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Cremation Final Resting Place Options

There are lots of options to consider for a loved one when you have to work with a funeral home in Roy, WA regarding their final services. You first have to decide between a funeral and burial or a cremation service. Many people like the idea of cremation because of all of the options that come along with it. You can, for example, have whatever kind of memorial service you want. You also have plenty of choices to consider when you look into final resting places. As you think about what you want for your loved one, here are some of the many options you could consider along with some questions to ask yourself as you try to make the right choice.

Ash Scattering

Cremation often goes hand in hand with an ash scattering ceremony, though that is (by far) not the only option. You can scatter your loved one’s ashes in a number of different locations and by choosing somewhere special, you can do something that feels like you are honoring their memory. It also gives you a special location to visit later when you want to think about that special person.

Keeping Them At Home

Another option that is only available to you through cremation is keeping your loved one’s ashes in your home. The people who decide to do that often get a special, unique, nice-looking urn and take it home with them. They display it in a place of honor, perhaps near some family photos, and their loved one is always with them, even if they have to move in the future.


Cremation can also be followed up by a burial, just like with a traditional service. You can bury your loved one in a cemetery and the plots are smaller and less expensive. You can also bury your loved one in a family garden or in other locations, which opens up the options, even if you do want to bury them.

As you think about which choice sounds best for your loved one, some questions to consider are as follows:

What Location Feels Best?

There are a myriad of location options available to you when you go with cremation. If you feel good about a local park where your loved one spent a lot of time, that might be the right location to you so you will want to look into scattering or burial options in that area. If you likefuneral homes in Roy, WA the idea of a special place everyone can visit, perhaps the cemetery is the better choice.

What Do You Feel About Visits?

Do you want to be able to (or want family to be able to) visit your loved one? They can visit the place where you scatter ashes, but the loved one is no longer there so that might not feel quite right. They can visit a cemetery where your loved one is buried and that can be a nice way to honor their memory. If you keep your loved one at home, there could be visits there, but it might not be as open to family as a cemetery, depending on your situation. The professionals at the funeral home in Roy, WA you are working with can help with the options.