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Attending A Funeral Home Viewing

If your family is traditional, they might feel the need to have a regular service with funeral homes in Roy, WA when a person in your family passes on. Those traditional services generally include a funeral service, preceded by a visitation and after those, there’s often a burial service. If it’s been a while since you have been to visitation, or if you never have before, here are some pointers to help you feel more comfortable with the process.

Wear Something Nice, But No Funeral Wear

Visitation services are more casual than funerals. They are more of an open house style where you can come and go as you please. You don’t have to get there at a certain time, but rather within a range of time. You also don’t have to wear formal clothing, like you would to a funeral. The feel is more casual and while you will want to dress nicely, you don’t have to wear anything black or formal. You can come straight from work in something decent and fit in just fine.

Get The Closure You Need, However You Feel Comfortable

Often, people go to visitations in order to support the family and share their condolences. But you might also go because you want to say a final goodbye to your loved one or get the closure you need. You will want to get that closure however possible during that service. You might want to approach the casket and speak to your loved one, saying goodbye. Or you might want to stay back in the room and simply get the closure in just being there. You don’t have to approach the casket if you don’t want to. Closure can come however you are comfortable having it.

Talk To The Family

It is nice to talk to the family members closest to the person who died while you are at the visitation. You might not have much time at the funeral and since the visitation is more casual, you have more time to talk to the family. You don’t have to say anything huge or important. Nothing you say or do can make things better, anyway. Just let them know you are thinking of them and that you are sorry for their loss. Knowing that you are there for them is enough.

Consider The Funeral Insteadfuneral homes in Roy, WA

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of visitation, or if the timeline doesn’t work well for you, it’s okay to skip the visitation and just go to the funeral, if that is what you feel good about doing. You can also go to just the visitation and not the funeral. There’s no rule anywhere that you have to attend both, though you can certainly do that as well if that’s what you want.

If you are invited to a visitation service, funeral homes in Roy, WA is here to help you with the options and with how to navigate any service you are going to attend. Contact them at any time.