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New Trends in Cremation Services to Better Serve Our Families

Did you know that cremation is now the most popular choice for memorializing the departed in the United States, passing earth burial in numbers? That’s partially because of cost, but also because providers, including cremation services in Tacoma, WA, are evolving with the times to create a better experience for our families. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, here are some ways we’re embracing new trends to create a better experience for families who choose cremation.

More Memorial Options

Cremation used to be seen as a budget option that skipped the frills of a traditional funeral, and that’s still possible with our basic cremation package that puts the next step in your hands. But for families who want cremation but also want to celebrate their loved one’s life in style, cremation is commonly packaged with a full menu of memorial options. These offer full use of all our funeral home facilities and the memorial service can be scheduled before or after the cremation.

Greater Time Flexibility

One of the biggest challenges of planning a funeral on short notice is that there are a lot of decisions to make while emotions are high. With cremation, the process can be completed within days of us getting notice, but the scheduling of the funeral or memorial service is in your hands. It’s common to schedule a celebration of life weeks or even months after a cremation, once all family members can attend.

A Better Urn

We’ve all seen those old movie clips of cremation mishaps – someone trips and the urn goes flying, scattering grandma across the living room. No more thanks to modern artisan urns. Coming in hundreds of designs ranging from classic brass to modern art, they’re designed to be break-resistant and harder to spill thanks to a self-sealing lid. We also offer scattering urns for those who want to arrange their own goodbye ceremony outdoors.


Many of our clients are concerned about the environmental impact of cremation, which uses a powerful oven to reduce the remains to bone ash. The same results are now possible with a new process called alkaline hydrolysis, or Aquamation. It uses a heated alkaline solution to speed up the natural decay process and break the body down, with the same results as traditional cremation in only eight hours, just over twice as long as a traditional cremation.

Creative Division of Ashes

One of the biggest requests we get from our clients is to find a way to ensure several family members can have a piece of their loved one with them. This is possible with a set of smaller urns, or a collection of vials or pendants that can hold a pinch of ashes and be worn on the person. For those looking for a more creative method, third-party companies can transform ashes into gemstones that can be worn as jewelry.

For more information on these trends and how they can be worked into your plans, or more information about Tacoma, WA cremation services, contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to set up a consultation today.