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Skip These Funeral Extras With Cremation Options

It might feel impossible to make plans for a loved one who has passed on because you are emotional and trying to grieve. At the same time, you want the best for that person and you want to ensure that their needs are met. You can choose between funeral and cremation services in Eatonville, WA, to begin with, and both are completely honorable and respectful. However, if you are limited on budget or you want to do things at a fast pace, cremation allows you lower prices and the ability to skip a lot of the extras. Here are some of the things you bypass by choosing cremation services.

Embalming Your Loved One

Embalming is something funeral homes do to help preserve a person’s body. It is a nice service to consider if you are going to have a funeral or visitation service with an open casket. You want your loved one to be in good form for such services. Embalming is an optional service, but with cremation, it really is not necessary or warranted at all. Your loved one can go straight into cremation and there’s need for this costly service to be involved.

Caskets For Burial

Funeral services are always followed by burials. People whose bodies are still in that form are going to need a casket and a plot in the cemetery. The caskets, even the simple ones, come at a cost. When you have cremation done instead, you don’t have to worry about spending money on a casket. You can get an urn, if you want, which will be much smaller and less costly. Or, you can use the simple container the provider will offer as a part of any package you choose for your loved one.

Funeral Services

Funeral services have a lot of traditions and ceremonies that go along with them, as well as costs. You will have to rent the location, whether it’s the funeral home or a local church. You might have to pay someone to preside over the service, for flowers to display, and so on and so forth. If you go for cremation, those costs are completely gone. You can have a memorial service later on, if you choose to do so, and those costs are all up in the air until that time. There are plenty of economical ways to have a memorial service for someone after cremation.

Burial Vaults For The Cemetery Plotcremation services in Eatonville, WA

Most cemeteries require burial vaults, which surround your loved one’s casket within the ground. These vaults help to protect your loved one’s remains, but also the ground around them. The cemetery doesn’t want sink holes or uneven grounds because it is unsightly and can be dangerous as well. The vaults protect from that, but they also come at a cost. You never need a vault for burial with cremation. You can choose other resting places that are honorable, but less costly.

When you decide on cremation services in Eatonville, WA for a loved one, these extras can be ruled out.