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Cremated Remains Burial

Nothing compares to the anguish of losing a loved one, whether a family member or a close friend. Despite this, we are still expected to make major decisions and make arrangements during this time of mourning. From notifying the family to writing an obituary and making funeral arrangements, it appears that there is an endless list of tasks to complete in a short period. One choice is whether to have a cremation or a traditional burial. Allow the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA to assist you with this.

Based on your feelings and the wishes of your family members, this can be a simple or complicated decision. However, if you decide to cremate, the next question is whether you will bury the cremated remains. While you may wish to scatter cremated remains in a location meaningful to you or a deceased loved one, this may not be the best long-term decision.

There are numerous reasons why cemeteries should be the final resting place for cremated remains.

Some Places Are Present Today but Gone Tomorrow

We’ve all seen movies where family members or friends scatter their loved one’s ashes in a lake, a forest, or another location meaningful to the individual. These special moments can provide a sense of peace at the time. But, as time passes, we realize that nothing in this world is permanent. Lakes can evaporate, and forests can be destroyed by anything from a forest fire to logging or deforestation. Other once peaceful and calm open spaces could be transformed into a loud, bustling shopping center, concrete parking lot, or landfill. The process of scattering cremated remains can also be unpredictable, reducing the event’s impact.

A Permanent Resting Place Is an Advantage

People understandably want to keep their loved ones close, which is why many people bring their family members’ cremated remains home with them. While memories can be made with their urn on a shelf or your fireplace mantle, the problems usually arise after you’re gone. All too frequently, we hear horror stories about ashes being sold at garage sales and people not realizing what is inside until they get home. Other instances occur when people die and their loved ones’ remains are sold as part of an estate or home purchase, leaving the new homeowner to decide what to do with them. In most cases, these people will do something that isn’t in your loved one’s best interests, such as leaving them somewhere meaningless or even throwing the cremated remains away.

Leaving a Legacy That Will Be Passed on to the Next Generation Is Essentialfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA 

Few things are more important to a person’s memory than their legacy and how others remember them. The way your loved one lived their life represents the legacy they wished to leave behind; and it is up to you, as their friend or family member, to protect that on their behalf after they are gone. By burying cremated remains, you provide a permanent resting place for both their cremated remains and their memory. Their name will go down in history as someone who had a significant impact on at least one other person during their lifetime. This legacy will be passed down through generations as you tell your children, their children, and others about their life passions and accomplishments.

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