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Reasons To Consider Customizing A Loved One’s Headstone

You might feel like the traditions and ceremonies involved with regular services with funeral homes in Roy, WA are cathartic and helpful to the healing process. Many people feel they get the closure they need as well as a chance to say a final goodbye through that process. However, your loved one was unique and special and you want their service to be meaningful and different as well. While there are lots of ways you can do that, you might want to consider making their headstone a customized marker for a variety of reasons. Here are a few to think of.

1-The Grave Would Be Easier To Find

If your loved one’s headstone is a unique color that no one else has, a different material, or a special shape, it’s going to stand out in the cemetery. Their grave will be easy to find, even if you don’t remember exactly what row it is in, because you will spot that headstone with more ease than you would something that fits in more.

2-Give Your Loved One Something Special

There is no one else like your loved one and you may want to have a unique headstone to point out that fact. If they adored cats, an etching of a cat on the headstone might feel fitting. Perhaps they loved pink and you can get a granite stone in that color. Those differences can make the headstone feel fitting for your special loved one’s personality and style.

3-Honor Your Loved One’s Personality

There are endless ways to honor someone after their death, but their final resting place is permanent when you choose a cemetery—and so is the headstone. While you might want to honor them with a funeral first, the resting place is something you can revisit again and again as you think of them in the coming years. By getting something unique for your loved one, you are able to honor them permanently in a way they would appreciate. A bit of their personality and style will stand out with that unique piece.

4-Show Future Generations Details On Your Familyfuneral homes in Roy, WA

You may visit the cemetery in the future and perhaps you will take younger generations with you. Others may come and show their children as well. The future generations are going to see the unique headstone and understand that your family loved its own and cared for them in a special manner. They might also learn something about that specific loved one based on what you have on the headstone.

Headstones are always going to be unique because they are going to be featuring a unique person’s name and details. However, the professionals at funeral homes in Roy, WA can go through lots of details and customizations you can choose between to make something really different and special for your loved one. Make sure to check with the cemetery you are using and follow any rules and regulations they have for headstones and go from there on the details.