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Headstone Inscription-What’s Right For Your Loved One?

There are lots of decisions you are going to have to make when working with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA on a loved one’s final services. You will have to decide on a funeral in the first place and you will also consider which cemetery you want to bury them in. Once you have the services set up and the plot purchased, you might consider the headstone you get for your loved one. You will have to go along with cemetery rules, of course, and you want something special that will showcase your loved one’s personality and style. Here are a few ideas that can help you move in the right direction.

Something Humorous

If your loved one always had a punchline, keeping things standard and serious might not feel like the right move. It’s completely up to you what you put on the headstone and if that means something with a jokey humor to it, that can be the right move for your loved one. Perhaps you will smile every time you see it, which is never a bad thing.

Lyrics From A Song

If your loved one adored certain bands, or had a favorite song, you might want to use lyrics for that sone on their headstone. It might sum up how you feel about them, their personality, or something else important about them. Those lyrics can say it all.

Favorite Quotes

Did your loved one always say something that meant things to each person they spoke to? Something they said a lot can help you to remember them in a lovely manner. You can put that quote right there on their headstone so no one will ever forget that about them.


Many people have given names, and then they have nicknames. It’s not uncommon for Robert to become Bobby, Robby, or Rob, for example. But there are more unique nicknames out there as well that have more of a story behind them. You will likely want the person’s name on headstone, but if they are known by something else, you may want that on the headstone as well.

Family Labels

The person who died was a significant part of your family and they label they held wasfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA important to them and to everyone who knew them. Whether they’re a mom, sister, daughter, grandma, or all of the above, you can signify your feelings for them through that family label.

There are lots of options for the services you want to have with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA and there are even more decisions to make outside of the service. When you think of the headstone you are going to inscribe for your loved one, there are plentiful things to consider. This headstone is a permanent memorial to your loved one so you want things to be just right. Check the spelling, run things by family, and get advice from the professionals so you can move forward and put something just right on the headstone.