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cremation services in Lakewood WA

Cremation Decisions Are Plentiful

When you decide on cremation services in Lakewood, WA, either for yourself as part of a pre-plan, or for a loved one, there are many other decisions you can make around that choice. Cremation brings so many options along with it that it can feel overwhelming to think about the details. One of the benefits of the process is that you can keep things very simple, if you want, or you can add whatever services you’d like. Here are some of the decisions you might make along the way.

Whether Or Not To Add A Memorial Service

When you choose cremation, you can have whatever kind of memorial service you want after the cremation is complete. You don’t have to have a memorial, but you certainly can. You’ll want to think about your family and what they might need to say goodbye and get the closure they have to have to move forward. While memorials aren’t necessary, they can also be nice simply to honor the person who passed on. You can add a service right away or you can wait until later as there is no timeline on memorials once the cremation is complete.

Choosing An Urn

Cremation packages come with simple containers for the remains so there’s no need to buy anything else. But again, you can add whatever you want. Many families like to have an urn for their loved one because they look nice and feel more special than the simple container from the funeral home. You can choose an urn based on your budget, based on the functions you want, based on appearance, of anything else. Urns can be used temporarily or even permanently.

cremation services in Lakewood WA

Final Resting Place Options

You will also want to think about the final resting place you want for your loved one, or for yourself in the future. Again, with cremation, there’s no pressure to decide that quickly. You can figure it out right away or you can take your time until you find the option that is just right. Sometimes, the family wants to keep the urn in their home to honor their loved one and have them be close. Other times, scattering might feel like the best option if there’s a special location that would be nice for everyone. There are tons of other options as well.

When you are thinking about cremation services in Lakewood, WA, either for a loved one who has passed on or for yourself in the future, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can show you all of the decisions you need to make to get things lined up. Once you choose cremation, especially for a loved one, and have that method completed, you don’t have to make any other decisions right away if you don’t want to. The timeline is all yours and you can plan a memorial soon or put it off for quite a while into the future. There’s also nothing wrong with moving forward fast if that’s what you want for that person’s memory and for your family.

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Questions Funeral Homes Ask During Pre-Planning

If you have decided to create final service plans for yourself in the future with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, the professionals are going to have a lot of questions to ask you. Keep in mind that when you pre-plan, you have time on your hands. You can take as long as you want to plan things out. Once the funeral home asks the questions, you can answer right away, or you can think each of them through for as long as you want. Here are a few questions to start considering.

What Method Do You Want To Use?

One of the first decisions you will have to make when you want to plan your final services is what method you want to use. The two options are funeral services or cremation. Both are equally honorable and respectful so it’s nice to know that no matter what you decide, it’s a good way to go. You simply have to figure out what’s best for you, what you want, and what your family would appreciate. The decision you make in that area will decide some other things as well but take your time as it is an important choice.

Which Package Would You Like?

After you decide between funeral and cremation, the funeral home can show you packages of that particular method and you can choose between them. All of the packages will include everything you have to have for the process, but some are basic and include only the needs while others are more elaborate and give you extras. It’s nice to know that even if you choose a basic package, your needs will be met.

Are There Extras You Want To Add?

Getting a certain package doesn’t mean that’s all you can have. You can add anything you’d like to any package. Once you choose a package, the funeral home will ask if you want to add any other options and they can show you lists and prices for those. You can pick and choose through them based on what you want or what you have to spend.

Do You Have A Budget In Mind?

It’s nice for the professionals to know if you have a price range in mind for the services. That can help them to guide you toward things you can afford. They can also give you advice as to things you might cut back on so you can afford more in another area that may be important to you.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

What Final Resting Place Do You Prefer?

If you go for a funeral, you will need to choose a cemetery and plot. If you have the cremation done, you can choose whatever final resting spot you want and it’s nice to lay out those ideas with the professionals as well.

Do You Want To Pay In Advance?

After the plans are ready, you can pay ahead of time, if you want. It’s not required, but it’s a nice way to care for your family with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA even further.

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Cremation Services Can Give Closure

When you have to decide what to do for a loved one’s final services, you might worry that cremation services in Roy, WA aren’t going to give your family the closure they need. Funerals often are coupled with visitations and burial services and they are tailor-made for the closure process. Cremation is a different method, but it can still give your family closure. Here are a few ways in which that might be possible.

View The Cremation

This isn’t something that the entire family will do and it’s also not the right option for everyone, but it is often possible to witness the cremation process. The closest family members can gather and witness the process and that can give them the closure they need to move on. It can also feel like the right thing to do so that your loved one isn’t alone when they go through the process.

Have A Funeral-Like Memorial

You can have any kind of memorial service you want for your loved one, but if your family is used to funeral services, having a memorial after cremation that feels more like a funeral can be a good way to go. You can sing hymns, do readings, gave a eulogy, and do all of the normal things you would do in a funeral service. Your loved one can even be present in their urn instead of in a casket. It can give people closure to go through those traditions.

Gathering Together

Sometimes, just gathering the family for whatever kind of service you want to have can be a good way to find closure. Sadly, your extended family might not get together in one location very often. Weddings and funerals are about it for the entire family to be together. When the family is gathered for the occasion, everyone knows it’s for an important reason. The fact that one certain loved one isn’t present could be enough to push the closure issue onto those that may not have already grasped it.

cremation services in Roy WA

Say Goodbye In Your Own Way

If you or other family members don’t get closure through the services you have for your loved one, there’s nothing wrong with saying goodbye in another way. You might write a letter to your loved one telling them goodbye, for example, or you might try and visit their resting place and talk to them. The closure could be a more gradual thing for you as you recognize that they aren’t present in your life and are not coming back. That’s okay, too, as long as you come to terms with the death at some point.

There are lots of ways you can use cremation services in Roy, WA to give yourself and the rest of your family closure over your loved one’s death. You will want to be certain this method will work well for everyone, though, because once the cremation is complete, there’s no going back. Contact our experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, they are here to help you through the planning and implementation of any service you choose.

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Funeral Homes Help With Decisions

When you work with a funeral home in Roy, WA, whether you are organizing final services for a loved one or trying to figure out what you want for yourself in the future, there are a lot of decisions to make. The best part about those decisions is that you have experienced professionals on hand to help you make them. Here are a few ways in which funeral homes will help you with that decision-making process.

Offer You Options

One of the first things you need in order to make decisions is options to consider. If you don’t know what you want, you are going to need choices to examine. The funeral home has plenty of options laid out for you and you can go through them and pick what sounds like the best choice to you and for your situation. Having those options allows you to figure out what you want, either for your loved one or for yourself.

Information And Explanations

There might be some options that you haven’t heard of before or some that you aren’t all that familiar with. Cremation, for example, might be new to you, even though it’s been around for thousands of years. It’s become much more popular in recent decades and that might lead you to want to know more about it for your own purposes. The funeral home can give you explanations on anything you want to know more about so you can make an informed decision for your family.


While the funeral home will not make any decisions for you, they will support whatever you decide. It’s nice to have that support when you are choosing details on final services. These are hard decisions to make and having the professionals stand behind you and tell you that those are good options to choose from will help you feel confident about what you have decided.

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Ideas And Suggestions

At some point in the planning process, you might get stuck and you just don’t know what you want to do. Again, the funeral home isn’t going to decide for you, but they can come up with ideas and suggestions customized to your personality and style. They want to get to know you and the rest of your family so they can offer suggestions that might suit you. You don’t ever have to use what they come up with, but often, they’re a good fit. Or, they might spur ideas in you that work even better for your purposes.

When you work with a funeral home in Roy, WA on final services, you have a lot of decisions to make, either for a loved one who has passed on or for yourself in the future. Either way, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to see you through the planning process. IF you plan for a loved one, we will take those plans and implement them. If you plan for yourself, we will lay the plans out and then hold onto them for the future.