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Cremated Remains Shipping

There will be times when mailing cremated remains of a loved one is necessary. Shipping human ashes to another location, even internationally, can be a quick and inexpensive way to honor the deceased’s final wishes. Because immediate family members usually receive their loved one’s cremains, it’s useful to know what options there are for mailing them elsewhere. The cremation services in Lakewood, WA can assist you with this.

The rules and regulations for flying with cremated ashes can be a source of additional stress during this trying time. Shipping cremated remains via United States Postal Service can be a safe, cost-effective, and stress-free way to send a loved one’s ashes to other family members. If your loved one chose to be buried somewhere other than where they died, it may be necessary to choose cremation over shipping a body, especially since casket transport and flight costs for the deceased can be very expensive. Other times, cremated remains must be mailed for the ashes to be incorporated into jewelry or works of art.

What Is the Best Way to Ship Ashes

The United States Postal Service has specific instructions for preparing a package containing ashes, whether you are sending the cremated remains of a loved one or a pet. These rules and regulations are in place to protect your valuable package while it is in transit. When shipping cremated remains, three components must be present, such as a sift-proof inner container, cushioning material, and an outer shipping package.

Inner Main Container

The ashes must be safe and contained in transit. To prevent any loose power from leaking out, the innermost container must be sift-proof. From a simple wooden box to an ornate funeral urn, the inner packaging can be decorative or plain as long as it is strong, durable, sift-proof, properly sealed, and designed to protect its contents.

The inner container must be sealed and sift-proof for international shipments. For added security, USPS recommends placing the sift-proof container in a sealed and labeled plastic bag. If the shipping label becomes detached from the outer container, your loved one’s cremated ashes can be identified.

Material for Cushioning

Once the cremated ashes have been sealed in a sift-proof inner container and labeled, you must ensure that they are protected from any shock or impact during transit. Wrap the inner container in bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or an air pillow to keep it from shifting inside the package. It’s critical to leave enough space to secure the top, bottom, and sides for maximum protection.

Outer Shipping Container

The outer package for both domestic and international shipping can be USPS-produced or customer-supplied as long as it is strong and durable enough to withstand handling duringcremation services in Lakewood, WA transport. The postal service provides a specific priority mail express cremated remains box for convenience, which can be ordered online as part of a kit and is included in the cost of the service. For added security, include a slip of paper with the sender’s and recipient’s addresses and contact information on it.

When a family member assumes responsibility for shipping a loved one’s cremated remains, they can rely on the cremation services in Lakewood, WA to assist them. You can contact us right away or come and see us.

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Military Funeral Protocol

If you are attending a military funeral, the etiquette rules and expectations will differ depending on whether you are a civilian or military personnel. A military funeral is a serious service that requires the utmost respect and etiquette in either case. It is time to honor a hero for their sacrifices and bid them farewell with dignity. Consider looking into funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to learn more.

A military funeral is rich in tradition, and any member of the armed forces is entitled to one upon death. The military will provide at least two soldiers for an honor guard detail, one of whom must be from the same military branch as the deceased. The deceased is given a flag to drape over the casket, which is then folded properly by the honor guard and ceremoniously presented to the next of kin.

What Should You Wear

A military funeral is an opportunity to show your respect for the deceased. This means that formal attire should be worn at all times. Wearing casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, or sweaters is not only frowned upon but also considered disrespectful. Civilians should dress in formal attire, similar to that of a church service. Men should wear a dark suit and tie, or slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. Women should dress in a dark gown, suit, or skirt and blouse. Military personnel should be dressed in their class-A uniform, also known as a dress uniform.  Wearing your military mess uniform to a funeral service is not considered appropriate.

Where Should You Sit

The seating closest to the front, as with any funeral service, is reserved for immediate family members. There may only be enough seating for the deceased’s family at a cemetery. Next of kin should be in the front row because they will be receiving the folded American flag during the service. If you are seated at the grave site, you must remain seated throughout the ceremony.

When Should You Salute

If you’ve never been to a military funeral before, you might think saluting is a sign of respect. While no rule says a civilian should not salute, it can be considered disrespectful if done incorrectly or at an inappropriate time. Civilians are encouraged to remove their hats and place them over their hearts instead of saluting. If you do not have a hat, place your right hand over your heart.

If you are a member of the armed forces, you should stand and salute when necessary. The only exception is if you are serving as a pallbearer. Salutations are appropriate every time the casket is moved, when the hearse passes in your front, during the rendition of Taps, throughout the gun salute, and as the casket is lowered into the ground.

Is It Permissible for You to Bring Children

Because a military funeral includes long periods of silence and standing still, it is not recommended to bring young children unless at the request of the deceased’s family. Olderfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA children should be informed about the process ahead of time and encouraged to attend if they will be able to show their respect throughout the ceremony.

You now have comprehensive knowledge of military funeral etiquette. We hope that what you have read here will assist you in attending your next military funeral. If you have any additional questions or would like to share your thoughts on this topic, please contact the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, or come and visit us; we are ready to assist and help you with everything that you need to know.

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White Dove Release at a Funeral

Funeral planning for a loved one, or even funeral planning for yourself, is a complex process that requires careful consideration and planning. A funeral should honor the person’s spirit and their irreplaceable value in the lives of their loved ones from beginning to end. There are several approaches to planning a funeral service that allows for this level of personalization while honoring the person’s life, dreams, accomplishments, and legacy. The funeral homes in Roy, WA can assist you in making funeral arrangements.

A white dove release at a funeral is one such practice that is meant to represent a final farewell between loved ones and the departed. The release of white doves may be the ideal way to honor a loved one.

The Origins of the White Dove Release at Funerals

A white dove release is a historical practice that originated around 5,000 years ago in Egypt. However, the practice was not limited to Egypt; white doves quickly became a popular and powerful symbol all over the world. They were used in a variety of settings in Greek, Roman, European, and Chinese cultures.

Ancient Greek and Roman grooms would give their bride a dove as a symbol of their promise to care for her family at weddings. A white dove release, on the other hand, was traditionally used at funerals to represent the spirit’s flight back home after death. This message has persisted over time, evolving to accommodate the beliefs of various cultures. Regardless of the variations, the practice has a positive, hopeful connotation all over the world.

What Do White Doves Stand for at Funerals

White doves are seen as symbols of purity, peace, and freedom in a variety of contexts. In the context of white dove release at funerals, this overwhelmingly positive image takes on a deeper meaning. When white doves are released at funerals, it can represent the release of a loved one’s physical presence on earth by family and friends. This practice may even mark the beginning of the grieving process. Friends and family may imagine their loved one’s spirit flying free from the bonds of sickness, old age, or difficulties they faced during their life as the doves take flight from their basket.

Is the White Dove Release the Right Choice for You

Consider your budget, how many doves you can afford to release, and whether a dove release will fit the funeral’s tone. A dove release can be an impactful way to engage close friends and family if you want to include an interactive element in the service. Furthermore, releasing afuneral homes in Roy, WA dove, or multiple doves, can be a gentle way to begin the grieving process for everyone present. A white dove release could be the perfect way to incorporate a symbol of purity, hope, love, and freedom into your service.

It can be difficult to plan a beautiful, respectful funeral service for yourself or a loved one. But don’t worry; our caring professionals at the funeral homes in Roy, WA are here to assist you. Our highly experienced staff can help you and your family get through a difficult time while staying within your budget and respecting your wishes. Connect with our team if you are considering pre-planning a service or if you are currently planning a service for a loved one. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us. You are also welcome to come and see us.

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An Alternative to Cremation and Burial by Fire

Aquamation is a method of final disposition that can be used for both human and animal loved ones. Alkaline hydrolysis is the scientific term for this water-based process. It is the same process that occurs naturally when a body is laid to rest in the soil. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity is used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials. The cremation services in Roy, WA are available for discussion if you want to learn more about the process.

What Occurs

The aquamation procedure is carried out following any viewing or visitation services requested by the family. When the procedure is complete, the individual body is respectfully placed in a stainless steel vessel. Based on individual characteristics such as weight, sex, and embalming status, alkali is added to the process, and the vessel fills with water. The solution is heated and gently circulated throughout the process.

At the end of the process, all material has been reduced to its simplest building blocks; no DNA or RNA remains. The sterile process water is recycled, and the vessel rinses the equipment and remains with fresh water. Only the inorganic bone minerals remain after the operator opens the door. These minerals are powdered and returned to the family in an urn. This final processing step is the same as that used for flame cremation. When a loved one’s remains are returned to the family, many families gather for the celebration of life.

Are the Ashes Different From Those Obtained Through Flame Cremation

The mineral remains from the bone, along with some ash from the cremation box or casket, clothing, and anything else that may have been placed in the process with the body, make up the ashes from a flame cremation. As there are no other materials in the ash, the ashes from the aquamation are only the mineral remains from the bone.

The carbon discoloration from burning causes the ash from a flame process to be gray in color. Ash from aquamation can range in color from white to tan. Both processes can result in slight color variations from person to person. The ash’s consistency varies as well. Flame cremation ash is described as chippy bone fragments. Aquamation ash is a homogeneous or consistent powder. With aquamation, the family receives 20 to 30 percent more ash remains.

What Exactly Is the Science Behind the Procedure

The water, not the alkali, performs the breakdown during the aquamation process, which is a commonly misunderstood fact. Any reaction in which bonds are cleaved by the insertion of water molecules is referred to as a hydrolysis reaction. A base is added to water to create an alkaline environment in alkaline hydrolysis. The water molecules’ behavior changes, causingcremation services in Roy, WA them to dissociate into hydrogen and hydroxide ions. The solution contains only five percent alkali and 95 percent water. The physical characteristics of the system, the continuous flow of the solution, and the heat are all equally important to the process. All of this has to do with collision theory and the rate and completeness of a reaction.

The environmental impact is not limited to energy. To get a complete picture of the impact of our funeral technologies on our planet, a cradle-to-grave approach must be taken. Life cycle assessments are used by scientists to assess the overall impact. When all impact categories were considered, aquamation had the lowest environmental impact of any other body care option. If you have any questions, please contact the cremation services in Roy, WA, or come and see us.