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What Exactly Is an Immediate Burial

Post-funeral receptions allow guests and family members to spend time together and remember the deceased in a more relaxed setting. For many people, these gatherings provide a more comfortable setting for remembering the deceased and spending time with friends. Please look into the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA. 

What Should You Expect at a Post-Funeral Reception 

Many post-funeral receptions are held at the family’s home, though they may also be held at religious places of worship’s social halls, restaurants, or other locations. Food and beverages are typically served, often as a buffet. In many cases, the family will provide food and beverages, but in some cases, the community or the social committee of the church or synagogue will provide food and beverages. 

A post-funeral reception is less formal and social than a funeral, but it is still a solemn occasion. You may be tempted to laugh while sharing memories of the deceased, and you should. However, it is critical to remain respectful and not go wild.  

What Should You Bring to a Post-Funeral Reception

In some communities, the family of the deceased will host the reception and provide food and beverages, whereas, in others, food and beverages are potlucks. If you want to bring something to the reception, check with the reception coordinator to see what you can bring. If you intend to bring alcoholic beverages, make sure that alcohol is permitted. Many cultures and religions, including Judaism, Islam, and the Church of Latter-Day Saints, forbid alcohol in general or at funerals in particular. 

Funeral Reception Protocol

When attending a funeral reception, it’s critical to understand the expected etiquette. Even if the deceased’s family or close friends are casual, liberal, or otherwise laid back, it is best if you never assume that deviating from the social norms typically expected at a memorial service is appropriate. 


  • Follow the family’s instructions and requests. 

Please read the reception and service information. The family may have special requests for their visitors. 

  • Don’t treat it similar to a regular buffet. 

When food is served, pay attention to how much you take. Eat one serving and then go get seconds if there are any leftovers after everyone has eaten. 

  • Be aware of your drinking limits. 

There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks but know your limits. 

  • Wear conservative and neutral color clothes. 

Unless otherwise stated, it’s finest to stick with this attire for a funeral. 

  • Make an informed decision about bringing your children. 

Children are usually welcome at funerals, but this is not always the case. It is critical to check ahead of time to see if children are permitted. 

  • Bring a compassionate gift for the family. 

Unless the family expressly requests no gifts or a specific type of gift, consider bringing afuneral homes in Eatonville, WA sympathy gift of your choice. Many funeral reception gift ideas are both appropriate and meaningful. 

Many receptions do not have an end time, whereas some post-funeral gatherings do. It is up to you, as with any other type of party, to decide how long you want to stay at the event. If you stay until the end, when the majority of the other guests have left, you might consider helping with the cleanup. Consider calling the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for advice on how to assist at a post-funeral reception or gathering, or come and visit our team for further guidance.