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Cremation Services Help Resting Place Variations

There are some people who want their final resting place to be in a cemetery. Burial is a traditional resting place, but it is used in about half of the cases today. But there are others who are uncomfortable with the idea of placing their bodies in a casket and burying them under the earth. For those individuals, having cremation services in Parkland, WA is a better answer simply because it allows them to choose a resting place outside of a cemetery burial. Here are some of the options they can consider outside of a traditional burial.

An Ash Scattering

Probably the most popular resting place for those who go with cremation is an ash scattering. It’s considered a traditional burial within the cremation area. However, where you scatter the ashes is quite varied itself. Ashes can be scattered into water, onto land, into the wind, and in many other locations. You might even scatter some in the water, some on land, and some in another place. Just make sure you understand the rules of scattering before you arrange anything. For example, you can’t scatter on private land you don’t own unless you get permission from the owner.

A Permanent Urn

Urns come in all different types and there are some that are biodegradable and break down. However, you can also get a nice, sturdy, beautiful urn that your family members can keep. You can get one urn for one family or you can split ashes into a few different urns so several family members can have part of your ashes. There are also cremation jewelry options, which takes a small piece of your ashes and places them in a mini-urn that can be worn as a piece of jewelry. You can get many of these to distribute yourself to as many loved ones as you want.

Ash Rakingfuneral home

This method is similar to scattering, but it is a different method. Instead of your loved ones scattering you somewhere, they would pour your ashes into the earth and then rake them into the soil. This is nice if there is a special family garden or if you want to have a tree planted in your memory. Your ashes can be raked in and give new life to something that will live on well beyond your time.

These are just a few of the final resting place variations that cremation services in Parkland, WA allow people to have. When you are planning your own final services in advance — if burial doesn’t feel right to you — look into the many options that come along with cremation instead and see what feels right. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you through the process from start to finish. We want you to know what your choices are so you are confident and comfortable with whatever path you decide to take. There are many important decisions to make when you pre-plan and having the options before you can help you figure things out.