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What Does Scattering Ashes Represent

With more people opting for cremation over burial, scattering is quickly becoming a popular method of final disposition. Because it’s important to have a meaningful way to lay your loved one to rest, many people wonder, “What does scattering ashes symbolize?” To learn more about this final disposition, look into cremation services in Eatonville, WA.

Here are some scattering ashes symbolisms.

Letting Go

Let go is the most obvious symbolic meaning represented by scattering ashes. You are letting go of your loved one when you scatter their ashes in water or over the earth. This can be a significant step in the grieving process.

One of the primary distinctions between a traditional burial site and scattering ashes is that there is much less of a specific location to which you can go. Planting a memorial tree at the scattering site, erecting an engraved memorial stone, or taking photographs are some ways to address this.


When you scatter your loved one’s ashes, you are essentially giving their remains away. This can be viewed as a sacrifice, as you are giving up rather than holding on.

Offerings are frequently poured out as an act of sacrifice in the Bible. The idea is to submit to God’s will and acknowledge that everything comes from him and is for him.

Consider allowing each family member to participate in the scattering by taking turns pouring out the remains or by providing each individual with a small scattering urn. Set up a way for participants to donate to your loved one’s favorite cause or non-profit organization to emphasize the sacrifice aspect of the scattering.


Water represents the infinite in its journey from the clouds to the mountains as rain or snow, through the countryside in rivers and streams, out into the far reaches of the globe on the high seas, and back to the clouds to repeat the cycle.

Scattering ashes into the water represents your loved one’s identification with the never-ending, infinite cycle. This symbolism is especially effective when the scattering occurs in a flowing river or into the ocean.

For this reason, cremated ashes are often scattered into a holy river or the ocean in some eastern traditions, particularly among Hindu and Buddhist adherents. In a vivid depiction of the infinite, the remains of the departed loved one are spread from the river into the ocean and throughout the world.

Consider a water-scattering urn, which is made entirely of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. As the urn biodegrades, it holds the remains and begins to dissolve when it comes into contact with water, dispersing the remains from the ocean floor. This option allows you to scatter ashes at sea without fear of spillage or wind damage.


The act of scattering cremated remains resembles the act of sowing seeds in appearance. Whether you cast the remains onto land or water, the image of sowing your loved one’s remains in death to be raised in new life remains.

This concept is lovely and appealing. A seed is being transformed by death into a new and vibrant entity. This idea is beautifully reflected in the scattering of ashes.cremation services in Eatonville, WA

Consider incorporating wildflower seeds into the ashes. This serves as a visual representation of new birth, resurrection, and the afterlife. Then, later in the year, you can return to admire the wildflowers as they bloom.

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