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Products Available At Funeral Homes

Working with funeral homes in Spanaway, WA, you know you have professionals on your side that can help with final services. And while you don’t have to make every purchase from the funeral home, they are going to have certain products available so you don’t have to go outside of their facilities for those things, if you don’t want to. Here are some of the things you can purchase within the funeral home.


If you are going to have a traditional burial, it’s often easiest to get the casket right there at the funeral home. They are always going to have a number of options on hand to show you what things are like and they have a good relationship with manufacturers so they can order and customize anything you’d like and get it within a matter of a day or two.


If you go with cremation over a traditional burial, you are also going to have the option of getting an urn from the funeral home. Cremation packages come with simple containers, but if you want to upgrade to an urn of your choosing, the funeral home will have plenty of options to show you. You do not have to buy from them and if you want something specific they don’t have, they can help you find a vendor that can work with your needs.


Vaults are casings that go into the ground to surround the casket (or the urn if you are burying it). They are an important part of the process and most cemeteries require them. Not only do they protect your loved one’s urn or casket, but they also keep the integrity of the ground in the cemetery intact so it looks nice and remains safe and smooth for those who walk through the area. The funeral home can help you with the vault as there are options in that category as well.


This is also something you can buy outside of the funeral home, but if you are looking for a certain memorial item for your loved one, they will have many options to show you. One of the most popular is an engraved stone that you can place in a garden. Benches are another thing many people appreciate. Funeral homes can offer you variety and an easy place to get what you want.

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There are many other things you can get within funeral homes in Spanaway, WA, but you should never feel pressured to buy from our facilities. At Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary, we like to offer a variety of things for your convenience. Many families appreciate that they can get everything they need in one location, working with one funeral director. It’s convenient and makes things easier. But you certainly don’t have to operate that way if you see fit to go another direction. We will support your decisions in every way. Give us a call and we can tell you about the options we offer and show you what you need to see.