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Knowing More About Celebrations Of Life

The first concern you have when a loved one passes on is which one of the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA you are going to use for their final services because you want to ensure their needs are met. If you choose cremation services, you need a cremation package and that is going to include everything your loved one has to have. Once the cremation takes place, you can do whatever you want for your loved one on any time frame you have in mind. It can help you to figure out what kind of service you want for them if you know more about the service styles. Life celebrations are becoming more popular. What are they and are they right for your loved one?

Life Celebrations—The Basic Details

Once a cremation service is complete, the family can have any type of memorial they want, if they want to do so. Life celebrations are one memorial style that celebrates a life well-lived instead of mourning the sadness around their death. People will do something active, share memories, go over the good times, have a great meal, or something else of that nature. These services are generally a lot more casual than funerals and even standard memorial services. They can be whatever you want, but are going to be more light-hearted in general.

Event Locations

Life celebrations, like other memorial services, can be held wherever you want. Some people have them at the funeral home, and that’s always a nice place because you have professional help in implementing the plans you want to put into place. You can also have them at your family church. You can also have the event outside, in a park, at a family home, in a bowling alley, or anywhere else you feel is fitting for the process.

What To Do At The Event

Life celebrations are customized to your liking and to the personality of your loved one. You can do whatever you want, as long as you feel it would be honoring to them and perhaps would feature something they loved. For the avid golfer, you might have a golf tournament, or even a mini-golf challenge with family. For the foodie, you might have a huge meal with different dishes from all over the place. You can also do something simple, like gather family together for games and to share stories about your loved one.

Costs That Go Into Life Celebrationsfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA

Since life celebrations are so varied, they can cost whatever you have available to spend on them. If you rent a venue, that will cost. You might have to pay for a sound system, seating, food, or activities, among other things. But you can also have something in a public park and have people bring food and you don’t have to pay anything at all. You can honor your loved one in a nice way on any budget.

If you want more information on life celebrations, funeral homes in Lakewood, WA are here to help.