cremation services in Spanaway, WA

Common Misconceptions About Spanaway, WA Cremation Services

Our cremation division is just as client-focused as our funeral services at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, and we’re always evolving to better serve you. Many clients have common misconceptions about cremation services in Spanaway, WA, and our team is here to clear them up at our first consultation. Here are five ways that cremation services may surprise you as you plan the perfect memorial.

Cremation Services Are a Bare-Bones Option?

It’s true that cremation services are an effective and efficient way for families to lay a loved one to rest, and we offer a basic cremation package for those who don’t want any of our funeral services. But if you’re looking to host a memorial at our facilities, our cremation services packages make that easy to achieve with an option for every budget. With our cremation packages, you’ll get full use of all our facilities just like our funeral packages.

Cremation Services Come With a Basic Urn?

When you choose any of our cremation packages, you’ll receive a classic cremation container to keep the remains safe. However, that’s just the beginning – you’ll have your choice of hundreds of unique artisan urns that feature customized designs. These urns are also designed to be spill-proof, to keep your loved one’s urns safe long-term. And if you choose to have your loved one’s ashes interred in a grave or mausoleum, we offer a selection of cremation vaults.

Ashes Stay in One Central Location?

It’s common to keep the ashes in a large urn, often on the mantle at the home of the person closest to the deceased. But in large families, it’s becoming increasingly common to divide the ashes among multiple people. This can be done with a selection of smaller sharing urns, or with a smaller vial or pendant that can hold a pinch of the ashes and be worn on the person. This also allows a single person to divide the ashes for multiple purposes.

Cremation Memorial Services Are Held Shortly After Cremation?

One of the biggest pluses of cremation services today is that it gives the family more flexibility in developing a memorial service on their schedule. It’s common to have the cremation performed immediately, followed by the family taking the remains home in their chosen urn. Then the family and friends reunite weeks or even months later at our facilities to pay tribute and share their memories, often with the final interment of the ashes at a nearby cemetery.

There’s Only One Type of Cremation?

Standard cremations take place in a cremator, a powerful oven that heats up to 1,400 degrees fahrenheit and burns the remains down to bone ash. But for clients who want a more eco-friendly approach, we offer aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis. This method uses a heated alkaline solution to break down the body by accelerating the natural decay process, with the same result in only eight hours.

If you’re considering cremation services in Spanaway, WA, the first step is to set up a consultation. Contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary for more information on our service packages today.