funeral homes in Roy, WA

The Commonality Of Cremation With Funeral Homes

In the past, funeral homes in Roy, WA generally conducted traditional burial services and that was what they did. There were a few that helped with cremation as well. That had changed a great deal in recent decades as cremation has become much more popular in common. Today, almost every funeral home will help with cremation. And, in fact, most find that half of their services are cremation related. Why is cremation so common within funeral homes today? Here are some of the many reasons. 


Cremation Is Not Taboo Anymore 

Cremation used to be this mystical, unreachable thing that most people didn’t understand. There were so many myths out there and not a lot of information, so it makes sense that people were leery of the method. Today, though, there is plenty of information out there and people are able to understand what the method is all about—and the fact that it is perfectly respectful and honorable. Since cremation is understood as a dignified option, it no longer feels like going against the grain to use it. In general, it’s socially acceptable. Even more major religions approve, use it, and some even prefer it. 


Costs Are Lower 

While it’s hard to think about costs in terms of final services, they are very much a part of what you might be able to do. Whether you are planning final services for yourself or a loved one, there are costs involved. Some people don’t want to spend a lot on themselves while others don’t have a lot available to spend on a loved one who has passed away. Cremation has become much more common because users are recognizing how much lower the costs are with that method. There are no quality sacrifices and the person who has passed on gets everything they need, but the bottom line is a smaller cost, which makes it enticing to many people who don’t have a larger budget on hand for services or simply for those who want to leave what they do have behind for loved ones. 

funeral homes in Roy, WA

A Greater Availability 

As cremation became more popular and more requested, more funeral homes started to offer it as a service. Instead of having to search down a funeral home that offers that method, families can find it almost anywhere. Since it’s available, those who aren’t sure what direction they want to go will at least look at the option and then, they might go that direction as well. The availability goes hand in hand with the commonality of this service. 


If you are looking for funeral homes in Roy, WA to help you plan final services for yourself, or for a loved one who has passed on, you will be able to look at the options between traditional funeral services and cremation choices. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary won’t push you in any direction or decide anything for you, but we will make sure you have the details you need to make an informed decision yourself.