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Advantages of Pre-Planning Services at Spanaway, WA Funeral Homes

Have you ever thought about how you’ll be remembered when you’re gone? It’s crossed all of our minds, but the only way to ensure you have a say in it is with a new service offered at Spanaway, WA funeral homes. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we offer extensive pre-planning services that allow you to work out every detail of your funeral and memorial service years or decades in advance. Here are the top five reasons you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Big Details

When a death happens, especially unexpectedly, there are a lot of decisions to make in a short time. The best way to take that stress off your family’s shoulders is to make the big decisions now. The key choices you’ll make when pre-planning services include choosing burial or cremation, picking major elements like the burial plot, casket, or urn, and assembling any necessary documents and proof of membership for special cases like military funerals.

The Little Details

Once the big details are sorted out, there are hundreds of small elements that give a funeral that personal touch. These can be marked down in your advance file and fulfilled to the greatest possibility, including things like flower arrangements or music to be played at the memorial service. You can also designate the people you want for key roles including the officiant, speakers, and pallbearers and we’ll reach out to them when the time comes.

Meticulous Record Keeping

One concern we often hear from clients considering pre-planning services is that they want to know their records will be kept for the many years or decades they have left. We specialize in accurate record-keeping, and our pre-planning system can even incorporate plans coming from outside funeral homes if you’ve pre-planned with one in your hometown and then move. And if you move and choose to be buried there, we can transfer your plan to another home at your request.

Fast Action

Planning a funeral on short notice can often overwhelm the family members, and that leads to delays. When you pre-plan with us, we’ll have a long time to organize all the details and can guide your family through the process of honoring your wishes. As soon as we get the notice to begin, we’ll start arranging the details, preparing our memorial hall, and reaching out to all the people you’ve picked to play a role.

Less Financial Stress

A funeral can be a major unexpected expense for family members, which is why we offer our pre-planners the chance to pay in advance either in full or via an installment plan. This means your family will have no financial burden with everything pre-planned. If you choose an installment plan, it’ll either be paid off in full when the time comes or leave your family with only a greatly reduced balance.

There’s no time like now to get your wishes in writing at Spanaway, WA funeral homes. Contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to get started with our pre-planning services today.