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Things The Funeral Home Can Provide To You

When you have to plan final services for a loved one who has passed on, there are certain things you can get from funeral homes in Eatonville, WA that can help you get through the planning and implementation of those services. It’s wise to understand what all funeral homes have for you so you know what you can get. Funeral homes are there to help and they can provide for you just about everything you need for these events. Here are some of the things they provide:

Transportation For Your Loved One

The first thing you get is transportation for your loved one to the funeral home from the place of their death. That’s something your loved one needs and it will help you to care for them after they are no longer able to care for themselves.

Service Options

You might have an idea what you want for your loved one already, but if you don’t, the funeral home has service options and lists that can help you get a full idea as to what is available. You are able to understand what they offer and that will make the choices easier on your family. You just have to find something that fits.

Price Lists

Funeral homes are completely transparent about their pricing systems. They want you to know what services they have, but also what those services cost. You will get a list of package options, which include everything you need for a final service, but you will also get lists of prices on an individual nature so you can pick and choose, add things, or just have further knowledge about what you are paying for.

Rooms For Services

You can have the final services you want for your loved one right there at the funeral home as they have a variety of spaces that can accommodate what you want to do. You can have something small and intimate in a smaller room or something larger that is open to the public in a larger space. It can be easier to have services right there in the funeral home where you have professionals that are able to help with the process.

funeral homes in Eatonville, WA

Final Service Products

Whether you want to buy an urn for cremation services or you need a casket for a funeral service, the professionals at the funeral home have the products available for you. You could get those items at other locations from other vendors, but you can also just get them at the funeral home where it’s easier to get things lined up.

If you are ready for final services, understand that funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help you with as much of the process as possible from start to finish. Contact the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary and we can start with a consultation and help you to seek out the services you want for your loved one to honor their memory in all the right ways.

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Talking To Your Family About Uncomfortable Things

It’s easy enough to talk to your family about the weather, your day at work, and other such things. But when it comes to hard topics, it can be much more of a challenge. If you have arranged your own cremation services in Lakewood, WA, for example, talking about that can be really hard. Here are some of the hard topics you talk to your family about over time and how you might broach those subjects.


Money is something that can be hard to talk about as it is a sensitive subject. If you want your family to know what kind of money you have and what your will says so everyone knows who gets what, that can be hard to bring up. You might want to have a meeting about that subject alone so you can let everyone know what they need to know and then move on. If there are certain beneficiaries of certain accounts, it’s good for those people to know what is coming for their own future plans. While it might not be the most comfortable topic, it’s good to get it out of the way once you have those types of things set up.

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Cremation Services

It’s never fun to talk about your own death, even if you hope it’s far off into the future. But if you arrange your own final services, it’s a benefit to your family to know what those services are. They can then understand what you want and prepare themselves for that future in as many ways as possible. Once you have your final services set up, the final step is letting your family in on those plans. You can gather them together and let them know what you have arranged. It’s best to give copies to certain family members as well so they can review them and understand what you want more thoroughly. They might have questions about why you have chosen what you chose and other such things. Having a meeting, even if it’s not the most comfortable thing you’ve ever done, can benefit everyone in the family.

Your family is made up of some of the most important people in your life and while it’s a lot easier to talk about your job and the weather, there are going to be some hard topics that come up over time as well. If you want your family to be prepared and not have to wonder and guess about things when you pass on, talking to them about your will, your accounts, and the cremation services in Lakewood, WA you have set up for yourself in advance are all good ideas. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for you when you want to look over options and ideas for your final services. You can call us to get service lists and prices so you can look them over and take your time in deciding what you want for yourself in the future.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

Allowing The Funeral Home To Do Things For You

It can be hard to let people do things for you, but when you are working with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, those professionals are there for a reason and they are there to relieve you of burdens. What you have to do is let them do some of those things for you. Here are a few examples of things you can let them do.

Deal With The Transport

When you hire a funeral home to help you with your loved one’s final services, the first thing you are going to need help with is the transportation of your loved one from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities. Once you hire those professionals, they can deal with that transport for you. They will contact the location that has your loved one and they will set up a time to get them and take them to the funeral home. You don’t have to be involved at all and that can be a big relief for you.

Implement Services

The funeral home is not going to take any decisions from you or make any for you. But once you make decisions about what you want to do for your loved one’s services, the funeral home will support you in those choices. They will also implement the services for you so you don’t have to worry about setting things up yourself and figuring out the details. It’s nice to be able to make the decisions and then hand them off to the funeral home. You can do as much as you want yourself, of course, but allowing the funeral home to do a lot of it for you can really help take some of the heaviness from your shoulders.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

Give Compassion

There are certain things that funeral homes can do that it’s hard for just anyone to do. Some people don’t react right to death and they aren’t going to know what to say or do around you any longer when you are dealing with the grieving process. But when you are working with a funeral home, it’s important to allow them to give you the compassion you need during the grieving process. You need to be talked to and treated in a certain way and that’s just what the funeral home employees will do for you. They know what to say and what to do no matter what kind of grief you are dealing with.

When you are ready for final services for a loved one, it’s important to contact professionals at funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to help you with the process from start to finish. You can do some of the things yourself, but you can also allow the experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to do things for you, which will help you to relieve yourself of certain burdens. You know that letting other people help will be a big bonus to your grieving process. Give us a call and we’re here to help.

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What To Say In A Card For Cremation Services

When you have heard that a friend has lost a loved one, you might want to reach out to them with a sympathy card of some kind. Whether you knew the person who died or not, you want to support your friend through their loved one’s cremation services in Roy, WA. Sending a card is a very nice way to offer your sympathies and condolences. Here are a few things you can say in the card.

You Are Sorry For Their Loss

You don’t want to go on and on about your life and what you’ve been up to in the card. It’s perfectly found to keep things short and to the point. You can just tell your friend that you are sorry for their loss and that you are there to support them and leave it at that. They are likely very busy right now making final service plans, dealing with family, and grieving. Having a short card that tells them you are there for them without having to read a lot is a nice way to give them support in a concise manner.

You Are Thinking Of Them

It is nice for your friend to remember that there are lots of other people in their life who care about them and love them. That will help them to find a way to move on once their loved one is cared for and the final services are behind them. Tell your friend you are thinking of them during this hard time and that can be plenty.

You Want To Honor Their Loved One With A Donation

If you’d like to send something other than just the card, many people include a monetary donation. In addition to your well wishes, you might add that you are sending money in order for them to honor their loved one. They can use the money to help with final service costs, if that is needed, or they might use it for a charity their loved one supported. Adding that you want to honor their loved one in the way they see fit can give them a warm feeling.

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You Would Like To Help In A Certain Way

You could also add that you would like to help your friend through this hard time. It’s nice to be specific about what you want to do and to follow up on that offer later. Your friend might not reach out to you if you put something generic in the card, like ‘let me know what I can do to help.’ And they might not even call if you offer to pick up groceries for them. Make the offer and then call later and follow up with an offer in person.

If you hear that a friend has a loved one going through cremation services in Roy, WA, you might want to send a condolence card to them. If you need more tips on what to say, contact the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary.

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What To Do Right After A Death Occurs

It’s never going to be easy to deal with the death of a loved one and when you are there for the event, you might feel shocked and all sorts of emotions. You need to know what you should do first so that you can carry out the right steps. Funeral homes in Roy, WA deal with death on a regular basis and they know just what you should do when someone passes on. Here are a few steps to take right after the event occurs.

Call The Authorities

If your loved one passed away in their home, or in another location outside the hospital or hospice care, the first thing you will want to do is call the authorities. They will send people to your house that can declare your loved one officially dead so the death certificate can be processed. You need their help in this instance and to let them know what happened so they can file reports on that as well. You are a witness to this event and they will need your knowledge.

Contact the Funeral Home

Once the authorities have done their job, you will need to choose and contact a funeral home to help with the rest of what your loved one needs. The funeral home can transport your loved one from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities so they will be in good hands while you decide what to do next. While you are going to be feeling a lot, you can get some peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is under good care for the time being, getting what they need when they can no longer care for themselves.

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Call Family And Friends, Or Have Someone Do That For You

You will also want to focus on family members and friends who deserve to hear about the death right away. You can make a few calls, or ask someone else to call for you. If you want to spread the word farther than a few people, perhaps ask the first few people you call to make a few calls so the telephone tree can start up. You won’t have to make as many calls that way and repeat the tough news and the story over and over again.

It is hard to deal with a death of a family member in any circumstance. If you aren’t sure what to do first, it’s perfectly acceptable to call funeral homes in Roy, WA and ask for advice. We will tell you to call the authorities and then call us back to process your loved one’s care as soon as possible. We want to get them into good hands and under our care so you have some time to figure out what you want to do for their final services. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for you any time of the day or night, whenever you need us.

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Benefits Of Memorials After Cremation Services

When you decide to have cremation services in Eatonville, WA for a loved one instead of a traditional burial and funeral service, all you have to do is go through with the cremation service. Then, your loved one’s needs are met and you can move on. However, many families like to have a memorial service of some kind for their loved one after the cremation is complete. There are many benefits to that process. Here are a few to consider as you are trying to make the decision that is best for your family.

Celebrate A Life Well Lived

Your loved one was special and you might want to celebrate and honor their life as something that was unique and that touched a lot of people. A memorial service of some kind is the perfect way to do that. You can bring your family together and share memories, do an activity your loved one liked, have a meal, or remember them in other ways that would be unique to their personality.

Get Closure

You might have closure over your loved one’s death because perhaps you saw them through an illness or were even with them in the hospital when they passed. But not everyone in your family got that chance and it might be nice for others to have a memorial service to give them the closure they need. Memorial services punctuate a life and will allow your family to come to the conclusion that the person is not coming back.

Say A Final Goodbye

Again, you may have had a chance to say goodbye to your loved one, but if you didn’t, or you know others in your family didn’t, having a memorial service is a chance to say that goodbye. Even if you just gather for an ash scattering, people can say what they want to say during that ceremony and feel better about getting their emotions out.

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Gather Support From Others

When you have a memorial service for a loved one, your family members and perhaps some friends will come together for the event. You can hug, share memories, support one another, and remind yourself that you are not in this alone. Everyone will be together and remembering the same person with fondness and that can be a really cathartic experience for all.

If you want to have a memorial service after cremation services in Eatonville, WA for a loved one, you can certainly do so. Keep in mind that once the cremation process is complete, you don’t have to worry about any special timeline. You can have a memorial service right away if you know you want one, or you can put it off and do it in a few weeks when you’ve had more time to think about things and plan something special. Whatever you decide, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary will support your decisions and help you implement them with every ounce of compassion you need to get through the planning and execution of the services.

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Questions Funeral Homes Hear About Cremation

Funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are there to help you with final services, whether you are there to plan something for a loved one who passed away, or you need to plan something for yourself in advance. But they are also there to field questions about the services they provide. Those questions come from people who are thinking about the service options as well as those who are in the thick of the planning process. Here are a few questions funeral homes have heard that you might wonder as well along with answers to help you out.

Should I Scatter My Loved One’s Ashes?

You most certainly can. If you decide to have cremation for a loved one who has passed on, there are a lot of options for final resting places. Scattering their ashes is one of the most popular choices. Keep in mind that the funeral home can’t actually make that decision for you. You get to decide what happens with your loved one. But they can tell you about scattering and the options it brings with it. Then, once you decide what to do, they will support you in it.

Do Ashes Have An Impact On The Environment?

The simplest answer to this question is no. Ashes don’t have any impact on the environment and they are completely safe to scatter. That being said, there are certain rules about scattering. If you want to scatter in the ocean, for example, you have to charter a boat and do so a mile out at sea. This is so that the ashes don’t come into contact with other people. It’s out of respect for your loved one, but also for those who might encounter the ashes.

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Where Should I Scatter My Loved One?

Again, this decision is completely up to you. You get to decide where you want your loved one’s final resting place to be. But the funeral home professionals are there to offer ideas and options and they can help you with the rules and regulations of whatever location you choose. They will tell you, for example, that you cannot scatter your loved one’s remains on private grounds without permission from the owner. They can also tell you popular locations, how to go about scattering, and things you might want to do during the ceremony. While they can’t decide for you, they can still be a big help with the decisions.

When you are thinking about what you want to do for a loved one, or you just want answers to some of the questions that are coming up in your mind, the professionals in funeral homes in Eatonville, WA are here to help. Give Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary a call whenever you have questions, whether you are making plans for yourself in advance or just want to know certain things so you are prepared for the future when a family member dies and needs your help. We are here with answers, compassion, and support for any situation.

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Finding Out More About Cremation Services

While cremation services in Lakewood, WA have been around for a long time, that doesn’t mean you know a lot about it. If you have used funeral services for family members who have passed away in the past, you may not know what cremation is all about and what it can do for your family or even you if you are planning services ahead of time. There are lots of ways to find out more about this method. Here are a few tried and true ways:

Contact A Funeral Home

The best way to find out more about cremation services is to call the funeral home that you are considering using and simply ask questions. Perhaps you just want an overview of cremation, or maybe you want to know specific things that you’ve heard. The funeral home can tell you anything you want and they can even invite you in for a tour of the crematory so you understand even more about the process. The more you know, the more capable you will be of making the right decisions when you have to choose between methods. You can also call the funeral home again later if you have more questions.

Look Online

One of the things most people do any time they want information on any topic is go to the internet. There are plenty of details there to be found, that’s for sure. And as long as you choose reputable sites, you might be able to find out just what you need to know. You can read through articles, blogs, funeral home websites. If you have further questions, you can then talk to the funeral home and ask more.

Talk To People Who Have Used It

If you know someone who has planned their own final services, and they have chosen cremation, talk to them about why they went that route. Their reasoning might give you something similar in yourself. If they picked cremation for a loved one, ask them why they made that choice, if you are comfortable enough with them to talk about those topics. What they say could spark interest in you. You might be able to ask them questions about how things went and how they felt about the process along the way. This can give you even better insight into the overall method than reading online and just gathering details.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

When you want to know about cremation services in Lakewood, WA so you can figure out what you want to do for your own final plans, or for a loved one’s plans that you need to get into order, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help. We’re happy to go over the method and help you in any way we can. We want you to have the details you need to make the right decisions. Keep in mind that either choice you make, cremation or a traditional burial, are completely honorable and respectful. There’s no wrong choice. Just the right method for you.

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Funeral Homes Aren’t Scary

When you think about funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, it might bring feelings of fear to your heart. That makes sense, in a way. Funeral homes are depicted as dark, damp, scary places in the movies. They also revolve around death, which is a scary thing since no one really knows when to expect it or what it is like. There’s fear in the unknown, that’s all there is to it. But one thing you can know is that funeral homes aren’t actually scary. Here are a few reasons why:

The People Are Warm And Friendly

When you call or visit a funeral home, you will realize that the people who work there aren’t scary are all. They aren’t somber and morbid, but rather warm, welcoming, and friendly. They will treat you like a long lost friend and a member of their own family. That will make you feel good about working with them because of their attitude and positive nature. They will support you and give you their time, attention, and compassion the whole way through whatever you have to walk through.

The Rooms Are Welcoming And Open

When you see funeral homes on TV, it makes sense that you would worry about what they will look like in person. But when you actually visit one, you will see that the perception was all wrong. TV and movies do that for the drama, but in real life, funeral homes are open, sunny, warm, welcoming places. They bring hope into your situations with their colors, natural light, and décor. You will feel good about having services of any kind there, even if you want to do something light like a celebration of life.

The Funeral Homes Are There To Help

While funeral homes deal with death and final services, they don’t cause the deaths to happen. If they did, of course they would be scary. In reality, they are there for you after the death occurs and they want to help. People who work in funeral homes will often say that they feel called into the industry. They are there because they want to be there and they genuinely want to help you through this hard time. They offer the services you need, answers to your questions, and the compassion you need to get through this time.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

If all you know about funeral homes in Lakewood, WA is what you have seen on TV and in movies, then you have a shock coming to you. When you call a funeral home, you will take notice of how warm and friendly the representatives are. When you visit in person, you will see how the natural light makes the rooms feel open and uplifting. The funeral homes aren’t scary at all, in fact, they are there to help you through some of the hardest times you will go through. Not just anyone would do that. If you need help from professionals, those at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for you so you can get your loved one under good care.

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Cremation Services Can Be The Right Fit

If you want to create a plan for your own final services in advance, there are a lot of reasons to do so. You might want to have plans in place so your family doesn’t have that burden. You might want to pay in advance for the same reason. Or you might want peace of mind for yourself that you will get what you’d like in the end. Whatever your reasons might be, you could find that cremation services in Roy, WA are the right fit. Here are a few things that might make you feel that way.

You Can Afford To Pay For Cremation Services Now

Many people who want to plan their final services in advance, also want to pay for them ahead. While that is not required, it is also a nice thing to do for your family so they don’t have to worry about the plans or the payments later. If you want to do that, you might feel like cremation is the right way to go because you can afford to pay for that service now. Cremation is always going to cost less because it doesn’t need as many products or services for you to get what you need. If you really want to pay ahead, that might be the right way to go since you can afford it.

You Like The Flexibility

Funeral services are traditional and ceremonial. There are lots of things that normally go along with a funeral. If you like that, there’s no reason not to go that way. But if you like the idea of having more flexibility around the services, cremation might be right for you. It’s possible that you want something less formal or more of a celebration of life. That could make cremation better for you because you can have those things or anything else you want with that method.

You Appreciate The Lack Of Timeline

If your family were to have a funeral for you, things would happen relatively fast after you pass on. You might be worried that family members you want to have there wouldn’t be able to make it on short notice. But if you have cremation, the timeline of the services won’t be an issue. Your family can have services right away, or they can put them off for a week or more to allow family time to plan and travel so everyone can be there together.

cremation services in Roy, WA

If you really feel like cremation services in Roy, WA is the right way for you to go, that’s what you should plan. You may have no reasons at all other than that is what you want. If you are ready to move ahead, the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you from start to finish. We won’t let you forget anything important and we will get everything lined up for you so that when the time comes, your family will just have to call us and your plans will take place.