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Empowering Your Family Through Cremation Services

Cremation services in Eatonville, WA are one of the two options you can choose between when a loved one passes away. There’s nothing wrong with choosing cremation or a traditional funeral and burial. They are both completely honorable and respectful. You might, however, feel that cremation services are empowering to you. Here are a few reasons why that might be the case for your family.

You Are Empowered To Create The Timeline

One nice thing about cremation is that when you have the cremation done, the timeline is all yours. You don’t have to worry about doing anything at a certain pace or by a certain date. Instead, you are empowered to create whatever timeline you want. Perhaps you want to have a memorial service in a month or even several months down the road. You can do that. It can take the pressure off the plans and allow you to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it.

You Are Empowered To Choose Memorial Options

Funerals generally operate in certain manners, though you can customize things along the way. Memorial services, however, can be whatever you want them to be. You get to choose among the limitless options that can meet your loved one’s personality and your family’s needs perfectly. You can choose to have a memorial in the park, a meal in a family home, or many other things. The options are all yours and that can feel empowering to you.

You Are Empowered To Choose A Final Resting Place

You also get to choose the final resting place for your loved one. Though the cemetery is still an option, it’s not the only option. You can choose between that, an ash scattering, keeping your loved one in your family home, and other options. The options are there for you to think over and that can help you to get a choice that is exactly what you want for that special person.

You Are Empowered To Honor However You Choose

You might want to honor your loved one with a plaque in their favorite library. You could get a brick engraved outside their favorite sports stadium. Or you could buy a bench and place it in your own garden. The way you honor your loved one is completely up to you and you can do something you enjoy and something they would appreciate all at the same time.

Cremation services in Eatonville, WA

When you are working on cremation services in Eatonville, WA for a loved one who has passed on, it’s important to feel the empowerment that comes with the process. You have the ability to do whatever you want for that person and that can make you feel good about the way you are honoring their life. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to offer you ideas and options and can help you find your way through the right choices. Whatever you do will be very nice and your loved one will get the honor they deserve.

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What You May Not Know About Funeral Homes

There are lots of things you may want to know about funeral homes in Eatonville, WA that you don’t already know. If you don’t work with funeral homes very often, and most people don’t, then there may be things you want to know about them when you do have to work on final services, perhaps for a loved one who has passed on. Here are a few things you can ensure that will help you through the process.

They Have Lots Of Ideas To Offer

When you work with a funeral home, they are going to give you service options and packages to look over. But they also have ideas to offer. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, the funeral home will use what they know about your family and your loved one and give you ideas and options. You don’t have to take them up on these ideas, but since they are there to help, they might hit upon something that would work well for your family. Their ideas might also spark something in you that helps you to come up with something better that will also work well.

They Are Compassionate People

Funeral home professionals often feel like they are called into the profession. It’s nice to know that they are naturally compassionate people, but they also show that compassion because they really want to be there for you. They know what works for people who are grieving. And how to help them through the situation. When you are grieving, not everyone is going to know how to treat you, but funeral home professionals will.

They Are There To Help With Vendors

If you need help finding an urn, a casket, caterers, or other things that relate to the final service, the funeral home is there to help you with other vendors. The funeral home has a lot of options, like urns and caskets, but they might not have what you need and if that’s the case, they will help you find what you want from another vendor. Their advice can help you have just what you want at a cost you can afford.

They Want To Keep Your Budget On Trackfuneral homes in Eatonville, WA

Funeral home professionals aren’t there to help you drive the prices up as far as they can. They want you to get what you need for your loved one without breaking the bank. If you tell them what you can afford to spend, they will help you to keep on track with that budget. It’s wise to take their advice as they can help you spend money in the right areas and spend in the right areas.

The professionals at funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help you every step of the way. They might help in areas that you didn’t recognize they did, but you will be grateful for that help wherever you can get it. The experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for all of that.

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Planning Unexpected Services With Funeral Homes

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but at least if you see it coming, you might have more of a chance to say goodbye and feel less of a shock when they pass on. When you have to call funeral homes in Roy, WA because you have lost a family member unexpectedly, it can be very jarring. Here are some things you can do to help you get through with the support you need.

Notify The Funeral Home

Once you come to terms with the immediate shock, you know you need to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met. They can no longer do that for themselves, so you need to call funeral home professionals. Once you make that call, the funeral home will take care of transporting your loved one and caring for them. That will give you time to figure out what to do next.

Talk With Close Family Members

There are likely going to be some close family members that you will want to call right away with the news, even before you begin planning. They will be shocked to hear the news as well and these calls won’t be easy to make. But you need them to know and you need the support system to begin as soon as possible.

Take Some Time To Process The Loss

Hearing that a loved one has died suddenly can throw you into a state of shock. It’s okay to take a few hours, or even a whole day, to process the loss yourself. You need to take some deep breaths and come to terms with what has happened so you can make decisions that will be for the best for your family.

Lean On The Professionals As You Plan

Since you have professionals caring for your loved one, you can then lean on them as you plan the rest of the services you want for them. They will give you the compassion you need during this hard time and no matter what you decide to do for your loved one, they will support it. They are there to offer you options and details so you have the information you need to make these hard decisions.

Consider The Choices With Care

As you plan and attempt to move forward with something, you will want to consider the choices with care. What would your loved one want? What would your family members appreciate? It might not be something you’ve ever through of in relation to this person so you want to treat lightly and with great care.

funeral homes in Roy, WA

Look Into Grief Resources

Losing someone suddenly could send you into a tailspin and you may need some grief resources to help you get through the planning and the grief that will hit sometime along the process.

The professionals at funeral homes in Roy, WA are here to help you whenever you lose a loved one, whether you saw it coming or not. The experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here with compassion and support.

cremation services in Roy, WA

Things Cremation Providers Won’t Say

When you are talking to providers about cremation services in Roy, WA, you might not be surprised by some of the things that they say. They might tell you that cremation is honorable and respectful. They might also remind you that cremation costs a lot less than a traditional funeral. But there are other things that they should never say. IF you hear them say any of the following, you should work with someone else.

Funeral Services Are Outdated And Irrelevant Today

Cremation providers are often people who provide cremation services, but they also often provide funeral services. They are completely fine with either option and they should never lean one way or the other—nor should they try to influence you in either direction. Funeral services have traditional aspects to them, but that can be very comforting to some families. You get to decide whether you like those traditions or not, not the provider.

Cremation Is The Best Option For Everyone

While cremation is a great option and it is the one people choose in about half the cases today, it’s not always the best option for every situation and providers should never say that it is. Funerals are still available because sometimes, that’s simply the best thing to do for someone. Cremation is also sometimes the right choice. The reason that there are still two choices is because one is right for some while the other is better for others.

Every Religion Is Okay With Cremation

It’s true that most religions are okay with cremation today, but there are still a few hold outs that don’t appreciate the method. Providers should never assume that your faith is okay with cremation unless they know what faith you are. And they shouldn’t tell you that it’s an okay way to go no matter what religion you come from because there are some that don’t appreciate the method.

cremation services in Roy, WA

Funeral Services Are Way Too Expensive

Funerals definitely cost more than cremation services, but that doesn’t make them ‘too expensive.’ When you are working with the right provider, the costs charged should be fair. You get quality services and your loved one gets their needs met. While funerals have more products and services involved than cremations, making them cost more, if the family can afford it and that’s what they want, there’s nothing wrong with spending more.

It’s hard to figure out what’s right for you or a loved one, but you should never be swayed by a provider that is saying things they shouldn’t be saying. If you hear any of the above things from someone providing cremation services in Roy, WA, it’s best to find another provider who will tell you the truth about everything and not pressure you about anything. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are happy to help you with whatever decisions you make. While we will decide nothing for you, we will support you in whatever you decide and give you the options and information you need along the way.

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Planning Ahead With Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

There are lots of things you know are good to plan ahead. You might not dream of trying to take a vacation, for example, without booking flights and hotels. But there are other things that you may not have thought to plan ahead—like what you want done for your final services. While this isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, if you want to be prepared, contact funeral homes in Lakewood, WA and start the planning process. If you plan your own services out ahead of time, your family doesn’t have to worry about doing so when you pass on.

Locate The Right Professionals

You can start thinking about what you might want, but it’s best to find reputable professionals early on in the process. You want someone with fair prices, lots of options, and great recommendations. You also want something that will be good to your family since they are the people your family will be working with when you pass on. Once you find those professionals, you can take your time on the decisions.

Decide On Services And Plots

If you have decided that you would like a traditional burial and funeral, you will need to decide on service details as well as choose a plot in a cemetery. The funeral home can offer you recommendations for good cemeteries that can meet your needs and they can help you to figure out what’s best. You can set up a service as well as the burial portion of the service between the two locations.

Pre-Pay for Options Chosen

It’s not a necessity, but you can pre-pay for the services you have chosen. There are some things you will likely have to buy if you want it held for you, like the cemetery plot. But you don’t necessarily have to pay for the rest of the funeral services ahead of time, if you don’t want to. It is a nice thing to do, though, if you are able, so your family has another thing they don’t have to worry about when the time comes.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

Talk To Your Family About The Final Services

Once the services are set up, you will want to tell your family about them so when the time comes, they aren’t surprised. At the very least, they are going to need to know where your plans are held so they can call the right professionals to get things rolling. If you want your family’s input in the planning process, you can include them earlier and see what they might want done for you at that time.

Whether you are just starting to think about plans, or you already know pretty much what you want, include funeral homes in Lakewood, WA as you move forward in putting things into place. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary can help you form the plans and then we will keep them in order for you until the time comes that you need to use them. We’re here to help when you’re ready.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Options For Ash Scattering Locations

Once you decide on cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, you have the biggest, most immediate decision out of the way. That can feel like a relief. You know your loved one is getting what they need. However, once the cremation is complete, you will want to decide what kind of service you want to have for your loved one, if you have one at all, and where you want their final resting place to be. There are no timelines on these decisions so you can take as long as you want to make them. If you decide that you’d like to scatter your loved one’s ashes, here are a few options for locations.

Scatter Out At Sea

If your loved one adored being out on the water, you might want to scatter them out at sea. That might mean an ocean, a lake, a river, or some other body of water. Make sure you know the rules of whatever body of water you have chosen. In the ocean, for example, you have to have a boat (which you can charter) and take it out a mile away from the shore to scatter so no one on the beach will come into contact with the ashes.

Scatter On A Mountain Or Hill

If your loved one felt like the mountains were majestic and they couldn’t get enough of mountain views, you could take them up a mountain or even to the top of a tall hill and scatter them from there. Again, you want to look into any regulations of such a gesture before you move forward, but it can be a beautiful sentiment.

Scatter In A Park

If your loved one walked at a certain park, liked to watch birds, or enjoyed fresh air in general, scattering their ashes in a park nearby could feel like the right move. It can lead to a nice ceremony with your family with a few members sharing memories or stories about the past.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Scatter Around Family Grounds

Some families have land that goes back through the generations, or even if you just have a house with property around it that your loved one adored, it might be a good fit for a scattering. You can scatter your loved one there and feel like they are always a part of family events in that location.

When you go with cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, and then you decide you want to scatter that person’s ashes, it’s important to choose a meaningful location that will help you to honor them in a special way. If you aren’t sure what locations are best or what you need to do in order to follow the rules at the location you have chosen, talk to the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary for advice. Not only will we help you through the cremation process for your loved one, but we can give you valuable recommendations and advice for the scattering ceremony you want to have.

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Cremation Services Are Super Flexible

If you need to arrange final services for a loved one, you might struggle with the inflexibility of funeral services. There’s a certain timeline you have to stick to, right? And there are certain things you need to get and organize within that timeframe. If you decide to get cremation services in Eatonville, WA instead, you are graced with a certain level of flexibility that allows you to arrange things in different ways and on different timelines. Here are a few ways in which cremation services are flexible.

The Timeline Is All Yours

With a funeral, you have to get everything figured out and implemented within a few days so your loved one can be buried. With a cremation service, the cremation happens relatively soon after death, but the rest of the timeline is completely up to you. You can organize a memorial service right away, or you can wait for a week, a month, or even longer to give yourself time to grieve and get something really special organized. You also don’t have to decide or implement the final resting place right away. You can think about what you want to do and figure out where and when whenever you’d like in the future.

The Service Options Are Open

Funerals are funerals, but memorial services can be whatever you want them to be. You can have something traditional that feels like a funeral, or you can do something that’s more of a celebration of life. It’s nice to have those options so you can customize the services for your loved one in any way you want. Having services that are special and personalized might mean doing something differently and that’s perfectly fine.

There Are Resting Place Options

With funerals, the end result is the cemetery and that’s the only option. With a cremation service, you have lots of final resting place options to consider. You can still bury your loved one in the cemetery, but you can also scatter their ashes or keep them in your family home, among other options. It’s nice to have the door open to lots of different options if you don’t feel like a cemetery burial is the exact right choice for your loved one.

cremation services in Eatonville, WA

When you are organizing final services for a loved one, the options are funeral and burial services or cremation services in Eatonville, WA. Both are completely respectful and honorable. If you want to have more flexible options, it might be better to go with a cremation. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to work through those details with you. We want to hear what you think about the choices and we can offer you ideas and suggestions based on your loved one’s personality and what you want for them. Give us a call when you want to start planning and we will be here for you with support and compassion the whole way through. This is a hard process, but you will bring honor to your loved one in anything you choose.

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Things The Funeral Home Can Provide To You

When you have to plan final services for a loved one who has passed on, there are certain things you can get from funeral homes in Eatonville, WA that can help you get through the planning and implementation of those services. It’s wise to understand what all funeral homes have for you so you know what you can get. Funeral homes are there to help and they can provide for you just about everything you need for these events. Here are some of the things they provide:

Transportation For Your Loved One

The first thing you get is transportation for your loved one to the funeral home from the place of their death. That’s something your loved one needs and it will help you to care for them after they are no longer able to care for themselves.

Service Options

You might have an idea what you want for your loved one already, but if you don’t, the funeral home has service options and lists that can help you get a full idea as to what is available. You are able to understand what they offer and that will make the choices easier on your family. You just have to find something that fits.

Price Lists

Funeral homes are completely transparent about their pricing systems. They want you to know what services they have, but also what those services cost. You will get a list of package options, which include everything you need for a final service, but you will also get lists of prices on an individual nature so you can pick and choose, add things, or just have further knowledge about what you are paying for.

Rooms For Services

You can have the final services you want for your loved one right there at the funeral home as they have a variety of spaces that can accommodate what you want to do. You can have something small and intimate in a smaller room or something larger that is open to the public in a larger space. It can be easier to have services right there in the funeral home where you have professionals that are able to help with the process.

funeral homes in Eatonville, WA

Final Service Products

Whether you want to buy an urn for cremation services or you need a casket for a funeral service, the professionals at the funeral home have the products available for you. You could get those items at other locations from other vendors, but you can also just get them at the funeral home where it’s easier to get things lined up.

If you are ready for final services, understand that funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help you with as much of the process as possible from start to finish. Contact the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary and we can start with a consultation and help you to seek out the services you want for your loved one to honor their memory in all the right ways.

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Talking To Your Family About Uncomfortable Things

It’s easy enough to talk to your family about the weather, your day at work, and other such things. But when it comes to hard topics, it can be much more of a challenge. If you have arranged your own cremation services in Lakewood, WA, for example, talking about that can be really hard. Here are some of the hard topics you talk to your family about over time and how you might broach those subjects.


Money is something that can be hard to talk about as it is a sensitive subject. If you want your family to know what kind of money you have and what your will says so everyone knows who gets what, that can be hard to bring up. You might want to have a meeting about that subject alone so you can let everyone know what they need to know and then move on. If there are certain beneficiaries of certain accounts, it’s good for those people to know what is coming for their own future plans. While it might not be the most comfortable topic, it’s good to get it out of the way once you have those types of things set up.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Cremation Services

It’s never fun to talk about your own death, even if you hope it’s far off into the future. But if you arrange your own final services, it’s a benefit to your family to know what those services are. They can then understand what you want and prepare themselves for that future in as many ways as possible. Once you have your final services set up, the final step is letting your family in on those plans. You can gather them together and let them know what you have arranged. It’s best to give copies to certain family members as well so they can review them and understand what you want more thoroughly. They might have questions about why you have chosen what you chose and other such things. Having a meeting, even if it’s not the most comfortable thing you’ve ever done, can benefit everyone in the family.

Your family is made up of some of the most important people in your life and while it’s a lot easier to talk about your job and the weather, there are going to be some hard topics that come up over time as well. If you want your family to be prepared and not have to wonder and guess about things when you pass on, talking to them about your will, your accounts, and the cremation services in Lakewood, WA you have set up for yourself in advance are all good ideas. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for you when you want to look over options and ideas for your final services. You can call us to get service lists and prices so you can look them over and take your time in deciding what you want for yourself in the future.

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Allowing The Funeral Home To Do Things For You

It can be hard to let people do things for you, but when you are working with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, those professionals are there for a reason and they are there to relieve you of burdens. What you have to do is let them do some of those things for you. Here are a few examples of things you can let them do.

Deal With The Transport

When you hire a funeral home to help you with your loved one’s final services, the first thing you are going to need help with is the transportation of your loved one from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities. Once you hire those professionals, they can deal with that transport for you. They will contact the location that has your loved one and they will set up a time to get them and take them to the funeral home. You don’t have to be involved at all and that can be a big relief for you.

Implement Services

The funeral home is not going to take any decisions from you or make any for you. But once you make decisions about what you want to do for your loved one’s services, the funeral home will support you in those choices. They will also implement the services for you so you don’t have to worry about setting things up yourself and figuring out the details. It’s nice to be able to make the decisions and then hand them off to the funeral home. You can do as much as you want yourself, of course, but allowing the funeral home to do a lot of it for you can really help take some of the heaviness from your shoulders.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

Give Compassion

There are certain things that funeral homes can do that it’s hard for just anyone to do. Some people don’t react right to death and they aren’t going to know what to say or do around you any longer when you are dealing with the grieving process. But when you are working with a funeral home, it’s important to allow them to give you the compassion you need during the grieving process. You need to be talked to and treated in a certain way and that’s just what the funeral home employees will do for you. They know what to say and what to do no matter what kind of grief you are dealing with.

When you are ready for final services for a loved one, it’s important to contact professionals at funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to help you with the process from start to finish. You can do some of the things yourself, but you can also allow the experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to do things for you, which will help you to relieve yourself of certain burdens. You know that letting other people help will be a big bonus to your grieving process. Give us a call and we’re here to help.