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Details On Outdoor Cremation Service Memorials

When you decide to go with cremation services Lakewood, WA for a loved one who passed on, you can have whatever kind of memorial service you want for them at any time. Many people like to wait for a nice time of the year so they can have something outside. You can either have a memorial that feels like a funeral, or something light-hearted and more celebratory. There are outside locations that work for any type of service. Here are some things to think about as you work on the service details.

The Service Style

If you are going to have a somber service, you may not want to have something in a public park where others might be wandering around or where someone might throw a frisbee into the area where you are having the service. You will want to think about the style of the service you want along with the outdoor area you want to have it so you can set and keep the right tone.

Consider Having Water Available

Outside services can be rather warm and even if the temperature is ideal, people can get overwhelmed with emotion and talking more than usual to others. Having water around can help them to calm down, hydrate, and get what they need while being outside at the service. Some people might think to bring some, but not everyone will and it can help you to have that option available to those who need it.

Shade The Area

Consider the direction of the sun and what you want for the service. If it’s going to be bright and sunny, shade under a big tree or putting up a tent for shelter might be nice. You can also have the service in a park with a picnic shelter so you are able to accommodate guests’ comfort.

Look Into Rules Of The Location

Certain locations are going to have rules and you will need to follow those in order to be above board. You don’t want to just show up in a park for a memorial without knowing if you have to book a time or space. There should be no misunderstandings because you haven’t looked over the rules.

Consider Possible Weather Conditions

You really never know what the weather is going to do and if you have a memorial outside, you will likely be planning it ahead of time, at least a little. You might want to have a backupcremation services Lakewood, WA plan for an indoor location or a secondary date if you are afraid that the weather might take a change for the worse.

Once you have the cremation services Lakewood, WA for a loved one completed, you are going to want to ensure that the memorial service you plan for them is everything you want it to be. The professionals will help you with ideas and options, but if you want to have something outside, there are other things you are going to want to consider. Get everything lined up as best you can.

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Attending A Cremation Service—Virtual Style

There are many different things you can do for a loved one’s cremation services Roy, WA and perhaps you have been to enough memorials to know there are a lot of different options available. With the pandemic, a lot of families even had virtual memorials. They maybe had a small in person service and allowed others to attend in a virtual manner. If that is new to you, here are some tips to help you attend that kind of service with as much comfort as possible.

Find A Comfortable Spot

Virtual services will likely be held over the computer and you can move your computer around your home and find a comfortable spot. You can leave it at the computer desk, if you choose, or situate it near the couch. If you are having some immediate family over to attend with you, you might need to set seating up for others as well.

Set A Nice Background

If people will be able to see you during the service, you want the background to be a nice one. You can set a virtual background or sit somewhere that has a piece of artwork behind you or a blank wall.

Dress Accordingly

Even if you aren’t going to be at the service in person, you might want to dress as you would to go. You are still attending the service and you want to be as respectful as possible about how things go. If people can see you, you want to look nice and even if they can’t, you want to be dressed in a way that shows your respects for the service that is set up for all of you.

Mute Your Computer

If you aren’t invited to speak, it’s a good idea to mute your side of the computer. You never know when someone might ring the doorbell or when the dog might bark. You don’t want to disturb the process by lending any background noise to the service.

Send A Gift Anyway

Even if you can’t make the service, or the family has asked for you to attend virtually so they can keep the numbers down, you can still send a gift to them. You might send flowers to becremation services in Roy, WA in the background of the smaller in person service they are going to have. Or, you might send a card with money in it for a memorial to that person. You can also send gift cards, plants, or many other items.

Attending a virtual service should feel much the same way as attending a service in person in terms of the way you dress, act, and what you want to send as a gift. If you have questions about cremation services in Turtle Creek, PA and what the virtual memorial services are like, the professionals can help you at any time. They are there to set up memorial services and help those in mourning.

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Planning Your Services Ahead With Funeral Home Pros

Perhaps your aging parents have taken it upon themselves to plan their own final services out ahead of time. A friend of yours with a terminal illness has done the same. What about you? Do you feel ready to contact funeral homes Lakewood, WA to put your plans into place? You can make plans at any time, whether you are young and healthy or not. Whenever you feel ready to move forward with plans, you can. And when that time comes, you will want to know what you have to do to get things in order. Here are a few items to check off your list.

Hire Funeral Home Professionals

When you think about the plans you want to put into place, you are going to need professionals to help you with the process. You will want to hire a funeral home to hold onto the plans, and to help you plan things out in the first place. There are plenty of funeral homes on the market and you will have to find the company that is right for your needs and your family. You have time on your hands since your plans don’t have to be done right away. You can investigate the various options and figure out just what’s right for you.

Decide Between The Major Services

There are two main services you will have to choose between: cremation and funeral home services. That will be the first decision you make when you start to think about the options. The decision you make in that way will help determine what other things you have to decide upon. With cremation, you might choose a package, an urn (if you want) and set up a memorial service. You can also state where you want your final resting place to be. With funeral services, you need a casket, a plot in a cemetery, and funeral plans, among other things. The decisions you have to make vary based on which first choice you make.

Consider Using Your Money To Pay

Just as you have the option of planning ahead, you can also pay ahead, if you choose to do so. It’s a nice thing to do because you will pay less for the process. Prices today are lower than they are going to be in the future. When you pay today’s prices, your services won’t risefuneral homes Lakewood, WA in price in the future. You’ve already paid and won’t be charged extra. Plus, once the service costs are covered, you don’t have to leave that burden to your family, either. It’s nice to know that’s another thing they won’t have to worry about when the time comes.

Explain To Your Family

Once funeral homes Lakewood, WA have your services in order, they will likely advise you to talk to your family about what you have chosen. Your family needs to know where the plans are so they can call that company when the time comes and put your plans into action. It’s also nice for them to know what you want directly from you.

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Professional Ideas For Summer Memorial Services

Once you decide on cremation for a loved one, you can have a memorial service whenever you want. Even if you wait a few months or longer, funeral homes Roy, WA are there to help you with the plans or, at the very least, to give you advice and options along with ideas that can help you get things set up just right for the occasion. Here are a few things they might want you to think through when you start the planning process.

Indoor Venue Options Allow Element Control

Weather can do tons of different things during the summer. In this area of the country, it can rain, storms can come through, and the heat index can be unbearable as well. When you choose an indoor venue for your loved one’s memorial service, you can control the temperature and the elements inside that venue. You don’t have to worry about the sun being too hot or anyone getting rained on. You set the thermostat and everyone remains comfortable. That’s a huge advantage of having a memorial service inside during the summer months.

Outdoor Services Should Be Backed Up

There are some families that are going to want to have their loved one’s memorial services outside, and that’s great. Having something outside can be very special as well. However, if you decide to have an outdoor service, you will want to back it up, just in case. If it rains or the sun is so hot that you can’t bear to be outside, you will want to have an indoor location booked as back up. You can also have a secondary date in mind in case weather gets in the way and you really want to have something outside. You can move the memorial services to that date instead.

Serve Refreshing Items

When you have a memorial service during the summer, people aren’t thinking about soup and hot chocolate, but rather nice, cool foods. Have cold beverages and foods like cold cuts and chips. You can even have an ice cream dessert bar to really cool things down. When people come in from the heat, having something cool can be nice.

Send Plants For Longer Enjoymentfuneral homes Roy, WA

If you hear that a family you know is going through final service planning for a loved one, you might want to send something to support them. There are lots of options and most people go for flowers or a card with money in it. While those are always valid choices, during the summer, you might want to send a plant that the family can place in their landscaping or garden. It will last longer and can be something they use as a memorial to their loved one. They will also think of you and your support when they see it.

There are lots of other summer memorial ideas that funeral homes Roy, WA can give to your family. Just give them a call, even if it’s been months since your loved one’s cremation took place.

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Buying A Casket For Traditional Funerals

When you decide to have a traditional service in funeral homes in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, that is an honorable choice to make. It’s a big decision to make as well and you might feel a sense of relief over having made it. Once that choice is made, you will have to figure out the rest of the process. You will need to buy a casket, for example. Here are some tips to help you to get what you need for your loved one and the rest of your family.

Portion Off The Right Amount In The Budget

You might have a budget for this process, and you should. When it comes to buying a casket, you will want to take a portion of the budget off the main budget and decide how much you want to spend on the casket. You need a reasonable amount, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend too much and then not be able to afford the other needs your loved one has. The funeral home can help you to figure out what you need to spend and how much you can afford based on your budget.

Consider What Your Loved One Would Like

As is true with anything you decide around the final services, you are going to want to think about what your loved one would like. Perhaps they had a favorite color and you want the casket liner to be that color, for example. You might go with wood materials if they adored that material in their home. If you see an option that just looks like them, that’s the way to go.

Have Family Offer Input

You don’t have to go through this decision-making process alone, and you shouldn’t. Get your family involved. Make sure you take someone along with you when you are looking at options. You should also get their input when you find an option that might look right to you. See what others think and that can help you to feel right about the choice.

Take Your Time In Making Choices

While your loved one has needs and you are going to have to choose something, you also don’t have to decide immediately. Take a little time looking through the options and deciding what works best for your loved one and the rest of your family. It’s okay to sleep on things, take pictures home, and decide when it feels right.

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Find What You Want From Any Vendor

The funeral home has lots of casket options available, but you don’t have to buy from those professionals. You can get a casket from another vendor and if that works for you, the funeral home will use it. They are there to help you to navigate this tough situation. They will let you know what size you need, what the options are, and where your budget stands. Funeral homes in Lakewood, WA are there for you every step of the way in the planning.

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Reasons To Have A Memorial After Cremation

When you go with cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one’s final services, you have chosen something honorable and respectful. Funerals are also honorable and you can’t make a wrong choice between them. You simply have to do what you feel is best for your family and your loved one. When you have a funeral, certain traditions are in order. With cremation, all you have to do is get a cremation package. You don’t have to have any kind of service at all if you don’t want to. However, there are reasons why most families have a memorial service of some kind once the cremation is complete. Here are a few such reasons.

Give Everyone Closure

When someone dies, it’s important to get closure over the situation. You need to understand that your loved one has passed on and they are not returning to you. That kind of closure will help you with the grieving process. Even if you already have closure, you might want your family members to have access to that same sense of closure and peace. A memorial service can help them to get what they need.

Allow Family Time To Express Emotions

When you gather with your family at a memorial service, you have the opportunity to express emotions and support one another. You can cry at a memorial service that is more on the somber side. You can laugh at a life celebration. Emotions are going to run rampant and when you express them, it can help you to start the healing process. Everyone in your family can express the way they are feeling at that service.

Feel Less Alone In That Grieving Process

When you are grieving, you miss your loved one and you might feel as if you are completely alone. Having a memorial service brings your family together and you will recognize that there are other people who will miss your loved one as well. While you aren’t going to grieve in the same way, you will likely feel less along in your emotions and in the grieving process as a whole.

Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

Even if you feel like you have what you need to grieve and move forward, it might be nice tocremation services in Lakewood, WA honor their memory in a special way. You want your loved one to get a nice send-off and to put a final stamp on their life in a special way.

You might see one or many of these reasons as good reasons to move forward with a memorial service for your loved one after their cremation services in Lakewood, WA. There are no right or wrong reasons to have a memorial service. If you feel like that’s what you want to do, then you should move in that direction. You can have a memorial that feels more like a funeral, something more celebratory, or something in between. Consider the options and feel your way through the situation as best you can.

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Funeral Service Attending Etiquette

It’s not everyday that you have to attend final services in funeral homes in Eatonville, WA, thank goodness. But when the opportunity arises, you might need to brush up on etiquette so you are prepared and feel like you fit into the proceedings. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind or consider as you move ahead towards the service you are going to attend.

Find Out About The Dress Code

Most funerals are going to be formal and somber in nature. You can count on people wearing modest clothing in darker colors. But not every funeral is the same. You might want to inquire about the dress code if you feel like something might be different. The family might request that everyone wear light blue, for example, in honor of their loved one’s favorite color. There could be other requests and if you don’t call the funeral home and ask, you won’t know.

Arrive Just Slightly Early

You never want to arrive to a funeral late, if at all possible. But you also don’t want to be too early and feel like you are a burden to the family in grieving. Arrive at the funeral home slightly early so you can get a seat and get settled in. If you get there too early, hang out in your car in the parking lot or perhaps visit the restroom before you go to the room hosting the event.

Talk To The Grieving

It’s customary to talk to the family of the person who died sometime around the service. They might be standing around before the service and you can greet them and pass your sympathies then. Sometimes, there are also receiving lines after the service and that’s a good chance to tell them that you have been thinking of them as well. You don’t have to say anything unique or overly special, as long as you are sincere about your sentiments.

Let Your Emotions Flow

Funerals are times to go over a life well-lived and recognize the fact that you are going to miss that person. Don’t feel like you have to hold your grief in. If you feel the urge to cry, go ahead and cry. There are people who can support you during this service and you can get the hugs and shoulders to cry on that you need.

Consider A Sympathy Gift

While it’s never required, it’s often nice to consider taking a sympathy gift of some kind. It’s something the family can look at later and remember that you were there to support them and that you are there for them. You can keep it simple and take flowers, a card, or money. You can also send the family food later, a care package, or other such things.

When you are planning to go to funeral homes in Eatonville, WA for a final service, it’s a good idea to brush up on what’s expected so you can fit in and feel as comfortable as possible with the proceedings.

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Making Final Arrangements On A Budget

When someone in your family passes on, you might not have the funds you want in order to cover all the bells and whistles of a funeral. However, you can get your loved one’s needs met on a budget. The funeral home will help you go over the options, including cremation services in Eatonville, WA, and get your loved one’s needs met at a price you can afford. Here are a few tips they might pass along to you in order to get everything covered in a nice manner.

Consider Going Direct With Cremation

All of the options that funeral homes carry are honorable and respectful. Funerals, as well as cremation services, are completely honorable. You can go either way and it’s a nice way to honor your loved one. Direct cremation is something to consider when you are on a budget because you don’t have to pay the high prices that are sometimes involved with funerals. Direct cremation cuts a lot of the products and services out so you don’t have to pay for those things. That cuts the price down a good deal and from there, things cost less.

Skip Expensive Urns

When you get a cremation package from the funeral home, it comes with everything you have to have, including a simple container for your loved one’s remains. You can utilize that container and avoid buying an urn. While urns can be economical, there are also options that are quite expensive. You might spend too much based on your emotions because you want nothing but the best for your loved one. While the simple container is just that—simple, there’s nothing wrong with it and it will work just fine.

Look At Funeral Home Costs For Fairness

You will want to shop around among the funeral homes in the area to ensure that you get a fair price from the people you end up working with. Every funeral home should have price lists they can pass on to you, and they should the moment you ask. Once you have those price lists, you can compare the funeral homes to one another and that will help you to notice who charges fair, affordable prices. You might be able to avoid a funeral home that overcharges, which will help you to stick to your budget.

Keep The Services Simplecremation services in Eatonville, WA

Cremation services are all-inclusive, but once you have the cremation done, you might want to have a memorial service for your loved one as well. Keeping those services simple can help you stick to your budget. You can get family together for a meal in your home, or you can have something celebratory in a park. Simple services are nice, but cost-effective at the same time.

Check Free Resting Places

Final resting places sometimes come at a cost, like a cemetery burial, but there are other places that are free, like when you scatter ashes. The professionals who help with cremation services in Eatonville, WA can advise you on final resting places as well.


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Remain Options After Cremation Services

When you decide on cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one, there are a lot of options you could consider once the cremation part of the process is complete. Cremation has a lot of benefits to it where the timeline is concerned. You can put off any services after the actual cremation that you want to consider. You can have a memorial right away, or well down the road. You can decide on a final resting place right away, or later on. When you get to the point that you are ready for final resting place options, here are a few to consider.

Take Their Urn Home

One thing many people like to do is simply take the urn with their loved one’s ashes home with you and display it in a place of honor. You can take the urn home after the cremation until you decide what you want to do with it, or you can make it a permanent thing and keep their ashes long term. Putting the urn on the fireplace mantel, on a bedside table, in the entryway, and in a number of other places can be a good idea.

Scatter Their Remains

Some families like the idea of cremation because they can scatter their loved one’s remains in a special place. You might place your loved one on the family ground or you may take them to their favorite park. If they enjoyed the water, you may scatter them in a body of water somewhere. You can even scatter the ashes in several different places if you can’t decide on just one or you think your loved one would have liked that.

Bury Them In A Cemetery

Your loved one can be laid to rest in a cemetery, just like with a funeral and regular burial. You can place them in a smaller plot, so it costs less, but still give them that traditional burial, if that is what you want for them. You can place a headstone with them as a permanent memorial of where they are resting.

Bury Them Elsewhere

With cremation, you can still bury your loved one in the cemetery, but you also don’t have to.cremation services in Roy, WA You can bury them in your family garden, under a tree in the park, or anywhere else that you want and can (legally). You will want to check into the regulations and rules in your region and follow them. But there are certainly options to consider if you want to bury your loved one but want to avoid the cemetery.

Your loved one has certain needs when they pass on and you can address those with cremation services in Roy, WA. Any cremation package you choose can cover what they have to have, and the package will give you time to figure out what you want for your loved one next. You can decide on memorial services first, then a final resting place at another time. The timeline is all yours to do with it what you want.

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Attending A Funeral Home Viewing

If your family is traditional, they might feel the need to have a regular service with funeral homes in Roy, WA when a person in your family passes on. Those traditional services generally include a funeral service, preceded by a visitation and after those, there’s often a burial service. If it’s been a while since you have been to visitation, or if you never have before, here are some pointers to help you feel more comfortable with the process.

Wear Something Nice, But No Funeral Wear

Visitation services are more casual than funerals. They are more of an open house style where you can come and go as you please. You don’t have to get there at a certain time, but rather within a range of time. You also don’t have to wear formal clothing, like you would to a funeral. The feel is more casual and while you will want to dress nicely, you don’t have to wear anything black or formal. You can come straight from work in something decent and fit in just fine.

Get The Closure You Need, However You Feel Comfortable

Often, people go to visitations in order to support the family and share their condolences. But you might also go because you want to say a final goodbye to your loved one or get the closure you need. You will want to get that closure however possible during that service. You might want to approach the casket and speak to your loved one, saying goodbye. Or you might want to stay back in the room and simply get the closure in just being there. You don’t have to approach the casket if you don’t want to. Closure can come however you are comfortable having it.

Talk To The Family

It is nice to talk to the family members closest to the person who died while you are at the visitation. You might not have much time at the funeral and since the visitation is more casual, you have more time to talk to the family. You don’t have to say anything huge or important. Nothing you say or do can make things better, anyway. Just let them know you are thinking of them and that you are sorry for their loss. Knowing that you are there for them is enough.

Consider The Funeral Insteadfuneral homes in Roy, WA

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of visitation, or if the timeline doesn’t work well for you, it’s okay to skip the visitation and just go to the funeral, if that is what you feel good about doing. You can also go to just the visitation and not the funeral. There’s no rule anywhere that you have to attend both, though you can certainly do that as well if that’s what you want.

If you are invited to a visitation service, funeral homes in Roy, WA is here to help you with the options and with how to navigate any service you are going to attend. Contact them at any time.