cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Your Loved One’s Urn Details After Cremation Services

Once you decide that you want to have cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, you can choose a package from the funeral home and know that their needs are going to be met. The packages even include a simple container for their remains so you don’t even have to worry about that. However, a lot of families like to have some kind of urn involved in the process. There are details that go into choosing that urn and you will want to make sure you choose the right option for your situation and your specific loved one. Here are some tips to help you with that choice.

Ask For Advice On Size

Before you choose an urn based on any of the important elements, you are going to want to get advice from the funeral home professionals as to what size you need. As is true for caskets, there are different urn sizes as well and what your loved one needs will depend on their height and weight. The professionals can let you know what size you need and they can show you options or you can go to other vendors to find what you need.

The Timeline Is All Yours

You might feel like you need to have an urn in place right away after your loved one passes on if you are going for direct cremation. If that’s what you want to do, you can certainly choose an urn right away. However, you can also take your time with the process, if you so choose. Your loved one can use the simple container the provider will give you until you make another choice for them. It might help you to find the right fit if you are able to take your time.

Watch The Budget

You might have certain budgetary parameters in mind as you look toward your loved one’s final services. You are going to want to make sure their needs are met first and foremost. After that, if you still have money, you can look at the urn options. You might want to set a budget for that as well because there may be other things you have in mind for leftover funds, too. Set a cost level and stick with it. Let the professionals know what you have in mind for cost and they can help you stay in the right region.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Look At Functionality

You may want an urn with aesthetic appeal, but it’s also important to get something that will function well. Consider the functions of each urn up against your needs. If you want to keep the urn in your family home, for example, getting a biodegradable urn that is meant to break down is not a good idea.

The professionals can help you with cremation services in Lakewood, WA and urn options that you might consider for your loved one. Contact Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary to meet your loved one’s needs and find the other things you want for their final services.