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Designated Location for Interment

A cemetery is a designated location where the remains of deceased people are interred in specific, identifiable burial sites. Cemeteries are widely regarded as sacred spaces entrusted with the respectful care of the deceased as well as the preservation of shared history. Please look into funeral homes in Roy, WA to learn more.

A cemetery, in particular, is a dedicated area of land with precise plot locations and demarcated boundaries, whereas a burial ground may be less formally planned and defined. A cemetery authority establishes non-denominational, or secular cemetery grounds, which operate under an internal set of rules and regulations. Religious cemetery grounds are managed by a religious order and may be specially consecrated to allow for religious burials.

Cemeteries are primarily in charge of the upkeep and sale of physical burial rights such as plots, crypts, or niches, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery grounds and facilities. Cemeteries may also provide the labor required to perform the burial service, such as opening the burial plot or crypt, setting the vault, staffing for the burial service, closing the grave, and reconditioning the area. Full-service cemeteries may also help with the design, creation, and installation of permanent memorialization honoring the deceased through the use of a designated marker, headstone, bronze memorial, plaque, lettering, or engraving. The people who work for a cemetery are typically the ones who provide these services. Small and rural cemeteries without dedicated cemetery staff may rely on volunteer cemetery associations or the vault company to provide any or all of the above-mentioned services.

The cemetery services are distinct from those provided by funeral homes or funeral directors, who work for a funeral home. A funeral director is responsible for the deceased’s care from the time of death until the time of burial. The funeral director’s responsibilities may include dressing, casketing, and embalming, as well as providing a casket, filing all necessary permits, and coordinating with family, clergy, suppliers, and the cemetery.

Cemeteries can range in size from less than an acre to over 700 acres, with varying facilities. Many modern cemeteries have a fully staffed office that is open to visitors and mourners. Some cemeteries have interment or memorial chapels for gatherings before burial. A full-service funeral home or crematory will be located on the grounds of a combination cemetery. Cemeteries are governed at both the state and local levels. As a result, each state and municipality in the United States may impose its own set of rules governing burial practices. For example, in some states, it is illegal for the same organization to own and operate cemeteries and funeral homes.

Visitor services such as genealogy information, flower placement programs, and specialfuneral homes in Roy, WA memorial events for holidays such as Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day may be available at modern cemeteries. In some cases, using technology, the physical cemetery is linked to virtual cemeteries via GIS mapping and intricate databases, allowing loved ones to virtually visit regardless of their location. To learn more about this, reach out to the funeral homes in Roy, WA. Please contact us or visit our office.