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Staying Next to Each Other Eternally

A recent burial trend has given new meaning to the traditional marriage vow of till death do us part. It’s known as a double-depth burial. When two people, usually a husband and wife, die, their caskets are placed on top of one another in the cemetery. The couple then has a single marker with both names. If you and your loved ones are interested, look into the funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for more information.

There are also options for couples who have different final wishes but want to be buried together in the same cemetery space. In the same plot, cemeteries can accommodate a single in-ground burial of a cremation urn and a casket. In this case, the casket would be buried deeper and the urn would be buried above it.

There are mausoleum options for couples who prefer an above-ground final resting place. The caskets would be placed side by side in a companion crypt. A tandem crypt placement, in which the caskets are arranged lengthwise, is also an option.

Aside from the sentimentality of spending eternity together on earth, there are some potential cost-saving benefits to double-depth burials, such as the costs associated with cemetery spaces and monuments, which can be cut in half by two people sharing one plot.

The Story Behind Commingled Burials

Commingled graves refer to the burial of multiple people in a single location. These could be primary or secondary burials, meaning the body is buried after some decomposition at another location. It is important to note that not all mass graves are linked to violence. During outbreaks of disease or natural disasters, mass graves may be used to bury the dead. For example, during the 14th-century Black Death or bubonic plague pandemic, mass graves were common due to a large number of additional deaths. A recent paper highlighted this with the discovery of a rare rural Black Death mass grave in England. This event is thought to have killed roughly one-third of Europe’s population.

The presence of a large number of bodies buried together frequently suggests a tragic and disturbing event, especially in a forensic context, such as violence or natural disaster. The special issue of Forensic Anthropology focusing on commingled remains is freely accessible to us. It contains articles on methods for dealing with such situations as well as case studies. These sections and journal articles may be upsetting to some of you.

Although cemetery staff will work with couples to ensure their final wishes are met, double-depth burials necessitate extensive discussion and planning. What are your final thoughts? Arefuneral homes in Lakewood, WA these also what your loved ones want? Do you want to capitalize on this new burial trend? Take some time to consider how and with whom you want to be buried, and then locate a cemetery and begin planning. The funeral homes in Lakewood, WA can assist you with all of the planning and arrangements. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team. You can also come to our office and negotiate with one of our licensed professionals.