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How to Plan for a Cremation

Cremation is becoming more popular in the United States. The number of people who preplan their funerals is also growing. Did you know you can plan your cremation ahead of time? While the process is similar to that of a funeral in many ways, there are a few different options to consider. Check out the cremation services in Roy, WA to learn more about how to plan the perfect memorial that reflects your personal preferences.

Select a Cremation Service

We advise you to select a funeral home with an on-site crematory. As a result, the body is cared for by a single facility throughout the process. When a funeral home uses a third-party provider or a standalone crematory, the body is temporarily removed from the funeral home’s care. This opens up the possibility of errors.

Select a Cremation Package

There are various package options available depending on your preferences and budget. Most funeral homes provide the following packages.

  • Simple Cremation – A memorial or service is not included in a simple cremation.
  • Traditional Cremation – The body is present during the visitation and service, as it is at a funeral. You have the option of renting or purchasing a casket for the body, which will be cremated following the service.
  • Cremation With a Memorial Service – Following the cremation, the family holds a memorial service. During the visitation, the urn is usually present, along with a picture or visual representation of the deceased. A memorial service is usually held at a church or a funeral home.

Prepare Your Memorial

One benefit of preplanning your cremation is that you can plan a memorial for your family and friends. It is entirely up to you how you personalize it. Your preplanning advisor will walk you through the steps of securing the perfect celebration. If you want to hold a memorial service, decide where it will take place. You don’t have to hold your memorial service at a funeral home or church. Most funeral homes will collaborate with a wide range of locations. You choose the traditional elements of your service. Choose flowers and music that represent you, for example. Choose photos to be displayed at the memorial to comfort those who attend. Take it a step further by creating a theme for your memorial or requesting that your guests wear your favorite color. Personal touches like these help to bring everyone together during a difficult time.

Determine Your Final Resting Place

When it comes to cremation, you have a lot of options when it comes to your final resting place. Here are a few examples.

  • Cremation keepsakes – Your surviving family members may wish to remember you by wearing cremation jewelry. Other options include garden markers that hold cremains in a decorative rock and keepsakes with your thumbprint.
  • Urn design – The urn you choose is determined by what you intend to do with it. Your advisor will explain your options and handle any details.cremation services in Roy, WA
  • Cremains scattered – Is there a special place or landmark where you’d like your cremains to be scattered? Document your wishes and consult with your advisor about the legalities of scattering and transporting cremains.

As with funeral planning, selecting the right funeral home and advisor is critical. Your advisor is there to make you feel at ease and confident in your decisions. That is why cremation services in Roy, WA are so readily available to you. Contact us or visit us.