funeral homes in Tacoma, WA

The Advantages of Working With Funeral Services in Tacoma, WA

After the death of a loved one, the lives of those closest to them are often thrown into chaos. There are people to notify, guests to host, and a funeral to plan. Deciding on the details of a memorial service and planning the event can be challenging without the help of a professional. Working with funeral homes in Tacoma, WA has many advantages, including letting you focus on giving the departed the sendoff they deserve.

Options for Every Budget

Planning a funeral on a budget adds an extra challenge, and many high-end funeral homes only offer elaborate funeral services. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we believe everyone deserves to send their loved one off in style and our menu of funeral services is flexible. We offer full funeral services, graveside services, and a direct burial option with the option for visitation – offering everyone the chance to pay a proper goodbye to the departed.

Your Choice of Caskets

The casket is the centerpiece of every funeral, and a beautiful coffin makes a statement about the life the departed led. Our funeral homes include access to our line of stylish caskets, coming in wood and metal. Choose from a variety of colors including classic brown and black and unique options like coral pink that pay tribute to your loved one’s unique sense of style.

Long-Lasting Protection

A unique feature we offer at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary in Tacoma, WA is our custom-built coffin vaults to ensure your loved one’s remains are protected for decades to come. Our Premium Protection line offers bronze and copper linings over our heavy-duty concrete construction, while our Standard Protection and Basic Protection models offer durable concrete and plastic builds. These vaults offer you the peace of mind you need when laying someone to rest.

Professional Service

We know that planning a funeral is an emotional time, and we want you to feel comfortable in our offices. That’s why we have experienced funeral directors ready to help you design the custom memorial you want to give your loved one a personalized sendoff. If you have cultural traditions you want included, we’re happy to combine them with your chosen funeral or cremation package for a proper tribute.

Immediate Help

Death doesn’t work on anyone’s schedule, and we know that a passing can wreak havoc on your schedule. That’s why we want to take the work off your hand as soon as you call us. We have funeral homes available in Enumclaw, Buckley, and Tacoma, WA ready to make immediate arrangements and take the body off your hands. Our staff members will offer support and comfort day or night and help you get the funeral planning process started.

If you’re seeking help from funeral homes in Tacoma, WA, contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to arrange a consultation. We take walk-ins at our office at 220 South 134th Street, Tacoma, WA, 98444; or we can be reached through our website or by phone at (253) 537-0253. Learn more about our empathetic funeral and cremation offerings by exploring our online presence. Our website is designed to assist you during this difficult period, offering the necessary resources and guidance to respectfully and lovingly commemorate your dear ones.