cremation services in Tacoma, WA

Options for Cremation Services in Tacoma, WA

Many of our clients choose to cremate their loved one’s remains as a lower-budget and lower-stress alternative to traditional funeral services. We believe that a cremation can be as meaningful and as personal as a burial, and we offer a full menu of cremation services in Tacoma, WA. No matter your budget or personal traditions, a cremation at our funeral homes is much more than just how we treat the remains.

A Service for Every Budget

After we take custody of the body, the first step is to pick a cremation package from our extensive list of services. These packages offer savings from our individual services, and let you customize a service according to your priorities. Our packages range from a basic cremation for those who want to arrange their own memorial, to a full funeral service with visitation for those who want us to take care of everything.

Customized Urn Designs

We offer a selection of classic urns to hold your loved ones’ remains, but the options for interring the ashes are far more extensive and personal than in years past. Our full catalog of urns includes wood, glass, marble, and metal urns, along with biodegradable urns designed for scattering. We also offer personalization for an additional fee, letting you create a inscription that will speak of your love for the departed.

Portable Keepsakes and Jewelry

As an alternative to keeping the remains in an urn, many families are choosing to divide the remains so every family member can have part of the deceased with them. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we offer a line of jewelry as part of our cremation services that can store the ashes securely inside them. We also partner with companies that can incorporate a portion of the ashes smoothly inside a crafted design or gemstone.

Personalized Support

When you visit our funeral home for cremation services, you’ll get the same personalized treatment you’d get with a burial. Many of our clients come in with memories of their loved ones they want to see reflected in the memorial service, or cultural traditions it’s important to see incorporated. Every one of our cremation packages is a canvas on which you and your family can paint your personal tribute.

Modern Designs

We’ve taken cremation services into the modern day, as many of our designs and memorial services can incorporate personal elements to create a living tribute. Our Living Memory line of products can scan a photo onto an urn or other internment object. For those who want a living tribute, we also offer a line of biodegradable urns that are designed for planting, where the ashes will be incorporated into a tree over decades and create a permanent memorial.

For those considering cremation services in Tacoma, WA, our team of experienced funeral directors stand by to help create the perfect tribute to your loved one. To set up a consultation, visit us at our offices at 220 South 134th Street, Tacoma, WA, 98444; or contact us through our website or by phone at (253) 537-0253. Learn more about our empathetic funeral and cremation offerings by exploring our online presence. Our website is designed to assist you during this difficult period, offering the necessary resources and guidance to respectfully and lovingly commemorate your dear ones.