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Where To Place Family Members At The Funeral Home

When you are planning final services for a family member at funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, you might be the person making the decisions, but you are not the only person who cared about that individual. You might want to ask certain family members to participate in the service in one way or another. First, you need the help. And second, it can feel like an honor for them to participate. Here are a few places you might want to put a family member during the services for your loved one.

A Greeter

Do you have a family member who has never met a stranger? They’re one of those people that everyone is comfortable with because they make them feel welcome. You might place them at the entrance of the funeral home to greet guests as they come for the service. Funeral home employees can also be stationed there to show people where to go, but it can be nice for family to see a familiar face, if possible.

Passing Out The Bulletins

If you have put together an order of events, or even a sheet that talks more about the person who passed away, you might want to station someone at the back of the room to hand them out. You could just have them laying on a table for people to pick up, but it’s a nice personal touch to have a family member doing this job as people enter. You could even ask an older child to assist an adult, so they are part of the service as well.


If someone in your family has a nice speaking voice and you feel they would be able to keep their emotions in check in order to read a passage, you might ask them to be a part of the service in that way. Again, the person presiding over the service can always do that part, but it’s often nice to have a personal touch and a family member doing a small, important part that can be rather touching.

funeral homes in Lakewood, WA

Drinks And Trash At The Reception

You know that person who lives to serve. They are always asking you what you need and how they can help. They would be the perfect person to preside over the reception. Even if they didn’t organize the reception, they could go around, refill drinks, take plates, and do other things to keep people comfortable and concentrated on spending time with family.

If you have a family member or a friend you want to include in the final services somehow, talk to the experts at funeral homes in Lakewood, WA and tell them about that person and their overall personality. At Week’s Dryer Mortuary, we are able to suggest places that might be a good fit for them. You don’t want to ask someone super shy to do a reading, for example, but they might be comfortable lighting candles and then taking their leave of being up front.