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Items to Put Inside a Casket

Items have been buried with the dead since the beginning of time as a way to help them on their final journey. People have a long tradition of wanting to give the departed’s remains the comforts they enjoyed in life. Examples include placing coins over one’s eyes, building elaborate tombs for Egyptian kings and queens, and making earthenware pots to display a simpler life. Please investigate the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA for more information.

Modern caskets account for this by including special memento panels and drawers, as well as by giving mourners the option of placing objects directly into the casket. The burial vessel can contain anything and everything that isn’t dangerous, but most people choose a few of these more typical choices.

Burial Flowers

One of the most common items buried with the deceased is flowers. You can have everyone who attends the funeral place a rose inside the casket, order a specialty bouquet for burial, or even place blooms from the deceased’s garden inside. All of these are appropriate tributes and farewells.

Cherished Image

Wedding photos, baby photos, and a particularly moving snapshot of the deceased and his or her life are appropriate for burial. However, it is usually recommended that you bury a copy while keeping the original because family members may want this item later on.

Favorite Book

Books are a common item to find in a casket, ranging from Bibles and literary classics to a well-worn paperback that the deceased read twenty times during his or her lifetime. They add a nice touch without harming the environment because they have a low value and are easily decomposed.

Sports Memorabilia

A casket can hold anything from a baseball to a hockey stick. These kinds of items are a nice touch for a sports fan, especially if the deceased was already dressed in a favorite jersey or athletic gear.

Electronic Gadgets

Many people nowadays have attachments to their computers, phones, and tablet devices. Inserting these items into a casket is analogous to burying a loved one with a favorite book or stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal

When a child or infant dies, it is customary to place soft items such as teddy bears, blankets, and other comforts in the casket. This also works well for adults if a childhood stuffed animal holds a special place in their hearts.

Booze or Cigarettes

Tucking a bottle of alcohol into a casket may not seem like a dignified way to say goodbye, but it is one of the more common options.

Play Schedule or Ticket Stubs

Whether the deceased performed in a specific show or simply loved watching it, these paper mementos add a nice touch without being too expensive.

Cremated Remains

Although special permits are required and an additional burial fee may be charged, you can often place the cremated remains of another person in the same casket as the deceased.

Other Valuables and Cash

Money, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuable items can be interred with the deceased.funeral homes in Eatonville WA

There is typical quite a bit of latitude in this area, though you should always check with the funeral director before adding items to the casket for burial. You should be able to bury the deceased with nearly anything as long as the casket can be safely closed and secured and there are no hazardous materials inside. For advice and more details, get in touch with the funeral homes in Eatonville, WA. You are welcome to visit our office right away.