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Attending A Cremation Service—Virtual Style

There are many different things you can do for a loved one’s cremation services Roy, WA and perhaps you have been to enough memorials to know there are a lot of different options available. With the pandemic, a lot of families even had virtual memorials. They maybe had a small in person service and allowed others to attend in a virtual manner. If that is new to you, here are some tips to help you attend that kind of service with as much comfort as possible.

Find A Comfortable Spot

Virtual services will likely be held over the computer and you can move your computer around your home and find a comfortable spot. You can leave it at the computer desk, if you choose, or situate it near the couch. If you are having some immediate family over to attend with you, you might need to set seating up for others as well.

Set A Nice Background

If people will be able to see you during the service, you want the background to be a nice one. You can set a virtual background or sit somewhere that has a piece of artwork behind you or a blank wall.

Dress Accordingly

Even if you aren’t going to be at the service in person, you might want to dress as you would to go. You are still attending the service and you want to be as respectful as possible about how things go. If people can see you, you want to look nice and even if they can’t, you want to be dressed in a way that shows your respects for the service that is set up for all of you.

Mute Your Computer

If you aren’t invited to speak, it’s a good idea to mute your side of the computer. You never know when someone might ring the doorbell or when the dog might bark. You don’t want to disturb the process by lending any background noise to the service.

Send A Gift Anyway

Even if you can’t make the service, or the family has asked for you to attend virtually so they can keep the numbers down, you can still send a gift to them. You might send flowers to becremation services in Roy, WA in the background of the smaller in person service they are going to have. Or, you might send a card with money in it for a memorial to that person. You can also send gift cards, plants, or many other items.

Attending a virtual service should feel much the same way as attending a service in person in terms of the way you dress, act, and what you want to send as a gift. If you have questions about cremation services in Turtle Creek, PA and what the virtual memorial services are like, the professionals can help you at any time. They are there to set up memorial services and help those in mourning.

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Buying A Casket For Traditional Funerals

When you decide to have a traditional service in funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, that is an honorable choice to make. It’s a big decision to make as well and you might feel a sense of relief over having made it. Once that choice is made, you will have to figure out the rest of the process. You will need to buy a casket, for example. Here are some tips to help you to get what you need for your loved one and the rest of your family.

Portion Off The Right Amount In The Budget

You might have a budget for this process, and you should. When it comes to buying a casket, you will want to take a portion of the budget off the main budget and decide how much you want to spend on the casket. You need a reasonable amount, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend too much and then not be able to afford the other needs your loved one has. The funeral home can help you to figure out what you need to spend and how much you can afford based on your budget.

Consider What Your Loved One Would Like

As is true with anything you decide around the final services, you are going to want to think about what your loved one would like. Perhaps they had a favorite color and you want the casket liner to be that color, for example. You might go with wood materials if they adored that material in their home. If you see an option that just looks like them, that’s the way to go.

Have Family Offer Input

You don’t have to go through this decision-making process alone, and you shouldn’t. Get your family involved. Make sure you take someone along with you when you are looking at options. You should also get their input when you find an option that might look right to you. See what others think and that can help you to feel right about the choice.

Take Your Time In Making Choices

While your loved one has needs and you are going to have to choose something, you also don’t have to decide immediately. Take a little time looking through the options and deciding what works best for your loved one and the rest of your family. It’s okay to sleep on things, take pictures home, and decide when it feels right.

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Find What You Want From Any Vendor

The funeral home has lots of casket options available, but you don’t have to buy from those professionals. You can get a casket from another vendor and if that works for you, the funeral home will use it. They are there to help you to navigate this tough situation. They will let you know what size you need, what the options are, and where your budget stands. Funeral homes in Lakewood, WA are there for you every step of the way in the planning.

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Reasons To Have A Memorial After Cremation

When you go with cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one’s final services, you have chosen something honorable and respectful. Funerals are also honorable and you can’t make a wrong choice between them. You simply have to do what you feel is best for your family and your loved one. When you have a funeral, certain traditions are in order. With cremation, all you have to do is get a cremation package. You don’t have to have any kind of service at all if you don’t want to. However, there are reasons why most families have a memorial service of some kind once the cremation is complete. Here are a few such reasons.

Give Everyone Closure

When someone dies, it’s important to get closure over the situation. You need to understand that your loved one has passed on and they are not returning to you. That kind of closure will help you with the grieving process. Even if you already have closure, you might want your family members to have access to that same sense of closure and peace. A memorial service can help them to get what they need.

Allow Family Time To Express Emotions

When you gather with your family at a memorial service, you have the opportunity to express emotions and support one another. You can cry at a memorial service that is more on the somber side. You can laugh at a life celebration. Emotions are going to run rampant and when you express them, it can help you to start the healing process. Everyone in your family can express the way they are feeling at that service.

Feel Less Alone In That Grieving Process

When you are grieving, you miss your loved one and you might feel as if you are completely alone. Having a memorial service brings your family together and you will recognize that there are other people who will miss your loved one as well. While you aren’t going to grieve in the same way, you will likely feel less along in your emotions and in the grieving process as a whole.

Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

Even if you feel like you have what you need to grieve and move forward, it might be nice tocremation services in Lakewood, WA honor their memory in a special way. You want your loved one to get a nice send-off and to put a final stamp on their life in a special way.

You might see one or many of these reasons as good reasons to move forward with a memorial service for your loved one after their cremation services in Lakewood, WA. There are no right or wrong reasons to have a memorial service. If you feel like that’s what you want to do, then you should move in that direction. You can have a memorial that feels more like a funeral, something more celebratory, or something in between. Consider the options and feel your way through the situation as best you can.

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Making Final Arrangements On A Budget

When someone in your family passes on, you might not have the funds you want in order to cover all the bells and whistles of a funeral. However, you can get your loved one’s needs met on a budget. The funeral home will help you go over the options, including cremation services in Eatonville, WA, and get your loved one’s needs met at a price you can afford. Here are a few tips they might pass along to you in order to get everything covered in a nice manner.

Consider Going Direct With Cremation

All of the options that funeral homes carry are honorable and respectful. Funerals, as well as cremation services, are completely honorable. You can go either way and it’s a nice way to honor your loved one. Direct cremation is something to consider when you are on a budget because you don’t have to pay the high prices that are sometimes involved with funerals. Direct cremation cuts a lot of the products and services out so you don’t have to pay for those things. That cuts the price down a good deal and from there, things cost less.

Skip Expensive Urns

When you get a cremation package from the funeral home, it comes with everything you have to have, including a simple container for your loved one’s remains. You can utilize that container and avoid buying an urn. While urns can be economical, there are also options that are quite expensive. You might spend too much based on your emotions because you want nothing but the best for your loved one. While the simple container is just that—simple, there’s nothing wrong with it and it will work just fine.

Look At Funeral Home Costs For Fairness

You will want to shop around among the funeral homes in the area to ensure that you get a fair price from the people you end up working with. Every funeral home should have price lists they can pass on to you, and they should the moment you ask. Once you have those price lists, you can compare the funeral homes to one another and that will help you to notice who charges fair, affordable prices. You might be able to avoid a funeral home that overcharges, which will help you to stick to your budget.

Keep The Services Simplecremation services in Eatonville, WA

Cremation services are all-inclusive, but once you have the cremation done, you might want to have a memorial service for your loved one as well. Keeping those services simple can help you stick to your budget. You can get family together for a meal in your home, or you can have something celebratory in a park. Simple services are nice, but cost-effective at the same time.

Check Free Resting Places

Final resting places sometimes come at a cost, like a cemetery burial, but there are other places that are free, like when you scatter ashes. The professionals who help with cremation services in Eatonville, WA can advise you on final resting places as well.


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Remain Options After Cremation Services

When you decide on cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one, there are a lot of options you could consider once the cremation part of the process is complete. Cremation has a lot of benefits to it where the timeline is concerned. You can put off any services after the actual cremation that you want to consider. You can have a memorial right away, or well down the road. You can decide on a final resting place right away, or later on. When you get to the point that you are ready for final resting place options, here are a few to consider.

Take Their Urn Home

One thing many people like to do is simply take the urn with their loved one’s ashes home with you and display it in a place of honor. You can take the urn home after the cremation until you decide what you want to do with it, or you can make it a permanent thing and keep their ashes long term. Putting the urn on the fireplace mantel, on a bedside table, in the entryway, and in a number of other places can be a good idea.

Scatter Their Remains

Some families like the idea of cremation because they can scatter their loved one’s remains in a special place. You might place your loved one on the family ground or you may take them to their favorite park. If they enjoyed the water, you may scatter them in a body of water somewhere. You can even scatter the ashes in several different places if you can’t decide on just one or you think your loved one would have liked that.

Bury Them In A Cemetery

Your loved one can be laid to rest in a cemetery, just like with a funeral and regular burial. You can place them in a smaller plot, so it costs less, but still give them that traditional burial, if that is what you want for them. You can place a headstone with them as a permanent memorial of where they are resting.

Bury Them Elsewhere

With cremation, you can still bury your loved one in the cemetery, but you also don’t have to.cremation services in Roy, WA You can bury them in your family garden, under a tree in the park, or anywhere else that you want and can (legally). You will want to check into the regulations and rules in your region and follow them. But there are certainly options to consider if you want to bury your loved one but want to avoid the cemetery.

Your loved one has certain needs when they pass on and you can address those with cremation services in Roy, WA. Any cremation package you choose can cover what they have to have, and the package will give you time to figure out what you want for your loved one next. You can decide on memorial services first, then a final resting place at another time. The timeline is all yours to do with it what you want.

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Telling Your Family About Cremation Wishes

If you have decided that you want to have cremation services in Eatonville, WA for yourself in the future when you pass on, that is a personal decision and one you are more than welcome to make on your own. However, it is a good idea to tell your family members about those wishes so they don’t come as a surprise in the future when you do pass away. Here are some tips to help you broach that conversation in the best possible manner.

Learn What You Can About Cremation

You likely know enough about cremation that you chose it for yourself, but you might not know all of the details that you need to know to talk about it with your family. Learn more information so you are prepared to tell them about the process if they need more details. You can also always direct them to the funeral home professionals you are using to get the information they want in order to process the details.

Approach Your Family At A Good Time

You aren’t going to want to spring this kind of news on your family during a birthday celebration or over the holidays. Approach them at a good time when you have peace and quiet around you and the space you need to chat in a nice manner. Set a time for a family dinner, for example, and let everyone know what you want to talk about. That can help you to approach the subject without interruption.

Be Upfront About Your Choice

When you are ready to tell your family about your wishes, be straightforward and direct about what you want. Tell them that you want to be cremated and let them know what kind of memorial you want or if you have a final resting place in mind. The more they hear from you, directly, the easier it will be to come to terms with the plans you want, or the items you may already have in place. Hearing that information from you in a straightforward manner can help them to believe that is what you want.

Prepare For Questions

Your family might have questions about cremation, or about why you chose it. Be prepared tofuneral homes in Roy, WA answer those by thinking through some of them in advance. Think about why you want to be cremated or why you decided to ask to be scattered in a certain location. Those questions can give your family something to lean back on later if they want to know those things when you pass on and can no longer ask.

Listen To Opinions

While some people may accept what you want with open arms, others may have opinions they want to air. What they have to say is important and you should listen to what they have in mind. Once they air their opinions, you can offer yours and they may come to terms with what you want to have to happen in the future with your own cremation services in Eatonville, WA.

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Who Will Arrange Your Cremation Services?

You may have arranged cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a family member in the past after they pass on and that can get you to thinking—who will arrange your services when you pass on? There are two ways you can go about this process. First, you can think about it in advance and get things figured out before you pass on or second, you could simply let time pass, die when the time comes, and let your family figure it all out from there. But here are the people who will most likely organize your final services.

Your Spouse

If you are married, your spouse becomes the automatic person who is in charge of your needs when you pass on. They don’t have to make all of the arrangements alone, of course, but they will be the default person in charge of the process unless they pass that duty on to someone else. They are the closest person to you and it makes sense that they would most likely know what you want and have the position to make those final wishes a reality.

Your Children

If you are no longer married or if your spouse has already passed on, your next of kin, or your children, will take care of your final services. If you have several children, hopefully they will work well together, split up the duties, and get along well as they put services together. If you only have one child, the process can feel overwhelming, but they can get help from other family members and friends as well.

Whoever You Designate

If you want to think about your own death earlier and figure out at least some of the details, you can designate a person to put your final service plans together. It can be a family member you trust, or it can even be a friend. It is a good idea to let that person know you have chosen them as the one who will put plans together so that doesn’t come as a surprise to them when the time comes


If you really want to go the extra mile, you can plan your own services out yourself before you pass on. Making these plans can give you peace of mind and it can allow your family to be burden-free where the planning process is concerned. You get what you want and they knowcremation services in Lakewood, WA they are doing what you want done at the same time. When you plan ahead, you can also pay ahead, if you so choose, so you can relieve your family of the cost burdens as well.

If you would like to plan your own cremation services in Lakewood, WA, or if you just want some details to consider, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you through the process from start to finish. We’ll give you the information you need and there will never be any pressure from us to move forward. You work on your own timeline, whatever that is.

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Ideas For Honoring A Loved One After Cremation Services

When you have cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one, you might follow that process up with a memorial of some kind. But honoring your loved one doesn’t have to stop at the memorial. They are still going to be a part of your life in your heart and through your memories. You will want to honor them in a variety of ways as time passes. Here are a few options to consider.

Nourish Your Body With Their Favs

Your loved one adored all things chocolate. Or perhaps they got a chicken sandwich from their favorite drive thru place every Tuesday. When you think about your loved one, eating something you know they enjoyed can help you to think of them in a fond manner. Take up some of their old eating habits and remember the way you enjoyed those things together.

Celebrate Their Life

If the memorial service you had for your loved one was on the somber side, you can celebrate their life at another time to honor them, if you wish. You can do that on your own or with a group. Celebrating their life might mean distributing a video filled with pictures of them and music clips. Or it might mean gathering family for a meal and sharing funny stories. You can do whatever you please to remember a life well-lived.

Relax Into Their Movies And Shows

Everyone has their favorite movies and shows and perhaps your loved one never missed an episode of a certain show or they saw all of the action hero movies they could. You might take up their favorites as a way to honor them and whether you were into those shows before or not, you might find the appeal they had to your loved one and find yourself enjoying them just as much.

Spend Time In Nature

Being outside in the fresh air has a way of putting things into perspective. If your loved one liked to take walks, spend some time in their favorite park. Watch the sunset and think about the beauty of the world, even after they have left you behind. Look at birds nesting and feeding babies. Nature can bring you around to some of the things that are still left to appreciate about your life.

Find Ways To Remember Themfuneral homes in Roy, WA

There are plenty of things you can do to remember your loved one. After cremation, having a memorial can help and beyond that, you could set up some pictures in your house. You might write in a journal where you keep letters to your loved one. You could put a bench in your garden and have a phrase engraved to remind you of your loved one. There are endless options available—you just have to figure out what works for you.

When you are working on cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are your resource for information and help.

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Gifts Ideas For Guests at Cremation Services

When you decide to have cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one who has passed on, you open the door to a number of options. You can do whatever you want for the service on any timeline that works for you. If you want to give the guests who attend the memorial something special to remember your loved one or the way you honored them, there are plenty of options for that as well. Here are a few things to consider.

Seed Packets

If your loved one adored gardening or always visited the local flower show to see what was in season, you might want to give everyone a packet of seeds that they can plant to remember your loved one by. If they adored sunflowers in the summer, a packet of those seeds can be fun. If they liked growing their own potatoes or other veggies, a packet of that can work as a reminder of them. Check-in with family later and compare growth.

Memorial Bookmarks

Your loved one might have frequented your local library and always had a book in their hands. Creating a bookmark, perhaps with a picture of them or a list of their favorite books can be nice for your guests to appreciate them. Those guests may run across that bookmark in their home and remember your loved one or they might use it daily in their own books.


Not everyone who comes to the service may have pictures to remember your loved one by in the future. Handing out pictures of your loved one so everyone has something to place in a photo album can be very nice. You can have a variety of different shots printed out so everyone can choose what they want to take with them.


Did your loved one have quite the book collection? Or was there a certain book that they read every year without fail? Perhaps give everyone a chance to choose a book from their collection or buy their favorite book in bulk and let everyone take home a copy to remember your loved one by. Having it in their home and reading through it can help them feel closer to your loved one even after they are gone.


Keychains are something you can place on your keys and have with you everywhere you go. Think of something that honors your loved one and pass out keychains that can help them to remember that special person. An angel keychain with a stone that relates to their birth month, perhaps, can help everyone remember them well into the future.

Recipe Cards With Favorite Recipescremation services in Lakewood, WA

If your loved one baked something special, copy their recipe card with their handwriting on it and let people take home that special concoction and try it for themselves in your loved one’s honor.

As you think through options of things you might want to hand out around the cremation services in Lakewood, WA, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can help you brainstorm.

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When Should A Memorial Take Place After Cremation?

There are certain things that your loved one is going to need when you choose a cremation service in Roy, WA for them. The cremation package you pick from the funeral home is going to be everything they have to have. That’s nice to know because just in getting that simple package, their needs are met. However, their needs and your needs are two different things. They might be getting the cremation process and a simple container, but you might feel the need to honor that special person with a memorial service. If that feels like the right way to go, when should you have the service? Here are some options.

Shortly After Cremation

The cremation process can happen a day or two after death once the paperwork is lined up. You can also have the memorial service that soon and that fast if you so choose. It might feel like the traditional way to go since that is what you would do if you were to have a funeral for that person. You might feel like your family needs closure and the chance to say goodbye.

A Week Later

Having a memorial service immediately after cremation might feel a little too fast for you, but you might still want to have something relatively soon. Consider having the service a week after the cremation to give you a little more time to plan and process, but also give you the service you need to say goodbye relatively quickly.

Weeks Later

It can take time and thought to plan the right memorial and if you want that time, you can have the memorial a few weeks or even a month after the cremation takes place. You could pick a date with your family so everyone has time to plan ahead, travel, take time off work, and help you with certain parts of the planning process. It can be beneficial to let the grieving process have a little time first as well since you might be able to think more clearly and plan a little easier with some time passing.

On A Special Datecremation services in Roy, WA

You might also feel good about putting the service off until a particularly special date comes around. Perhaps you want to memorialize your loved one on their birthday, which happens to be 6 months down the road. Maybe you want to wait until the anniversary of their death, a whole year into the future. There really is no timeline on the memorializing process and you need to do what you feel is best for your loved one and the rest of your family.

Once you take care of your loved one’s needs with a cremation service in Roy, WA, you can have peace of mind. That will help you to feel like their needs are met and then, you can address whatever you want to do for a memorial, at whatever time you want to do it. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help with whatever you want to plan.