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Serving As A Pallbearer

Many traditional details go into final services when a loved one passes on. The professionals at funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help your family with those details. When the person in charge starts putting together the details, they might reach out to you and ask if you would be a pallbearer. Not only is this a responsibility for the service, but it’s also a honor to be asked. IT means that you meant a lot to the person who died and the family. It is hard to turn that position down without good reason. Assuming you accept, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Dress In A Formal Manner

Pallbearers are a group of people and they are responsible for escorting your loved one’s casket. They might move it into the funeral home room being used, escort it to the hearse after, and carry it from the hearse to the cemetery plot for the burial portion of the service. The people in this position are visible and, at times, will be in the center of what is going on. You will want to dress in a respectful, formal manner. You might check with other people who are named so you can all dress with the same amount of formality. Or, ask the family what they would like for you to wear.

Arrive A Bit Early

Since your role is an integral part of the service, you might want to arrive at the funeral home a bit earlier than you would otherwise. Talk to the family about what time they want you to be there or ask the funeral home professionals what is standard. You can arrive a little early so you can get instructions as to what you are to do, where you are to go, and so on. You want to do the job well and that means knowing what you are doing.

Ask About Extra Duties

You may understand what a pallbearer is to do, but what does the family expect from you outside of that? Maybe nothing, but they might also appreciate it if you acted as an usher or greeter as people arrived. Perhaps they would like you to stay at the back of the room and hand out bulletins until the service starts. Anything you can do to help, do so.

Act Respectfully

This is something you want to do whether you are in this position or not, but it’s especially true when you are a visible part of the service. Go along with whatever the family has planned. Leave your phone behind so it doesn’t accidentally ring. Concentrate on the services at hand and the person who passed on and nothing else.

If you have been asked to be a pallbearer, it’s a position of honor that only so many people are going to hold for each service. The funeral homes in Eatonville, WA can help you understand more about it if you need further instruction.

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Affording A Loved One’s Cremation Services

Many people choose cremation services in Eatonville, WA for loved ones who have passed on today. In fact, cremation is used in about half of the cases today. IT’s highly popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is because it costs the least of all final service options. Even though it costs less, you might still have trouble affording it if someone dies and you aren’t prepared with the right budget at that moment. Here are a few ways you can go about getting the money you need for the process.

Check Your Loved One’s Life Insurance

As the person in charge of your loved one’s final services, you are probably their next of kin. That means you are the person closest to them. You may very well likely be the beneficiary of any life insurance policy they have, if they have one. These policies are meant (first) to cover final expenses. Use the policy to cover the cremation services and you can do other things with the money from there.

Use Their Or Your Savings

Many people have life insurance today, but not everyone does. IF your loved one was not one that had a policy, you might want to check their savings account if you can access it to see if you are able to cover the services they need from there. If they don’t have enough, look at your own emergency funds and see if you are able to draw what you need from that well.

Have Family Help You

Family is going to come together to support one another during this hard time. You might ask around and see what family members would like to chip in for final services. Someone might want to buy an urn while someone else just wants to put money in the pool to be used however needed. Family can come together and get enough money between the group to get what you need together.

Personal Loan Options

You may not have enough funds to pay for all of the cremation services in one chunk. If that’s the case, consider taking out a personal loan. These loans are generally easy to get and can be take out for any reason. Once you have the loan, you can use it to pay for the cremation services and then you can pay those services off on a monthly basis in a way that might be more affordable to you.

Memorial Money

Once people hear that your loved one has died, they will likely reach out to your family with cards and possibly even memorial gifts and money. You can use that money for the cremation your loved one needs first. Then, you can use the rest for a charitable donation in honor of your loved one.

When you are trying to organize cremation services in Eatonville, WA for a loved one, there are costs to anything you do, even a basic direct cremation. There are many places to find the funds you need.

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Things To Expect From A Funeral Director

There are lots of people who are going to rally around you when a loved one passes on, none less important than the professionals at the funeral homes in Roy, WA. The funeral director, specifically, will be an important part of the planning and implementation process as you figure out how you are going to care for your loved one. You can ask many things of that funeral director, some of which they will do automatically. Here are a few such things you can expect from these supportive experts.

Plan Option Outlines

You may be in the position of planning final services for the first time in your life. You understand the basic differences between funerals and cremation services, but as for planning them, you’re lost. The funeral director can outline any plans you want to take on and aid you in figuring out what steps need to be taken, on what timeline, and how you can go about making the decisions that need to be made.

Help With Budgeting

Perhaps you have a basic amount of money in mind to spend on the services. It’s always a good idea to have a budget. But how do you make that amount stretch over everything you need to cover? That’s where the funeral director can be a great deal of help. They can help you to understand the costs and they can recommend where you can save a little here and there so you are able to spend more in other areas of interest to you.

Give Suggestions

You don’t have to plan funeral or cremation services regularly, but these professionals do. They are there to give you ideas, options, and suggestions whenever you get stuck on certain decisions. They will never make decisions for you, but their ideas can help to spark something in you and that can help you to find the right direction for your loved one eventually.

Implement Details

As you make decisions, you will quickly realize that all you have to do it make the choices. Then, the funeral director is going to take things from there. They will pull together anything you want and ensure that all of the details are just right, as you want them. You don’t have to worry about the little things as they are going to make sure all of that works well together for you.

Run The Servicesfuneral homes in Roy, WA

When the service you have organized arrives, the funeral director will be there for the whole day, making sure things run smoothly. If anything goes awry, they will take care of everything. You don’t have to worry about anything but attending, grieving, and supporting family.

Your funeral director is going to be there for you well after the final services, too. They don’t go anywhere just because you don’t need funeral or cremation services any longer. You can call the funeral homes in Roy, WA at any time for grief resources of other support if you need it in the future.

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A Funeral Home Gives You The Proper Etiquette

When people need to go into a funeral home in Lakewood, WA, they may not know how to act. Because of that, we were here to set the record straight. There’s nothing that you can do that’s inherently seen as bad; however, there is etiquette that extends to different customs. You may find yourself going to a funeral home sooner than you think, and they will help you see the etiquette you need at the funeral itself.

You Need To Be Polite

The biggest thing that you need to remember is to be polite at the funeral home. They are there to help you and don’t deserve unnecessary rudeness. They understand that this is a hard time for you and want to help you through it. Try and give them the politeness that they deserve.

Knowing The Difference In The Services

One crucial area the funeral home will help with is helping you understand each service. A memorial service is where the family will gather to remember and honor your passed relative. It is the most common and takes place after the funeral. The body will not be present, which is said to be easier on the families.

A viewing happens before the funeral. During this time, you’ll see the deceased in the casket, and you can pray with them and say their goodbyes. You can also have a wake which is like viewing only more religious.

Then you have the option of a funeral or cremation. Cremation is turning the body to ashes, and a funeral is where the body is interred in a casket or a coffin.

The Proper Etiquette

A funeral home can help you understand that you should behave solemnly and respectfully. The service can be held in various locations, and your manners must reflect this. You don’t want to draw an overabundance of attention to yourself. Instead, you should wear demure colors and dress conservatively. It would be best if you weren’t too casual.

You should also expect to arrive on time, stay till the end, and leave your phone on silent. A funeral home will also inform you that you should pay your respects to the family before leaving.
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At the viewing, you should respect to see the body, and if this is uncomfortable for you, you are not obligated to show up at the beginning or stay until the end. At the funeral, you should wear conservative attire and remember to give condolences to any of the family that is present. If you choose to, you may talk to the other mourners. If you decide to view the body, wait until no one else is with the deceased member or stand nearby quietly and wait until others are done, so you don’t disturb them.

A Funeral Home is There To Help

A funeral home in Lakewood, WA is put in place to help families come together and learn what they need to do to create the proper funeral service. Just ask if you’re worried about anything that you might do wrong. They’ll answer anything you want to know!

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Is Cremation Wrong?

Many people have heard of the process of cremation in Roy, WA, but there is a stigma attached to it, and people wonder if it’s wrong. For example, in certain religions, they think that burning the body is a bad thing and that being buried traditionally is what’s necessary for your soul. Your faith will determine whether or not you can do this, and it’s something to look into when you have a loved one that passes on. This is also important because other religions say this is good.

Religion And Faith Are Important To People

Because religion and faith are so important to people, you’ll find that many families have questions about whether or not cremation is wrong, depending on their faith. Because there are so many different religions that people believe in, it’s hard to determine whether or not cremation is wrong. For some religions, it is thought that it is, as we’ve stated above, but many believe it can be symbolic of your soul leaving your body and finding its eternal resting place. Think of it as a phoenix that will be rising from the flames as one analogy. As such, you will have to look into your family’s belief system and culture to determine whether or not this would be an option for you. While burial remains the most popular, you’ll see that it isn’t the only option you can utilize, which is essential to remember. Cremation is a process that can’t be undone. It needs to be taken extremely seriously.

Cultural Differences Matter

Just as religion plays a part in cremation and whether it’s deemed right or wrong, culture will play a part in this too. Depending on what you and your family were raised in and your belief system, you’ll find that certain cultures also believe that cremation can be wrong. Upbringing also plays a part in how cremation is viewed. However, just as many regards this as the proper way to honor your loved one and believe that burial is something that shouldn’t be done. It’s an exciting debate that spans many countries and ideologies. This is why knowing yourself and your family will be essential to the decision-making process.

It Comes Down To You

Ultimately when you find that you are faced with the idea of cremation in Roy, WA or a burial, the ultimate solution of what you need to do will come down to you and what you believe. The other exception is if it is what your family thinks is best. Keep in mind that if your family member who has passed on has a different religion or faith than you and your remaining family members, you will need to put your beliefs aside for theirs because they are the ones that need to be honored the way that they deserve. Another aspect you shouldn’t forget is that cremation is a very personal choice and should be considered carefully. It will come down to what your family decides is best or what you want for yourself.

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Is Cremation Easier?

When a loved one passes on, there will be the issue of whether or not you want a cremation in Lakewood, WA or a funeral. The cremation can be just as symbolic as a traditional burial. However, there are aspects to it that should be considered carefully. For example, your religion will affect what you believe, and you’ll also need to think of those left behind.

Cremation Is Easier For Families

Many people think cremation is easier for families because they have a piece of the person with them at all times. People can come and visit the family that is in charge of the urn as well. Many people find that more comforting than having to visit the grave site and grieve there.

It Can Be Cheaper

In today’s times, people are struggling to live. They don’t think about when they will pass on, or their relatives will do the same because it can be challenging to get through each day. As a result, many people are unprepared for their deaths and don’t have the funds to be buried.

A traditional burial can be almost twice as much as a cremation, depending on where you live. Many families prefer information because they believe it is a much easier option to take. It is also thought to be a better option because, in most cases, you don’t see the body. The family doesn’t have to look at a casket; instead, you can take the urn home. However, families with little ones may find the urn too upsetting. This is another reason that it depends upon the family.

A Cremation Is Much Quicker Than A Burial

Another aspect that families consider when thinking about burial versus cremation is whether or not they want to wait the allotted time. Many people don’t want to go through the burial process because it can be detailed and traumatic for the families involved. For example, if you choose to go with a traditional burial, you can view the prospect of the funeral itself and the burial. Then there’s usually a reception after.

Cremation, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same fanfare. The body is turned into ashes, the family takes home the urn, and there is usually a reception at the house, much like a funeral. However, a cremation is generally very private and doesn’t require everyone to be there. This can be better for families that want their time with the family first and to say their goodbyes together.

You Have To Choose What’s Right For You And The Familycremation in Lakewood, WA

When you have someone pass on, it can be very traumatic and hard to deal with. Ultimately, when it comes down to determining if cremation in Lakewood, WA is easier for your family, you need to think about what the person would want and the people that are left behind. Either option you take, if done correctly, will honor your loved one. While the choice is personal, you can rest assured that your family members will have the ceremony they deserve.

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Choosing A Funeral Home

Thinking about the funeral process is never fun. Unfortunately, it is a necessary part of life as it will happen whether or not you want it to. It ultimately comes down to what your family needs and what a funeral home in Roy, WA can do to help you make it happen. A funeral home will help you during this time and determine what will help you and your family the most.

Researching Ahead Of Time

If you can do your research in advance, you should take advantage of it. This can be an extremely challenging position to put yourself in if you decide to wait. When you experience the shock of death, it’s easy to choose a funeral home that may not be the best simply because it’s close to your home and the fastest. However, looking in advance can give you someone that you can trust.

You Need To Know The Services That You Want

One thing that many funeral homes will ask you is if you want a cremation or a traditional burial option. Each choice involves a different way of honoring the dead, but you’ll need to know that in advance. If you want to obtain a funeral home that can meet your particular needs, you’ll need to start planning ahead of time. In waiting, you can find a funeral home that wants to upsell you and get you to pay for things you don’t need. For instance, some funeral homes will try to get you to buy gold plating or embroidery that are nice touches but are unnecessary. Another issue is buying different materials that make the casket cost over two thousand dollars. Most people can’t afford the things they want to try because they feel guilty.

The right funeral home will always offer ways to cut costs while meeting your family’s unique needs. You need to look around and check out how many funeral homes are available in your area before using the funeral home that will help you honor your family and not cause debt or frustration.

Each Funeral Home Has Different Cost Points That You Need To Look Intofuneral home in Roy, WA

Funerals are not a cheap thing, and they can be pretty expensive. This is another reason you need to shop around and find a funeral home that can meet your needs. When you find a genuine funeral home in Roy, WA, you’ll find that you’re not spending more than you have or going into debt to bury your loved one. Instead, you can ask for a price list, and the popper funeral home will be honest about the prices you’ll have to pay instead of silently charging you fees that don’t show up until later. As a result, ensure you’ve found the right funeral home that will treat you the right way instead of the wrong course. That is why shopping around ahead of time is so important when you want to honor the dead the way they deserve when they need a final resting place.

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Steps For Planning A Reception For Funeral Home Services

Final services at funeral homes in Eatonville, WA have certain traditions and ceremonies to them. They are somber and revolve around the grieving process. They can often be cathartic as most people know what to expect and can get a sense of closure from them. But they don’t often allow family time to chat and catch up. Many people plan a reception to take place after the funeral so family can eat together, share stories, talk about life in general, and maybe even take a few pictures together. Here are some steps to take in planning that part of the service.

Set A Budget For The Reception

Just as you would for the funeral, you want to have a budget in place for the reception. It’s nice to know what you have available to spend so you can rule some things out and consider other options as you move forward. The budget might tell you that you can’t cater it, but you could afford a private room in a restaurant, or something of that nature.

Determine A Location

You are going to need a location for the reception. Churches often have fellowship areas and perhaps if you have the funeral at the church, you can have the reception there as well. Area restaurants can be good options, as can community centers. You might also have something in a family home to make everyone feel welcome. Think about how many are coming and what you can afford and go from there.

Figure The Menu

The menu can be something elaborate, or something on the simple side. It doesn’t have to be huge in order to serve its purpose. You can do something easy, like sandwich and veggie trays along with bags of chips and cookies. You could also do a buffet, a potluck, or something in a restaurant where everyone orders whatever they want.

Decide Who’s Invited

Sometimes, the family will want to invite anyone who attended the funeral to proceed on to the reception once the burial portion of the service is complete. However, if you open the funeral to the public, you might want to have just the family at the reception to keep things less expensive, more intimate, and comfortable for those who were closest to your loved one. Who is invited is completely up to you.

If you are trying to figure out what you want to do for your loved one’s reception after their final services, keep in mind that the professionals at funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help you with ideas and options, even for this portion of the process. They have connections to restaurants, caterers, and venues around the area and can offer you suggestions that might help you get the right option ready for your family to enjoy. Let them know what you want for the funeral and they can implement it for you to take that part of the planning off your plate as well.

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Knowing More About Celebrations Of Life

The first concern you have when a loved one passes on is which one of the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA you are going to use for their final services because you want to ensure their needs are met. If you choose cremation services, you need a cremation package and that is going to include everything your loved one has to have. Once the cremation takes place, you can do whatever you want for your loved one on any time frame you have in mind. It can help you to figure out what kind of service you want for them if you know more about the service styles. Life celebrations are becoming more popular. What are they and are they right for your loved one?

Life Celebrations—The Basic Details

Once a cremation service is complete, the family can have any type of memorial they want, if they want to do so. Life celebrations are one memorial style that celebrates a life well-lived instead of mourning the sadness around their death. People will do something active, share memories, go over the good times, have a great meal, or something else of that nature. These services are generally a lot more casual than funerals and even standard memorial services. They can be whatever you want, but are going to be more light-hearted in general.

Event Locations

Life celebrations, like other memorial services, can be held wherever you want. Some people have them at the funeral home, and that’s always a nice place because you have professional help in implementing the plans you want to put into place. You can also have them at your family church. You can also have the event outside, in a park, at a family home, in a bowling alley, or anywhere else you feel is fitting for the process.

What To Do At The Event

Life celebrations are customized to your liking and to the personality of your loved one. You can do whatever you want, as long as you feel it would be honoring to them and perhaps would feature something they loved. For the avid golfer, you might have a golf tournament, or even a mini-golf challenge with family. For the foodie, you might have a huge meal with different dishes from all over the place. You can also do something simple, like gather family together for games and to share stories about your loved one.

Costs That Go Into Life Celebrationsfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA

Since life celebrations are so varied, they can cost whatever you have available to spend on them. If you rent a venue, that will cost. You might have to pay for a sound system, seating, food, or activities, among other things. But you can also have something in a public park and have people bring food and you don’t have to pay anything at all. You can honor your loved one in a nice way on any budget.

If you want more information on life celebrations, funeral homes in Lakewood, WA are here to help.

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Outdoor Memorial Services After Cremation—Take Some Advice

If you have decided on cremation services in Lakewood, WA for someone in your family who has passed on, you are taking care of their needs in a respectful manner. But you might want to have a memorial service for them after the cremation is complete so you can allow your family to honor them and grieve together. There are lots of things you can do and locations you can consider. If you would like to have an outdoor service, here are some things to think through.

The Style You Want For The Service

Memorials can be anything you want them to be. Some people want to have something that feels like a funeral and has certain traditions and ceremonies involved in it. Others want to do something casual or even more of a life celebration party. The service style and feel is completely up to you, but you will want to decide as it can make a difference where you have the service.

Think About Outdoor Location Options

There are many location options you can consider for an outdoor memorial service. Again, part of it will depend on what you want to do an part of it will depend on how many people you are having. You might have something on a soccer field, which is a nice, big open space. You could book a picnic shelter in a park for a potluck meal and some yard games. You could even do something at a family home with an open garage and yard space. There are more formal settings as well. You might book a location that sometimes does weddings or graduation parties to have something with beauty and perhaps more privacy.

Consider The Weather Conditions

One thing that is always going to be a concern with an outdoor service is the weather. What is it going to do? You only know that a day or so in advance, if even then. You can guess what’s normal for that time of the year. Will it be hot and you will want shade and water stations for your guests? Will it be cold and you might want to pass out hand warmers or limit the amount of time for the service? Weather can also change quickly and you might see rain, storms, wind, or other such elements.

Make Alternative Plans

Since you don’t know for sure what the weather will do, it’s often prudent to make backup plans in case you need them. Those plans might include a backup indoor location so you can movecremation services in Lakewood, WAcremation services in Lakewood, WA the services if rain pops up. Or, it might mean an alternative date that might have better weather in case you are rained out of what you want to do on the first date.

One good thing about cremation services in Lakewood, WA is that there’s no time limit on the memorial services you have afterwards. You can wait until the weather will more likely be nice and you can move the services around, even at the last minute.