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Outdoor Memorial Services After Cremation—Take Some Advice

If you have decided on cremation services in Lakewood, WA for someone in your family who has passed on, you are taking care of their needs in a respectful manner. But you might want to have a memorial service for them after the cremation is complete so you can allow your family to honor them and grieve together. There are lots of things you can do and locations you can consider. If you would like to have an outdoor service, here are some things to think through.

The Style You Want For The Service

Memorials can be anything you want them to be. Some people want to have something that feels like a funeral and has certain traditions and ceremonies involved in it. Others want to do something casual or even more of a life celebration party. The service style and feel is completely up to you, but you will want to decide as it can make a difference where you have the service.

Think About Outdoor Location Options

There are many location options you can consider for an outdoor memorial service. Again, part of it will depend on what you want to do an part of it will depend on how many people you are having. You might have something on a soccer field, which is a nice, big open space. You could book a picnic shelter in a park for a potluck meal and some yard games. You could even do something at a family home with an open garage and yard space. There are more formal settings as well. You might book a location that sometimes does weddings or graduation parties to have something with beauty and perhaps more privacy.

Consider The Weather Conditions

One thing that is always going to be a concern with an outdoor service is the weather. What is it going to do? You only know that a day or so in advance, if even then. You can guess what’s normal for that time of the year. Will it be hot and you will want shade and water stations for your guests? Will it be cold and you might want to pass out hand warmers or limit the amount of time for the service? Weather can also change quickly and you might see rain, storms, wind, or other such elements.

Make Alternative Plans

Since you don’t know for sure what the weather will do, it’s often prudent to make backup plans in case you need them. Those plans might include a backup indoor location so you can movecremation services in Lakewood, WAcremation services in Lakewood, WA the services if rain pops up. Or, it might mean an alternative date that might have better weather in case you are rained out of what you want to do on the first date.

One good thing about cremation services in Lakewood, WA is that there’s no time limit on the memorial services you have afterwards. You can wait until the weather will more likely be nice and you can move the services around, even at the last minute.