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Catering Funeral Home Services And COVID

When you are thinking about all of the details regarding a loved one’s final services, you want to work with funeral homes in Lakewood, WA, and ensure that the person you lost will get the honor they deserve through whatever you plan. But given today’s climate, you are going to want to keep your family safe at the same time. There is still a pandemic raging the country and that might impact how you do things at the final service as well as after at the reception. Here are some catering and food-related tips to help you with keeping people safe and comfortable throughout the function.

Pre-Pour Drinks

Instead of having a drink station where everyone can pour their own drinks, have one person in charge of pouring the drinks and setting them out. Each person can grab what they want or perhaps serve them at their table. If anyone wants a refill, give them a new glass instead of possibly contaminating the drink’s source with used glass. The fewer people that touch the glasses and the drinks as a whole, the better.

Pre-Plate Servings

You also may not want to go with a buffet-style serving when you are having a reception because a lot of people will touch the serving spoons and everything else in the line. You may want to pre-plate the meals and have them served or have them sitting out so each person can take a plate that is already filled with the food they want.

Individually Wrap Things

For some items, perhaps like sandwiches, at a casual reception, you can have things individually wrapped so everyone can take what they want, but no one touches anyone else’s food. They are easy to grab and that makes it simple and much safer than having everything sit out for everyone to breathe on.

Allow Only Servers To Serve

If you do want to have a buffet-style meal so people can pick and choose what they want and how much of each thing, have servers that can offer each item and place a serving on the plates instead of each person that comes through getting what they want for themselves. The servers are the only ones touching the serving spoons and other such items.

Have Gloves And Masks Worn

Anyone who is serving the food can wear a mask and gloves so they are keeping the food asfuneral homes in Lakewood, WA sanitary as possible. If you are having specific people in charge of serving, ask them to wear gloves and masks and they will certainly understand in today’s climate of spreading illnesses.

When you talk to the professionals at funeral homes in Lakewood, WA about your loved one’s final services, you can also ask questions about the reception and what types of things you should do in order to safeguard your family while spending time with one another. Contact the experts at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary and ask whatever you want to ask. We’re here to help with every aspect.