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Professional Ideas For Summer Memorial Services

Once you decide on cremation for a loved one, you can have a memorial service whenever you want. Even if you wait a few months or longer, funeral homes Roy, WA are there to help you with the plans or, at the very least, to give you advice and options along with ideas that can help you get things set up just right for the occasion. Here are a few things they might want you to think through when you start the planning process.

Indoor Venue Options Allow Element Control

Weather can do tons of different things during the summer. In this area of the country, it can rain, storms can come through, and the heat index can be unbearable as well. When you choose an indoor venue for your loved one’s memorial service, you can control the temperature and the elements inside that venue. You don’t have to worry about the sun being too hot or anyone getting rained on. You set the thermostat and everyone remains comfortable. That’s a huge advantage of having a memorial service inside during the summer months.

Outdoor Services Should Be Backed Up

There are some families that are going to want to have their loved one’s memorial services outside, and that’s great. Having something outside can be very special as well. However, if you decide to have an outdoor service, you will want to back it up, just in case. If it rains or the sun is so hot that you can’t bear to be outside, you will want to have an indoor location booked as back up. You can also have a secondary date in mind in case weather gets in the way and you really want to have something outside. You can move the memorial services to that date instead.

Serve Refreshing Items

When you have a memorial service during the summer, people aren’t thinking about soup and hot chocolate, but rather nice, cool foods. Have cold beverages and foods like cold cuts and chips. You can even have an ice cream dessert bar to really cool things down. When people come in from the heat, having something cool can be nice.

Send Plants For Longer Enjoymentfuneral homes Roy, WA

If you hear that a family you know is going through final service planning for a loved one, you might want to send something to support them. There are lots of options and most people go for flowers or a card with money in it. While those are always valid choices, during the summer, you might want to send a plant that the family can place in their landscaping or garden. It will last longer and can be something they use as a memorial to their loved one. They will also think of you and your support when they see it.

There are lots of other summer memorial ideas that funeral homes Roy, WA can give to your family. Just give them a call, even if it’s been months since your loved one’s cremation took place.