cremation services in Roy, WA

Cremation Services Still Come With Grief

When you are working on cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one’s final services, you may notice that cremation avoids certain things. You don’t have the large bottom like that you would with a traditional funeral, for example. You don’t have to have a casket, a burial plot, a headstone, or other such things if you don’t want. But there are also some things you can’t avoid when you work with cremation—like grief. There is no final service that will allow you to avoid the emotions and grief you feel. Here are some of the things you might feel as you grieve through the process. 



Many people go through this as the first stage in their grieving process. They don’t want to admit that their loved one is gone. It can be soothing to avoid the death, for the time being. But it’s usually a short stage as you start to plan and recognize that your loved one is coming back. It is good to have a memorial service for yourself or anyone else who might be stuck in this phase. With a final service, you have to admit that your loved one is gone and not returning. It can bring closure to your denial and give you a chance to say goodbye. 



Anger is something many people feel as they grieve, sometimes right away and sometimes later one. You might feel angry at yourself for not telling your loved one how much they mean to you before they passed on. You might feel anger because you were in a fight when they died. You might even just be angry at the situation and over the fact that they died at all. It’s normal to feel anger, but you won’t want it to overshadow your rationality or you might regret actions later. 

cremation services in Roy, WA


One of the most common emotions surrounding a death while you are grieving is an intense sadness. You will feel sad and down, possibly even depressed, as you plan final services, carry them out, and then even after they are over. It’s hard to pull yourself out of this phase and you may feel it come and go throughout the grieving process. There are times when you want to be alone with your emotions and that’s okay, but you should also talk about how you are feeling with loved ones, so you don’t feel alone. 


These are just a few of the things you might feel as you work through your grief before, during, and after cremation services in Roy, WA. Keep in mind that the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here for you every step of the way. If you need extra help with your grieving process, we are here with resources like counselors, grief support groups, and even websites to visit, depending on what you are comfortable doing. We want you to have the compassion and support you need to walk through your grief at whatever pace you need.