and press them under a heavy book so you can use them in other ways to commemorate the occasion. There are many different things you can do with pressed flowers.

Frame Them With A Photo

After you press the flowers, you could make a photo arrangement with your loved one and some of the flowers from their funeral around the picture. It’s a nice memorial and can remind you of how beautiful the flowers you had for them were.

Make Bookmarks For Family

You could also use pressed flowers in bookmarks and those are something you can distribute to your family members. It’s nice to give your family members something they can remember the funeral by and it’s another keep sake of your loved one at the same time.

Dry Flowers Out

Instead of pressing flowers, you can also take them from the funeral, hang them upside down, and let them dry out. This should preserve their coloring and keep them looking nice for much longer. You can place them in an arrangement and that can help you to keep a little something of the service in your home. You will want to place them in an out of the way area so they don’t get messed with as they can get brittle and fall apart eventually.

Donate Leftovers

You may not be able to preserve all of the flowers that come to your family at the funeral home.funeral homes in Lakewood, WA You might have a lot there and only the special select flowers are things you want to keep well into the future. Instead of trying to go overboard on preservation, you may want to simply donate the remaining arrangements. The funeral home can take care of delivering those to the local hospitals, nursing homes, and other such areas so you don’t have to worry about that part of the process.

You may order some special flowers for your loved one’s final services, and you might have friends sending things that are special as well. You can save some of those arrangements and preserve them so you are able to remember the final service for the nice event that it was. Funeral homes in Lakewood, WA can help you with the options for preservation and everything else you need. Contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary for any funeral home needs you have.

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Cremation Service Trends

Most industries have trends. The fashion industry trends come and go faster than most people can keep up. There are trends in home decorating. There are even trends when it comes to cremation services in Roy, WA. If you are trying to plan final services for a loved one, you will want to look at all of the service options. There are certain options that are popular right now and knowing what those are could point you in the right direction. Here are some of the current cremation service trends.

1-Enjoying Services At Home

Cremation services happen in the funeral home, but you can have the memorial service wherever you want. Some people use the funeral home as a convenient location and services there can be very nice. However, you could also open up your home for a small, intimate service as well. It can be comforting to be in a private location where you can gather with family and friends to honor a special life. Having the services at your home might limit the numbers, but it can also make things feel very special.

2-Celebrate Their Life

You can have whatever tone you want in the cremation memorial service. You might feel better about celebrating a life well-lived instead of mourning a loss. It’s a nice way to remember someone for who they were and the good times you had with them. Life celebrations are light-hearted and upbeat. They can include music, activities, and whatever else you want.

3-Keeping Ashes In An Urn

There are lots of resting place options available for a loved one who has been cremated. You might want to bury their ashes in the cemetery. You can scatter them in a variety of locations. And there are even burial options in places that aren’t the cemetery. More people are starting to keep their family’s ashes in their urns within a family home. It’s a nice way to keep them close and if you ever have to move to another city or state, they could go with you easily.

4-Cremation Jewelry Options

There are a variety of urn options and the sizes vary as well. While a standard urn should fit allcremation services in Roy, WA of your loved one’s remains inside, you might want something small that you can wear to commemorate your loved one. Cremation jewelry pieces are usually shaped like a heart, a pendant, or a cross, though there are other options as well. They are pieces that you can wear close to your own heart to remember your loved one well. You can share your loved one with other family members as well and do a variety of things with their ashes at the same time.

5-Permanent Memorial Choices

Once cremation services in Roy, WA are behind you, it might feel good to do something for your loved one to commemorate their life, like place a permanent memorial. You can put a brick with their name on it in a sidewalk, plant a tree, or do any number of other things. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can help with options.

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The Right Cemetery Decision

There are lots of decisions you will have to make around funeral homes in Roy, WA when you are trying to make plans for a loved one. If you have decided that you want to have a traditional funeral for your loved one, that might also mean a visitation service and then, following the funeral, a burial service in a cemetery. You are going to want the right venue for the funeral, but also the right cemetery for the burial. There are lots of things to consider in the cemetery you choose and, keep in mind, the professionals at the funeral home are there to help you every step of the way.

The Location Is Important

Where the cemetery is located can help you to figure out whether or not you want to use that cemetery for your loved one’s final resting place. There are many things that will make the cemetery a good location. First, you want to think about where it is situated in relation to the funeral home where you might be having the funeral service. You may not want guests to drive very far between the services so it’s nice to have a cemetery nearby. Second, you need to think about the final resting place in terms of the future. You are going to want to be able to visit that cemetery and your loved one’s grave. Somewhere that is easy to access can help you to visit as often as you want to in the future.

What Kind Of Caskets Are Allowed

Once you rule out the cemeteries that aren’t in good locations, you will want to look into the details and figure out whether or not those locations are a good fit for you. Each cemetery has its own rules and you will want to know what kind of caskets they allow so you can ensure you are able to fit in what you want for your loved one in that location.

Headstone Rules Are Important

There are other rules involved in cemetery locations and you might want to find out what the rules are for headstones before you decide what you want for your loved one. If you have a certain headstone in mind, you need to know if the cemetery allows it. Some cemeteries might have a certain size or material rules to make things look nice and cohesive.

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Look At Available Plots

If you still haven’t decided which cemetery is right for your loved one, you can compare the available plots to one another. What plots are available and which cemetery has the best location for your loved one? There are lots of choices to look through, generally, and you want the nicest location for that special person.

If you have to have a cemetery for a burial service, the professionals at funeral homes in Roy, WA are here to help you with the information you need. Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary will implement your funeral service wishes, but we also want you to have what you need for the burial portion of the process.