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Trends in Green Memorials at Spanaway, WA Funeral Homes

Arranging a memorial service and funeral comes with many questions, and another one is entering the picture for many people – how do we handle a funeral with a minimal carbon footprint? Green memorials are becoming one of the hottest trends for Spanaway, WA funeral homes, and Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary is stepping up to the challenge. Here are some of the hottest trends in green memorial services and funerals in today’s market.

Recycled and Sustainable Products

Many caskets and urns used to be made from synthetic products or wood from rarer trees, but more people are choosing environmentally options. Lines of caskets are available that are made from recycled wood and from sustainably logged trees. For those who choose cremation, many people are choosing biodegradable urns that will break down and release the tree seeds within, transforming the remains into a tree. Options are also available for ocean burial after cremation in a way that boosts local sea life.

Memorial Gardens

Rather than a carefully trimmed and treated lawn, many funeral homes and cemeteries are embracing the flow of nature and letting plants grow. In memorial gardens, the markers and headstones are placed alongside a mix of flowers and plants that create a colorful and dramatic accent to the tributes. Ideal for those who love nature and want a living environment to pay tribute to their loved ones, memorial gardens are gaining a foothold in cemeteries around the country.

Green Charities

It used to be common for people to receive many tributes to their loved ones in the form of flowers and other gifts. But a growing trend is to ask for donations to a meaningful charity in lieu of gifts and flowers, both to give the family less additions to deal with and to make a difference. Health-related charities are a common choice, but green charities that help the environment and animal life are gaining in popularity.

Plant-Based Receptions

It’s common after a funeral to host a catered reception, often filled with foods that the deceased loved in life. But many people are concerned about the impact of animal-based foods on the environment and the body, and that’s affecting their choices in catered receptions. More catering facilities and restaurants are offering vegetarian and vegan versions of classic dishes, including full plant-based catering menus.

Alternative Transportation

The traditional funeral procession is a dramatic way to announce not just a passing, but how many people were touched by the person in life. However, a string of traditional cars on a drive can add a lot of carbon to the environment. That’s why many funeral homes are happy to arrange a funeral procession with alternative choices for vehicles, including horse-drawn carriages and electric vehicles with a smaller carbon footprint.

Are you looking for a green memorial service that celebrates your loved one’s life while minimizing environmental impact? Funeral homes in Spanaway, WA can help, so contact us today to set up a consultation with our funeral director.