cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Options For Ash Scattering Locations

Once you decide on cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, you have the biggest, most immediate decision out of the way. That can feel like a relief. You know your loved one is getting what they need. However, once the cremation is complete, you will want to decide what kind of service you want to have for your loved one, if you have one at all, and where you want their final resting place to be. There are no timelines on these decisions so you can take as long as you want to make them. If you decide that you’d like to scatter your loved one’s ashes, here are a few options for locations.

Scatter Out At Sea

If your loved one adored being out on the water, you might want to scatter them out at sea. That might mean an ocean, a lake, a river, or some other body of water. Make sure you know the rules of whatever body of water you have chosen. In the ocean, for example, you have to have a boat (which you can charter) and take it out a mile away from the shore to scatter so no one on the beach will come into contact with the ashes.

Scatter On A Mountain Or Hill

If your loved one felt like the mountains were majestic and they couldn’t get enough of mountain views, you could take them up a mountain or even to the top of a tall hill and scatter them from there. Again, you want to look into any regulations of such a gesture before you move forward, but it can be a beautiful sentiment.

Scatter In A Park

If your loved one walked at a certain park, liked to watch birds, or enjoyed fresh air in general, scattering their ashes in a park nearby could feel like the right move. It can lead to a nice ceremony with your family with a few members sharing memories or stories about the past.

cremation services in Lakewood, WA

Scatter Around Family Grounds

Some families have land that goes back through the generations, or even if you just have a house with property around it that your loved one adored, it might be a good fit for a scattering. You can scatter your loved one there and feel like they are always a part of family events in that location.

When you go with cremation services in Lakewood, WA for a loved one, and then you decide you want to scatter that person’s ashes, it’s important to choose a meaningful location that will help you to honor them in a special way. If you aren’t sure what locations are best or what you need to do in order to follow the rules at the location you have chosen, talk to the professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary for advice. Not only will we help you through the cremation process for your loved one, but we can give you valuable recommendations and advice for the scattering ceremony you want to have.