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Writing A Death Announcement For Cremation Services

There are lots of things to do and decide when a loved one passes away. One thing remains the same whether you choose a funeral or cremation services Roy, WA, you will likely want to write up a death announcement or obituary so the public will know what happened to your loved one and that they are gone. Here are some things to think about as you move forward with that part of the process.

Figure Out What Needs To Be Included

While there are no set things you absolutely have to have in the announcement, there are standard items that most people like to see. You will want to list their full name as well as any prominent nicknames. You will want to place their birth and death dates on the announcement as well. Most people also include family member names that preceded them in death and those closest to them that are still around. That can help the public recognize the person who died or the relatives they might know around them.

Decide If You Want To Put In Service Details

If you know what you are doing for your loved one’s memorial services, you can include those in the death announcement as well, if you wish. If the services are going to be open to the public, this is an easy way to get the word out to anyone who might want to attend. Even if you aren’t opening the services to the public, you can state that the family will be holding something private and list the location so that if people want to send cards and gifts, they can do so.

Consider Donation Information

Some families appreciate flowers as gifts and they will get plenty of arrangements when someone passes on. But if you would rather see those monies go to a charity in honor of your loved one, you might consider listing that donation information in the death announcement as well. That will give everyone a clear path as to where to send money if they want to honor your loved one in that way. They don’t have to contact the funeral home, your family, or anyone else to find out.

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Figure Out Where To List The Announcement

Once you have the announcement written up and you’ve had family members check it over to make sure everything looks good, you will likely have it listed on the cremation provider’s website as part of their package deal. But you can also have it placed in newspapers and other locations to spread the word to certain communities that might know and miss your loved one.

If you are ready to go through the process of writing a death announcement around cremation services Roy, WA, you don’t have to do it alone. Not only do you have family and friends standing behind you and supporting you, but the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you with every need along the way as well.