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Ideas For Honoring A Loved One After Cremation Services

When you have cremation services in Roy, WA for a loved one, you might follow that process up with a memorial of some kind. But honoring your loved one doesn’t have to stop at the memorial. They are still going to be a part of your life in your heart and through your memories. You will want to honor them in a variety of ways as time passes. Here are a few options to consider.

Nourish Your Body With Their Favs

Your loved one adored all things chocolate. Or perhaps they got a chicken sandwich from their favorite drive thru place every Tuesday. When you think about your loved one, eating something you know they enjoyed can help you to think of them in a fond manner. Take up some of their old eating habits and remember the way you enjoyed those things together.

Celebrate Their Life

If the memorial service you had for your loved one was on the somber side, you can celebrate their life at another time to honor them, if you wish. You can do that on your own or with a group. Celebrating their life might mean distributing a video filled with pictures of them and music clips. Or it might mean gathering family for a meal and sharing funny stories. You can do whatever you please to remember a life well-lived.

Relax Into Their Movies And Shows

Everyone has their favorite movies and shows and perhaps your loved one never missed an episode of a certain show or they saw all of the action hero movies they could. You might take up their favorites as a way to honor them and whether you were into those shows before or not, you might find the appeal they had to your loved one and find yourself enjoying them just as much.

Spend Time In Nature

Being outside in the fresh air has a way of putting things into perspective. If your loved one liked to take walks, spend some time in their favorite park. Watch the sunset and think about the beauty of the world, even after they have left you behind. Look at birds nesting and feeding babies. Nature can bring you around to some of the things that are still left to appreciate about your life.

Find Ways To Remember Themfuneral homes in Roy, WA

There are plenty of things you can do to remember your loved one. After cremation, having a memorial can help and beyond that, you could set up some pictures in your house. You might write in a journal where you keep letters to your loved one. You could put a bench in your garden and have a phrase engraved to remind you of your loved one. There are endless options available—you just have to figure out what works for you.

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