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Looking Into Circumstances For Biodegradable Urns

When you get a package for cremation services in Eatonville, WA, it is nice to know that everything your loved one needs is covered. They are going to get the transportation they need from the place of their death to the crematory. They are also going to get care, the cremation process, and even a simple container for their remains. While the package is all you have to have, some families like to get something further, like an urn of their choosing, to add to the basics. You have a lot of options to consider, one of which is a biodegradable urn. This type of urn makes good sense in certain situations, but not in others. Here are a few to consider:

Use It If You Want To Bury Your Loved One

If you plan to bury your loved one, either in the cemetery or in the family garden or another location, using a biodegradable urn can be a nice way to go. These urns will break down naturally in the earth without harming it. That might be a nice thing to do for someone you know doesn’t want to harm the environment in any way. If you know you are going with burial, you can get a biodegradable urn. There are even options that have seeds in them and can blossom into flowers within your garden. It can be nice to foster new life from your loved one’s remains as a memorial to them.

Use It If You Want To Place Them In Water

This type of urn, one that breaks down easily, can also be easily placed in the water for a water burial. The urn will float a bit, then become saturated and sink. It will dissolve and your loved one’s remains will naturally mix with the water and the ecosystem below the surface. It’s a nice way to give someone a water burial without having to cast ashes out and without doing any harm to the world beneath the water.

Don’t Use It If You Want To Keep The Remains In Your Homecremation services in Eatonville WA

If you are going to keep your loved one’s remains in your home, either for the time being as you decide what to do, or on a more permanent basis, you are not going to want a biodegradable urn. These urns are meant to break down and in your home, you are going to need something sturdy and long-lasting instead. Look at the other options if your loved one will be honored in your home for a while, or long-term.

You can get biodegradable urns, and other options for your loved one’s cremation services in Eatonville, WA with the cremation provider. However, if they don’t have the option you are looking for, you can also get urns from any other vendor and the providers will use it for your loved one’s remains. It’s nice to know you have options and they will even help you with recommendations for vendors who might have just what you want for your loved one.