cremation services in Roy, WA

Things Cremation Providers Won’t Say

When you are talking to providers about cremation services in Roy, WA, you might not be surprised by some of the things that they say. They might tell you that cremation is honorable and respectful. They might also remind you that cremation costs a lot less than a traditional funeral. But there are other things that they should never say. IF you hear them say any of the following, you should work with someone else.

Funeral Services Are Outdated And Irrelevant Today

Cremation providers are often people who provide cremation services, but they also often provide funeral services. They are completely fine with either option and they should never lean one way or the other—nor should they try to influence you in either direction. Funeral services have traditional aspects to them, but that can be very comforting to some families. You get to decide whether you like those traditions or not, not the provider.

Cremation Is The Best Option For Everyone

While cremation is a great option and it is the one people choose in about half the cases today, it’s not always the best option for every situation and providers should never say that it is. Funerals are still available because sometimes, that’s simply the best thing to do for someone. Cremation is also sometimes the right choice. The reason that there are still two choices is because one is right for some while the other is better for others.

Every Religion Is Okay With Cremation

It’s true that most religions are okay with cremation today, but there are still a few hold outs that don’t appreciate the method. Providers should never assume that your faith is okay with cremation unless they know what faith you are. And they shouldn’t tell you that it’s an okay way to go no matter what religion you come from because there are some that don’t appreciate the method.

cremation services in Roy, WA

Funeral Services Are Way Too Expensive

Funerals definitely cost more than cremation services, but that doesn’t make them ‘too expensive.’ When you are working with the right provider, the costs charged should be fair. You get quality services and your loved one gets their needs met. While funerals have more products and services involved than cremations, making them cost more, if the family can afford it and that’s what they want, there’s nothing wrong with spending more.

It’s hard to figure out what’s right for you or a loved one, but you should never be swayed by a provider that is saying things they shouldn’t be saying. If you hear any of the above things from someone providing cremation services in Roy, WA, it’s best to find another provider who will tell you the truth about everything and not pressure you about anything. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are happy to help you with whatever decisions you make. While we will decide nothing for you, we will support you in whatever you decide and give you the options and information you need along the way.