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Ways to Remember a Baby Who Has Died

Losing a child can cause significant and long-term grief. Bereaved parents can honor their baby’s memory in a variety of ways, including creating a website in their honor or commemorating their baby’s birthday or due date every year. Some parents plant trees or make garden sculptures, while others get a baby loss tattoo with their child’s name, footprints, or another meaningful symbol. The cremation services in Eatonville, WA have compiled a list of suggestions for remembering a baby who died during pregnancy or infancy.

No matter when or how a baby dies, the grief can be profound and long-lasting. Instead of remembering your time together, you’re left with fantasies about what could have been. One thing that can help you cope with your grief is to honor a baby you’ve lost. Here are some ideas for remembering a baby who died during pregnancy or infancy.

Keep Physical Mementos of Your Baby

Not all parents receive pictures, footprints, or other remembrances of their deceased baby, but having a tangible memento to hold and look at can be extremely comforting.

Both engraved holiday ornaments and framed quotes make excellent keepsakes. You’ll discover something special that speaks to you.

Wear Something That Reminds You of Your Baby

Some bereaved parents find solace in carrying a memento of their child with them wherever they go. Some parents wear a locket or other piece of jewelry with their child’s name, birthstone, or strand of hair. Others get a baby loss tattoo that includes their child’s name, footprints, or another special symbol that means something to them.

Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays, as well as due dates or miscarriage dates, can serve as a painful reminder of your loss. You can try to cope with your pain by doing something memorable or special that will help you find peace. In your baby’s honor, you could plant a tree or flower in your yard, make a financial donation, or drop off toys at a nearby children’s charity or hospital.

On their child’s birthday, some moms release balloons, while others share a birthday cake with their partner and sang the birthday song to their child. These are difficult times, but they can become meaningful and beautiful memories in time.

Make a Website or a Blog

Create a website or blog in your child’s honor to keep their memory alive. You could include journal entries, hospital photos, a playlist of songs that remind you of your baby, or links to advocacy groups that support legislation on stillbirth research, maternal health, and parental rights.

If you don’t want to or aren’t sure how to create your page, some websites will provide you with a template for creating a memorial website with your photos, videos, and text. Then, on the page, you can invite family and friends to share their memories with you.

Establish a Foundation or a Fundraiser

Hosting a charity event or establishing a foundation is one way to honor your baby’s lifecremation services in Eatonville, WA while also assisting other families. You could donate the funds raised to a local hospital or another organization that helped your family during their loss. You could also donate them to charities.

Are you considering ways to honor your child? The cremation services in Eatonville, WA are here to assist you in any way we can. Visit our office or call us today. We are more than willing to help you get through this difficult time.