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Cremation Services Can Be So Different

If you have attended a funeral service in the past, and you are invited to another one in the future, you can expect that those events are going to run in a similar manner. They have certain traditions and ceremonies to them that are very common. They will have a similar, somber feel to them as well. But if you go to a cremation service in Spanaway, WA today, and then another one next month, they can be completely different, unique events. Here are outlines of a few different cremation services to help you get the feel for just how varied they can be.

Cremation Service 1: A Traditional Memorial

Traditional memorials feel similar to funerals. They might be held in a funeral home or a church. They have an order of events that you go through including songs, readings, and perhaps even a eulogy. Really the only difference is that instead of a casket, there’s an urn. And instead of a burial processional after, the event ends or moves to a reception. You would be surprised to attend a memorial of this nature one time, and then another type of cremation service another time because they are quite different.

Cremation Service 2: A Unique Memorial

Memorials that have more of a unique feel to them can be radically different. You could attend a memorial in the park where people have a picnic lunch and simply share memories about the person who passed on. You could attend a memorial scattering service where close family and friends gather at the lake, say a few words, and scatter the ashes of the person who passed away. Memorial services that aren’t “traditional” can be anything the family members want. It’s good for you to know what type of event you are walking into so you can dress properly and act accordingly.

Cremation Service 3: A Celebration Of Life

Celebrations of life can also be very unique and they focus on happy memories and a life well-lived instead of the actual passing. You might attend a celebration of life in a ballpark as friends and family gather to watch a game. You might also attend a celebration in a family home with a party-like atmosphere. These events have a more joy-filled feel to them and they are generally much more casual.

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One of the things people appreciate the most about cremation services in Spanaway, WA is that the services held after the cremation process can be whatever the families want them to be. They can be uplifting or somber. They can be large or small. Whatever fits the person who passed away and is what the family wants to honor their memory is what they can be. The professionals at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary are here to help you with every part of the process. Once you decide on cremation, we’ll lay out options and ideas until you find something just right for your family and your loved one’s personality and style to remember them the best.