Funeral homes in Spanaway, WA

Building the Perfect Memorial Service with Spanaway, WA Funeral Homes

A funeral can be about much more than putting a body to rest, as more people are choosing to turn the event into a celebration of the deceased’s life. These personalized funerals combine professional service with the help of an experienced funeral director with details and effects provided by the family of the dearly departed. Funeral homes in Spanaway, WA work with families to create one-of-a-kind memorials to send their loved ones off in style, with countless options available.

Themed Rooms

The funeral chapel is just a starting point for the event, as families have many more options than classic flowers for personalizing the room. Many families choose to fill the room with a collage of the life their loved one lived, including family photos spanning decades. Others decorate the room with mementoes of the deceased’s passions in life, ranging from hand-knitted toys to a collection of motorcycles.

Going in Style

Transporting the casket from the mortuary to the cemetery is one of the most important parts of any funeral homes’ duties, and there are options beyond the classic hearse. Horse-loving families can choose to have the casket transported in a classic horse and carriage. For those fans of classic cars, many choose to have the casket transported in a specialized vehicle or arrange a procession of specialty cars to celebrate their loved one’s tastes.

Decorated Caskets

Our extensive line of caskets come in wood and metal exteriors, in colors ranging from classic brown to a bold and stylish pink. If your loved one had a favorite color, sending them off in it is an appealing touch for many, but the options go beyond that. We’re happy to work with families to arrange personalized caskets that incorporate designs and images that speak to the things most important to the deceased.

More than Ashes

The best funeral homes partner funeral services with cremation services, and at Weeks’ Dryer Mortuary we believe a memorial after a cremation should be just as memorable as a traditional funeral. We offer a wide range of decorative urns and centerpieces to store your loved one’s remains in a way that brightens up your home. For those who want to split the ashes, we offer options including pendants, jewelry, and decorative vials to make it easy to keep a piece of the departed with you.

A Living Memorial

Those who choose our funeral services package will have a fully-staffed service at our chapel or a third-party location, and we’re happy to work with families to create visual displays. Many families are choosing to air video programs celebrating the deceased, adding a multimedia touch to the event. This is a high-tech option to pair with traditional testimonials through the service.

If you’re considering help from funeral homes in Spanaway, WA, our offices are always open for a consultation. We can be reached at our main office at 220 South 134th Street, Tacoma, WA, 98444, only two miles from Spanaway, WA, or by phone at (253) 537-0253. Learn more about our empathetic funeral and cremation offerings by exploring our online presence. Our website is designed to assist you during this difficult period, offering the necessary resources and guidance to respectfully and lovingly commemorate your dear ones.